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Vehicle Donation in Kentucky

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kentucky, below is a list of Kentucky organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Crittenden County Kentucky Genealogical Society Inc. Marion, KY
Crittenden County Tomorrow Inc. (Until December 2007) Marion, KY
Crooked Creek Cemetery Association 6 Marion, KY
Dunn Springs Cemetary Perpetual Care Inc. 6 Marion, KY
Fohs Hall Community Arts Foundation 143 N. Walker St. Marion, KY
Fohs Hall Inc. Marion, KY
Freedom Baptist Church Perpetual Cemetery Tr Ua 1-D. 6 Marion, KY
Housing Foundation Inc. Marion, KY
Mantle Rock Native Education & Cultural Center Inc. (Until February 2007) Marion, KY
Royce L. Downey Memorial Educational Foundation Inc. Marion, KY
Sugar Grove Cemetery Association Inc. 6 Marion, KY
Words for Living Ministries Inc. Marion, KY
Community Bible Church of Marrowbone Marrowbone, KY
Faith Bible Baptist Church Martin, KY
Full Gospel Community Chruch Inc. Martin, KY
Kentucky Mountain Evangelical Fellowship Inc. Martin, KY
Martin Volunteer Fire Dept (Until December 2005) Martin, KY
Mountain Christian Academy Inc. Martin, KY
Our Lady of the Way Hospital Martin, KY
Varia Family Foundation 4 Martin, KY
Licking Valley College Development Corporation Inc. Marysville, KY
Grand Lodge of Kentucky Free and Accepted Masons Masonic Home, KY
Masonic Homes of Kentucky Inc. Masonic Home, KY
Masonic Retirement Village of Taylor Mill Inc. (Until December 2005) Masonic Home, KY
St. Johns Day League of Kentucky Inc. Masonic Home, KY
Healing Word Corporation 3 Maxfiled, KY
Animal Shelter Action Society Inc. Mayfield, KY
Annie Gardner Foundation 3 Mayfield, KY
Barkley Regional Airport Advocates Corporation (Until December 2007) Mayfield, KY
Bethel Church of Christ Cemetery Trust Fund 6 Mayfield, KY
Charles L. Shedd Alphabetic-Phonic Mayfield, KY
Childrens Hope in Life and Death Mayfield, KY
Clear Springs Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Mayfield, KY
Experiencing God Ministries Inc. Mayfield, KY
Fancy Farm Elderly Housing Corporation Mayfield, KY
Fancy Farm Elderly Housing Corporation II Mayfield, KY
First Baptist Church Mayfield, KY
Friends of the Graves County Library Inc. Mayfield, KY
Fuller Community Facilities Corporation Mayfield, KY
G. A. P. Learning Services Inc. (Until December 2005) Mayfield, KY
Grace Medical Clinic Inc. Mayfield, KY
Graves County Association of Baptists Mayfield, KY
Graves County Historical Society Inc. Mayfield, KY
Graves County Mayfield Mission Inc. Mayfield, KY
Graves County Soccer Association Inc. Mayfield, KY
Hicks Cemetary Association 6 Mayfield, KY
Hope for Life Pregnancy Care Center Inc. Mayfield, KY
J. U. Kevil Memorial Foundation Inc. Mayfield, KY
Junior Welfare League of Mayfield Ky Inc. Mayfield, KY
Just Bepaws Animal Rescue Inc. (Until December 2008) Mayfield, KY
Kings Players Youth Activities Inc. Mayfield, KY
Life Empowerment Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Mayfield, KY
Lighthouse Childrens Home Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Graves County Art Guild Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Graves County Baseball Softball Association Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Graves County Senior Citizens Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Graves County YMCA Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield High School Alumni Association Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield High School Booster Club Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Main Street Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield Rotary Foundation Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield and Graves County Need Line Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County Assn for Retarded Children Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County Child Advocacy Program Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County Development Corporation Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County Rescue Squad Inc. 6 Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County Tennis Association Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mayfield-Graves County United Way Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mid-Continent College Mayfield, KY
Mills Manor Nursing Home Inc. Mayfield, KY
Mt. Olive Church of Christ Cemetery Trust Fund 6 Mayfield, KY
New Beginning Community Church Mayfield, KY
New Vision Missionary Baptist Church Inc. Mayfield, KY
Paducah-Area Community Reuse Organization Mayfield, KY
Peyton Thomas Cemetary Corporation 6 Mayfield, KY
Pryorsburg Cemetery 6 Mayfield, KY
Purchase Area Arts Council Inc. Mayfield, KY
Purchase Area Christian School Inc. Mayfield, KY
Purchase Area Development District Inc. Mayfield, KY
Purchase Area Regional Industrial Park Authority Inc. (Until May 2006) Mayfield, KY
Purchase Community Housing Development Corporation Mayfield, KY
Purchase Players Inc. Mayfield, KY
Raymond D. Benedict Trust Mayfield, KY
Simmons Ministries Inc. Mayfield, KY
Stepping Stones Learning Center Inc. Mayfield, KY
Tackett Foundation Inc. 4 Mayfield, KY
The Graves County Genealogy Society Inc. Mayfield, KY
Trace Creek Church Cemetery Trust 6 Mayfield, KY
Villa Madonna South Elderly Housing Corporation Mayfield, KY
West Kentucky Allied Services Inc. Mayfield, KY
Wingo Elderly Housing Corporation Mayfield, KY
Mayking Area Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Mayking, KY
Mayslick Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Mays Lick, KY
Mays Lick Volunteer Fire Department Mayslick, KY
Mayslick Community Development Inc. (Until December 2005) Mayslick, KY
Mayslick Lighthouse Church Inc. Mayslick, KY
Abundant Life Church Maysville, KY
Buffalo Trace Area Development District Inc. Maysville, KY
Buffalo Trace Childrens Advocacy Center Inc. (Until June 2006) Maysville, KY
Buffalo Trace Education Consortium Inc. Maysville, KY
Buffalo Trace Housing Corporation Maysville, KY
Casa Program for Bracken Fleming and Mason Counties Inc. Maysville, KY
Comprehend Inc. Regional Mental Health-Mental Retardation Board in Maysville, KY
Comprehend Properties Inc. Maysville, KY
Comprehend Properties of Flemingsburg Inc. 4 Maysville, KY
Downing Performing Arts Academy Inc. Maysville, KY
Dr Michael F. Brisley Memorial Educational Fund 4 Maysville, KY
Elizabeth Wallingford Old Washington Preservation Inc. 4 Maysville, KY
Episcopal Day School Inc. Maysville, KY
Fernleaf Highland Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Maysville, KY
George Wood Foundation Inc. 4 Maysville, KY
Harriet Beecher Stowe Slavery to Freedom Museum Inc. Maysville, KY
Hayswood Foundation Inc. 4 Maysville, KY
Hayswood Health Services Inc. Maysville, KY
Highland Christian School Inc. Maysville, KY
Hospice of Hope Inc. Maysville, KY
Housing Authority of the City of Augusta Kentucky Maysville, KY
Ksb Miniatures Fund Inc. 3 Maysville, KY
Ky Council for Administrators of Special Education Maysville, KY
Limestone Economic Development Inc. Maysville, KY
Limestone Family YMCA Inc. Maysville, KY
Limestone Youth Orchestra Inc. 4 Maysville, KY
Mason County Genealogical Society Maysville, KY
Mason County Interagency Council Inc. Maysville, KY
Mason County Little League Football Inc. Maysville, KY
Mason County Livestock Improvement Association Inc. Maysville, KY
Mason County Recreation Foundation Inc. Maysville, KY
Mason Manor Inc. Maysville, KY
Maysfield Cemetery Company 6 Maysville, KY
Maysville & Mason County Cemetery Co 6 Maysville, KY
Maysville & Mason County Library Historical & Scientific Associatio 3 Maysville, KY
Maysville Initiatives Inc. Maysville, KY
Maysville Players Inc. Maysville, KY
National Underground Railroad Museum Inc. Maysville, KY
New Hope Christian Church Inc. Maysville, KY
Olivet Church Fund of the Pollitte Family 6 Maysville, KY
Orangeburg Fire Rescue Inc. (Until December 2006) Maysville, KY
Pelham Street Mission Maysville, KY
Restoration Ministries Maysville, KY
Russell Theatre Corporation Maysville, KY
St. Patrick School Foundation Inc. Maysville, KY
Tom Browning Boys Club Maysville, KY
United Appeal of Mason County Incorporated Maysville, KY
Victory Christian Center of Maysville Inc. Maysville, KY
Vineyard Fellowship Inc. Maysville, KY
W. H. Humphrey Park Playground Maysville, KY
McDaniels Fire-Rescue Inc. McDaniels, KY
Crossroads Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) McDowell, KY
Gods Appalachian Partnership Inc. (Until December 2005) McDowell, KY
Left Beaver Civil Defense & Rescue Squad Inc. 6 McDowell, KY
McDowell-Minnie-Drift Community Club Mmd Community Club (Until December 2007) McDowell, KY
Appalachia Mission of Hope Incorporated (Until December 2008) McKee, KY
Health Help Incorporated McKee, KY
J. O. Y. Incorporated McKee, KY
Jackson County Ez Community Inc. McKee, KY
Jackson County Food Bank Inc. McKee, KY
Jackson Energy Tr (Until December 2007) McKee, KY
Pine Grove Church of Christ McKee, KY
Reynolds Memorial Cemetery Inc. 6 McKee, KY
Victory Tabernacle Full Gospel Church Inc. McKee, KY
McKinney Area Rescue Squad Inc. Tt McKinney, KY
The McQuady Area Volunteer Fire Department McQuady, KY
Committee for A. Better McRoberts (Until December 2006) McRoberts, KY
Board of Trustees of the Means Baptist Church Incorporated of Means, KY
Boneal Charitable Fund Inc. 4 Means, KY
Project Worth and Outreach Program Inc. Means, KY
Diggs Chapel Perpetual Cemetery Trust Fund 6 Melber, KY
New Pathways for Children Inc. Melber, KY
Owens Chapel Cemetery Trust Fund 6 Melber, KY
Faith Baptist Temple of Campbell County Kentucky Inc. Melbourne, KY
Rescue Our Shelter Animals & Strays Inc. (Until December 2007) Melbourne, KY
I. Am Jesus Tabernacle Meta, KY
Bell County Fair and Exhibition Board Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Bell County Foundation for Academic & Technical Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Bell County Historical Society Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Bell County Resue Squad Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Billy Boyd Binghams Evangelistic Association Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Cooperative Christian Ministry Incorporated Middlesboro, KY
Count Up Bell County Race and Education Group (Until December 2008) Middlesboro, KY
Cumberland Development Corporation 6 Middlesboro, KY
Cumberland Trails United Way Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Friends of the Bell County Animal Shelter Inc. (Until June 2005) Middlesboro, KY
Gateway Christian School Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Kentucky Volunteers Homeland Security Service Corporation (Until December 2008) Middlesboro, KY
Lost Squadron Museum Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Middlesboro Community Hospital Auxiliary Middlesboro, KY
Middlesboro Independent Schools Tr Foundation (Until August 2006) Middlesboro, KY
Pineville Bell County Community Center Middlesboro, KY
Pineville-Bell County Community Center Inc. Middlesboro, KY
R. R. Evans Foundation Inc. 4 Middlesboro, KY
Sri Sri Radha Damodara Temple Inc. Middlesboro, KY
Aica Educational Foundation Inc. Middletown, KY
Eastern High School Band Parents Assn Inc. Middletown, KY
Middletown Inn Historic Preservation Corporation (Until December 2008) Middletown, KY
Summit Academy of Greater Louisville Inc. Middletown, KY
Brereton and Elizabeth Jones Charitable Family Foundation 4 Midway, KY
Kentucky River Watershed Watch Inc. Midway, KY
Kentucky Womens Leadership Network Inc. Midway, KY
Malt Beverage Educational Corporation Midway, KY
Midway Area Planning Society Incorporated Midway, KY

Above is a list of organizations in Kentucky that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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