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Vehicle Donation in Kentucky

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kentucky, below is a list of Kentucky organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Greyhound Athletic Booster Club Inc. Paris, KY
Guy Morriss Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Paris, KY
Historic Paris- Bourbon County Inc. Hopewell Museum Paris, KY
Kate McClintock Home 3 Paris, KY
Kentucky Boys State (Until December 2007) Paris, KY
Lay Witness Broadcasting Inc. (Until December 2007) Paris, KY
Lighthouse of Hope Mimistry Inc. (Until December 2007) Paris, KY
Maroon and Gold Fund Inc. Paris, KY
Misdee Wrigley Charitable Foundation 4 Paris, KY
Nannine C. Wallis Tr UW 21696 Paris, KY
North Middletown Community Club Inc. (Until December 2007) Paris, KY
Operation Food Basket Inc. Paris, KY
Our Children Foundation Paris, KY
Paris Animal Welfare Society Inc. Paris, KY
Paris Education Endowment Foundation Inc. Paris, KY
Paris Industrial Development Corporation Paris, KY
Paris Womans Club Inc. Paris, KY
Pleasant Valley Baptist Church Paris, KY
Rich Brooks Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Paris, KY
Sallie Moore Stuart Fund FBO Jemina Johnson Chapter Darbourbon Paris, KY
Seraphin Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Paris, KY
Sup With Jesus Inc. (Until December 2008) Paris, KY
Young Mens Christian Association of Paris Bourbon County Inc. Paris, KY
Kentucky Elite North Booster Club Park Hills, KY
New Beginnings Christian Counseling Services Park Hills, KY
Eagle-Sawyer Park Foundation Incorporated Parkers Lane, KY
Butchertown Community Center Inc. Parkersville, KY
Aliceton Holiness Camp Meeting Association Inc. Parksville, KY
Forkland Community Center Inc. Parksville, KY
Taylor-Clarkson Cemetery Association 6 Parksville, KY
Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Partridge, KY
Pathfork Visions Inc. Pathfork, KY
Reidland Band Boosters Club Inc. Pauducah, KY
Gospel Fellowship Payneville, KY
Payneville Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Payneville, KY
Louisville Beacon Peewee Valley, KY
The Linkup Inc. Peewee Valley, KY
Mullins Foundation Inc. 4 Pembroke, KY
Judy Lea Memorial Fund Pendleton, KY
Danville Labyrinth Project (Until June 2006) Perryville, KY
Perryville Commemovative Committee Inc. Perryville, KY
Sadies Animal Rescue & Adoption Inc. Perryville, KY
Petersburg Cemetery Company 6 Petersburg, KY
Wildlife Conservation Kentucky Inc. (Until December 2005) Petersburg, KY
Kciw Volunteer Services Inc. Pewee Valley, KY
Pewee Valley Cemetery Company 6 Pewee Valley, KY
Pewee Valley Fire District Foundation Incorporated Pewee Valley, KY
Residents Encounter Christ Inc. Pewee Valley, KY
Rural Educational Association of Kentucky Pewee Valley, KY
The Kit Murphy Memorial Scholarship Inc. Pewee Valley, KY
The Little Colonel Players Inc. Pewee Valley, KY
V. V Cooke Foundation Corporation 4 Pewee Valley, KY
Cornerstone Apostolic Church Inc. Phelps, KY
Evening Light Tabernacle Corporation Phelps, KY
Phelps Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Phelps, KY
Learning Opportunities Inc. Philpot, KY
Model City Day Care Center Inc. Pikesville, KY
Pikeville Medical Center Inc. Pikesville, KY
A-Optic Inc. Pikeville, KY
Appalachian Rural Cultural Heritage Education Initiative Pikeville, KY
Big Sandy Area Child Advocacy Center Inc. Pikeville, KY
Big Sandy Mountain Heritage-History Center Incorporated (Until June 2007) Pikeville, KY
Big Sandy Telecommuting Services Inc. Pikeville, KY
Booth Fund to Improve Educational Opportunities Inc. Pikeville, KY
Carl D. Perkins Senior Citizen Committee Pikeville, KY
Cedar Inc. Pikeville, KY
Christ Central School Inc. Pikeville, KY
Elizabeth Akers Elliott Memorial Trust Inc. 4 Pikeville, KY
Elliott Chapel Inc. Pikeville, KY
Fae W. Ramsey Cemetery Inc. 6 Pikeville, KY
First Presbyterian Church Tr 4 Pikeville, KY
Full Gospel Christian Fellowship Ministry Pikeville, KY
Future Foundation Inc. Pikeville, KY
Garrett A. & Ruth S. Deskins Foundation Inc. 4 Pikeville, KY
Heralds of Christ Tidings of Joy Inc. Pikeville, KY
Hope Corporation Pikeville, KY
Hospice of Pike County Inc. Pikeville, KY
Hurricane Creek Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Pikeville, KY
Johns Creek Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Pikeville, KY
Kentucky Black Lung Coalminers and Widows Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Pikeville, KY
Millard-East Shelbiana Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department Inc. Pikeville, KY
Phillip A. McCoy Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Pikeville, KY
Pike County Arts and Craft Co-op Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pike County Domestic Violence Board Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pike County Emergency Rescue Squad Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pike County Humane Society Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pike County Medical Society Foundation Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pikeville Affordable Housing Corporation Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pikeville Area Family YMCA Inc. Pikeville, KY
Pikeville College Pikeville, KY
Pikeville Independent School Fdn for Excellence in Education Inc. (Until June 2005) Pikeville, KY
Pikeville Main Street Inc. Pikeville, KY
Praise Temple Church Inc. Pikeville, KY
Ray of Hope Foundation Inc. Pikeville, KY
Simple Dreams Anti-Drug Foundation Inc. Pikeville, KY
The Frank and Mattie Justice Charitable Foundation 4 Pikeville, KY
United Helping Hands of Pikeville Inc. Pikeville, KY
Victory Baptist Church Pikeville, KY
Victory Christian Ministries Incorporated Pikeville, KY
Zebulon Baptist Church Pikeville, KY
Animal Protection League of McCreary County Pine Knot, KY
Holy Ghost Healing Center (Until December 2008) Pine Knot, KY
Kentucky Hills Industries Inc. Pine Knot, KY
Lords Gym Inc. (Until December 2006) Pine Knot, KY
O. Dell Ministries Inc. Pine Knot, KY
Bell Co Drug Coalition Inc. Pineville, KY
Bell County Beautification Association Inc. Pineville, KY
Bell County High School Foundation for Excellence Inc. Pineville, KY
Bell County Homeless and Housing Council Inc. Pineville, KY
Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Incorporated Pineville, KY
Bell-Whitley Community Action Agency Inc. Pineville, KY
Clear Creek Baptist Bible College Pineville, KY
Old Straight Creek Trinity Tabernacle Pineville, KY
Pineville Athletic Boosters Inc. Pineville, KY
Pineville Cemetery Association 6 Pineville, KY
Pineville Community Hospital Assn Inc. Pineville, KY
Southeastern Association of Community Action Agencies Inc. Pineville, KY
Tft Inc. (Until December 2005) Pineville, KY
Trinity Pentecostal Lighthouse Pineville, KY
Under His Wings Family Center and Out Reach Pineville, KY
Wilderness Trail Manor Tenants Association Inc. Pineville, KY
Alice Lloyd College and/or The June Buchanan School Pippa Passes, KY
Caney Creek Community Center Pippa Passes, KY
Knott County Kiwanis Scholarship Foundation Inc. Pippa Passes, KY
The Heavenly Helpers Incorporated Pittsburg, KY
Eastern Elementary Parents Teachers Organization Inc. Pleasureville, KY
Henry County Baptist Association Pleasureville, KY
Poole Community Fire Department Inc. Poole, KY
Poole Shady Grove Cemetery Assn 6 Poole, KY
Blackberry McCarr Development Inc. (Until June 2008) Prestonburg, KY
Calvary Freewill Baptist Church Prestonburg, KY
Charles Gearheart Ministries Inc. Prestonburg, KY
Dove House Inc. Prestonburg, KY
East Kentucky Center for Science Mathematics and Technology Prestonburg, KY
Eastern Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics Prestonburg, KY
Eastern Kentucky Recycling Authority Inc. Prestonburg, KY
Ek Core Prestonburg, KY
Middle Creek Volunteer Fire District (Until December 2007) Prestonburg, KY
Reddy Family Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Prestonburg, KY
Appalachian Citizens Law Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Prestonsburg, KY
Appalachian Research & Defense Fund of Ky Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Betsy Layne Senior Citizens Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Big Sandy Area Casa Inc. (Until June 2005) Prestonsburg, KY
Big Sandy College Educational Foundation Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Big Sandy Health Care Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Blackcat Touchdown Club (Until December 2007) Prestonsburg, KY
Carl D. Perkins Job Corps Center Student Government Council Prestonsburg, KY
Church Housing Association of Prestonburg Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Consolidated Health Systems Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Cow Creek Community Development Club Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Dewey Dam Dog and Cat Protection Society Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Faith Revelation Ministry Prestonsburg, KY
Floyd County Emergency and Rescue Squad Incorporated Prestonsburg, KY
Floyd County Historical and Genealogical Society Incorporated Prestonsburg, KY
Floyd County Retired Teachers Association (Until June 2008) Prestonsburg, KY
Friends of the Samuel Mae House Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Happy House Adult Services Center Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Henry Davidson Fitzpatrick Jr Charitable Trust 4 Prestonsburg, KY
Highland Terrace of Prestonsburg Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Highlands Home Care Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Highlands Hospital Corp Prestonsburg, KY
Honey Branch Industrial Development Authority Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Hope Homes and Friends Inc. (Until December 2005) Prestonsburg, KY
Inez Apartments Inc. (Until June 2009) Prestonsburg, KY
Islamic Center of Eastern Kentucky Prestonsburg, KY
Jenny Wiley Drama Association Incorporated Prestonsburg, KY
Johnson County Senior Citizens Program Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Low Income Housing Coalition of East Kentucky Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Magoffin County Senior Citizens Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Martin Area Senior Citizens Center Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Martin County Senior Citizens Corporation Prestonsburg, KY
Mayo Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund 6 Prestonsburg, KY
McDowell Senior Citizens-Community Center Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Middle Creek Community Development Club Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Middle Creek National Battlefield Foundation Inc. 4 Prestonsburg, KY
Mountain Comprehensive Care Center Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Mountain Housing Corporation Prestonsburg, KY
Mud Creek Senior Citizens Program Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Pike County Senior Citizens Program Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Prestonsburg Senior Citizens Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Rc Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. (Until December 2007) Prestonsburg, KY
Ron Ball - Evangelistic Association Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Route 23 Cultural Heritage Network (Until June 2005) Prestonsburg, KY
Sandy Valley Transportation Services Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Schools Our US Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Service Connection Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Spay and Neuter Organization of Prestonsburg Prestonsburg, KY
Town Branch Hope Center Incorporated Prestonsburg, KY
United Way of Eastern Kentucky Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Wayland Area Senior Citizens Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Wheelwright Senior Citizens Program Inc. Prestonsburg, KY
Band Boosters Club of Princeton Incorporated Princeton, KY
Bright Life Farms Inc. Princeton, KY
Butler Foundation Incorporated Princeton, KY
Butler-Caldwell County Alumni and Friends Association Incorporated Princeton, KY
Caldwell Co Historical Railroad Soc Princeton, KY
Caldwell County Association for Retarded Children Princeton, KY
Caldwell County Free Clinic Inc. Princeton, KY
Caldwell County Hospital Inc. Princeton, KY
Caldwell County Scholarship Foundation Incorporated Princeton, KY

Above is a list of organizations in Kentucky that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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