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Vehicle Donation in Kentucky

For people interested in vehicle donation in Kentucky, below is a list of Kentucky organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Union Rescue Squad Inc. Union, KY
Friends of the Ballpark Inc. (Until December 2007) Uniontown, KY
Prodetik Inc. Uniontown, KY
Louisville Grotto of the National Speleological Society Incorporated Upton, KY
Upward Call Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Utica, KY
Yellowbanks Dulcimer Society Utica, KY
Beth Haven Baptist Church Inc. Valley Station, KY
Christian Tabernacle Inc. Valley Station, KY
South Jefferson Cemetery 6 Valley Station, KY
Van Lear Historical Society Inc. Van Lear, KY
Appalachian Apostolate Inc. Vanceburg, KY
Black Oak Christian Church Vanceburg, KY
Black Oak Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Vanceburg, KY
Homeplace Inc. Vanceburg, KY
Lewis County Primary Care Center Vanceburg, KY
Lewis County Scholarships Foundation Inc. 4 Vanceburg, KY
Peoples Self-Help Housing Inc. Vanceburg, KY
Kentucky Mountain Bible College Incorporated Vancleve, KY
Kentucky Mountain Holiness Association Vancleve, KY
Kmbian Non Profit Perpetual Trust Vancleve, KY
Vancleve Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Vancleve, KY
Verona Rescue Squad Inc. Verona, KY
Ancestral Ambassadors Com Inc. (Until December 2007) Versailles, KY
Bluegrass Residents Encounter Christ Inc. Versailles, KY
Buckley Hills Audubon Society Versailles, KY
Calvary Chapel Versailles, KY
Caring Hearts Inc. (Until December 2008) Versailles, KY
Cleveland Home Versailles, KY
Community Christian Church Inc. Versailles, KY
Cops for Kids Inc. (Until June 2005) Versailles, KY
Counseling Center Inc. Versailles, KY
DAR E. of Woodford County Inc. Versailles, KY
Daniel Family Foundation Inc. 4 Versailles, KY
Emmaus Family Ministries Inc. (Until September 2007) Versailles, KY
Faith Baptist Church of Versailles Kentucky Inc. Versailles, KY
Growing Up Safe in Scott County Inc. Versailles, KY
Growing Up Safe in Woodford County Inc. Versailles, KY
Horse Farm Workers Educational Assistance Fund Inc. Versailles, KY
Huntertown Parent Teacher Organization Versailles, KY
International Equine Podiatry Center Inc. Versailles, KY
International Society of Bone Morphometry Inc. Versailles, KY
John Cleveland Foundation Inc. Versailles, KY
Kentucky Peer Review Organization Inc. Versailles, KY
Logan Helm Memorial Library Versailles, KY
Madeline McDowell Breckenridge Fresh Air Camp Inc. 5 Versailles, KY
Magical Musical 4th Inc. Versailles, KY
Margaret Hall Alumnae Association Inc. Versailles, KY
Methodist Home of Kentucky Versailles, KY
Ministerial Association of Woodford County Versailles, KY
National Polo Institute Inc. (Until December 2005) Versailles, KY
New Hope Baptist Church of Versailles Ky Incorporated Versailles, KY
Nile Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Versailles, KY
Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Inc. Versailles, KY
Parents Helping Parents of Woodford County Inc. Versailles, KY
Pisgah Community Historic Association Inc. Versailles, KY
Professional Administrators of America Inc. (Until December 2006) Versailles, KY
Sutherland Cranial Teaching Versailles, KY
The Abercrombie Foundation 4 Versailles, KY
Tyrone Bridge and Rail Company (Until December 2006) Versailles, KY
United Way of Woodford County Inc. Versailles, KY
University of Kentucky Association of Emeriti Faculty Inc. Versailles, KY
Versailles Montessori School Inc. Versailles, KY
Versailles Police Department G. R. E. A. T. Program Inc. Versailles, KY
Versailles-Woodford County Rotary Club Foundation (Until December 2008) Versailles, KY
Womens Civic Center of Woodford County Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford Christian Church Versailles, KY
Woodford Christian School Versailles, KY
Woodford County Community Accident Prevention Program Versailles, KY
Woodford County High School Athletics Boosters Club Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford County Historical Society Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford County Junior Miss Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford County Parents for Athletics Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford County Theatrical Arts Association Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford County Womens Club Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford Educational Endownment Foundation Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford Humane Society Inc. Versailles, KY
Woodford Youth Soccer Association Versailles, KY
Woodford Health Care Inc. Versalilles, KY
Perry County Sheriff Dept Chaplin Association Vicco, KY
Perry County Unite Drug Coalition Inc. (Until December 2005) Vicco, KY
Vicco Sassafras Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Vicco, KY
Catholics United for the Faith Villa Hills, KY
Donohoe Family Charitable Foundation 4 Villa Hills, KY
Gods Shelterhouse Inc. Villa Hills, KY
John R. Funke Foundation 4 Villa Hills, KY
Madonna Manor Inc. Villa Hills, KY
McGrane Self-Esteem Center Inc. 4 Villa Hills, KY
Paula M. Steiner Family Foundation Inc. 4 Villa Hills, KY
Pomeroy Family Charitable Trust 4 Villa Hills, KY
River Ridge Pto Villa Hills, KY
Southern Eastern Great Lakes Figure Skating Council Villa Hills, KY
Ancestral Trails Historical Society Vine Grove, KY
Animal Refuge Center Inc. Vine Grove, KY
Central Kentucky Art Guild Vine Grove, KY
David L. Brown Christian Academy Inc. Vine Grove, KY
Fellowship Community Full Gospel Church Vine Grove, KY
Flaherty Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Vine Grove, KY
Louisville Pipe Band Inc. Vine Grove, KY
New Beginning Church & Ministries Inc. Vine Grove, KY
Raindrop Ministries Inc. Vine Grove, KY
St. Brigid Church Vine Grove, KY
Valley View Baptist Church Vine Grove, KY
Vine Grove Cemetery Association 6 Vine Grove, KY
Vine Grove North Hardin Community Trust 4 Vine Grove, KY
Vine Grove Youth First Ind (Until September 2008) Vine Grove, KY
Joshuas Dream Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Viper, KY
Viper Fire Department Inc. Viper, KY
Enterprise Regular Baptist Church Inc. Virgie, KY
Gods Helpers (Until December 2005) Virgie, KY
Shelby Valley Medical Clinic Inc. Virgie, KY
Valley Christian Academy Virgie, KY
Gateway Community Services Organization Inc. W. Liberty, KY
Index Community Church W. Liberty, KY
Donald R. Garrison Evangelistic Association Inc. W. Paducah, KY
Everlasting Joy Ministries Inc. W. Point, KY
Jon-San Ministries Inc. Waco, KY
Waco Ladies Auxiliary Inc. (Until December 2005) Waco, KY
Waco Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Waco, KY
Wilsons Rural Community Services Waco, KY
Calvary Tabernacle Interdenominational Church Inc. Waddy, KY
Lend A. Hand Center Inc. Walker, KY
Reading Institute Inc. Walker, KY
Stinking Creek Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Inc. Walker, KY
Vernon Lee Ministries Walker, KY
Kentucky Woodland Owners Foundation Inc. Wallingford, KY
Coxton Faith Tabernacle Wallins, KY
Fellowship Center of Wallins Creek Inc. Wallins, KY
Harlan County Emergency Food Pantry Inc. Wallins, KY
Bavarian Foundation 4 Walton, KY
Cemetery of the First Baptist Church of Walton Inc. 6 Walton, KY
Dream Riders Therapeutic Riding Center Inc. (Until December 2006) Walton, KY
Ex-Change House Inc. Walton, KY
Ludlow Senior Citizens Incorporated Walton, KY
Master Provisions Inc. Walton, KY
Our Lady of Good Counsel Church 3 Walton, KY
Richwood Cemetery Association 6 Walton, KY
Touched by Adoption Inc. (Until December 2008) Walton, KY
Vent Haven Museum Inc. 4 Walton, KY
Walton Church of Christ Walton, KY
Walton-Verona Educational Foundation Inc. Walton, KY
Haven of Rest Family Ministries Inc. Warfield, KY
Martin County Sportsman Club (Until December 2005) Warfield, KY
Warfield Community Center Civic Organization Warfield, KY
Warfield Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Warfield, KY
Gallatin County Historical Society Inc. Warsaw, KY
Gallatin County Public Library District Construction Corporation 6 Warsaw, KY
Gallatin County Science Boosters Inc. (Until June 2007) Warsaw, KY
H. O. P. E. for Gallatin County Inc. (Until December 2005) Warsaw, KY
Shout to the World Ministries Inc. Warsaw, KY
Wildcat Athletic Boosters Inc. (Until June 2007) Warsaw, KY
Wwc Peak-Corcoran House Inc. Warsaw, KY
Ohio River Valley Artists Guild Inc. Washington, KY
Pleasant Hill Cemetery Association 6 Water Valley, KY
Water Valley Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Water Valley, KY
Wayland Historical Society Inc. Wayland, KY
Highland Parent Teachers Organization Waynesburg, KY
Olive Cemetary Company of Waynesburg 6 Waynesburg, KY
Ottenheim Swiss Cemetery Association 6 Waynesburg, KY
Waynesburg Area Rescue Squad Waynesburg, KY
Winterfest Toys for Kids Waynesburg, KY
Trixie Foundation Inc. Webbville, KY
Southeast Floyd County Volunteer Fire Department Weeksbury, KY
Weeksbury Community House of God Inc. Weeksbury, KY
Menifee Recreation Commission Inc. Wellington, KY
Frontier Nursing Health and Education Inc. Wendover, KY
Bethany Regular Baptist Church of Jesus Christ Inc. West Liberty, KY
Helping Hands for Animals (Until December 2008) West Liberty, KY
Lickfork Free Pentecostal Church Inc. West Liberty, KY
Martha C. Stacy Scholarship Foundation Inc. 4 West Liberty, KY
Morgan County Senior Citizens Organization Inc. West Liberty, KY
Our Fathers House End Time Mission Org (Until December 2007) West Liberty, KY
The Enterprise Association of Regular Baptist Churches of Jesus West Liberty, KY
Eternal Vision Ministries Inc. West Paducah, KY
Heath Elementary Ptso (Until December 2008) West Paducah, KY
Scott Cemetery Inc. 6 West Paducah, KY
Concern Citizens United West Point, KY
Cumberland Greenlakes Resource Conservation & Devel Council Inc. West Somerset, KY
Grotenhuis Family Charitable Trust 4 West Somerset, KY
Newman Evangelistic Association Inc. West Somerset, KY
Somerset Christian School West Somerset, KY
Tootsie Gudal Ministries International Inc. (Until December 2004) West Somerset, KY
Victory Christian Fellowship Inc. West Somerset, KY
Gods House of Prayer West Van Lear, KY
Friends of Westport Inc. (Until December 2008) Westport, KY
Westport Fire Department Inc. Westport, KY
Lighthouse Temple Wheelwright, KY
White Mills Christian Camp Inc. White Mills, KY
White Mills Civic League Inc. White Mills, KY
Camp Koinonia Inc. (Until December 2005) White Plains, KY
Concord Cemetery Fund Inc. 6 White Plains, KY
County of Letcher Public Court House Corporation 6 Whiteburg, KY
Appalachian Early Child Development Center (Until December 2007) Whitesburg, KY
Appalshopinc Whitesburg, KY
Calvary Temple Church of God of the Mountain Assembly Inc. Whitesburg, KY
Center for Rural Strategies Inc. Whitesburg, KY
Cowan Community Action Group Inc. (Until September 2005) Whitesburg, KY
Housing Oriented Ministries Established for Services Inc. Whitesburg, KY
Kings Creek Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Whitesburg, KY
Letcher County Action Team Whitesburg, KY
Letcher County Adult Literacy Project Whitesburg, KY

Above is a list of organizations in Kentucky that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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