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Vehicle Donation in Metairie, Louisiana

For people interested in vehicle donation in Metairie, Louisiana, below is a list of Metairie, Louisiana organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

New Orleans Kidney Patients Association Inc. Metairie, LA
New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation (Until December 2005) Metairie, LA
New Orleans Musical Legends Inc. Metairie, LA
New Orleans Resources for Independent Living Metairie, LA
New Orleans Sheet Metal Wrkrs Joint Apprntcshp & Trning Committee Fund Metairie, LA
New Orleans Southern Belles Inc. Metairie, LA
New Orleans Strathspey & Reel Society (Until September 2007) Metairie, LA
Nicaraguan Independent Committee for Assistance Metairie, LA
Ochsner Home Health Corporation Metairie, LA
Old Gold Senior Dog Rescue of Louisiana Metairie, LA
Order of St. Markella of Chios Inc. Metairie, LA
Owensby Family Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
Patrons of Lafreniere Park Inc. Metairie, LA
Percival Stern Foundation 1422 Richards Bldg 4 Metairie, LA
Pontchartrain Housing Corp I. (Until September 2005) Metairie, LA
Pontchartrain Housing Corp II (Until September 2005) Metairie, LA
Pontchartrain Housing Corp III (Until September 2005) Metairie, LA
Project Access Metairie, LA
Quality Independent Service Coordinator of Louisiana Inc. Metairie, LA
Radiological Society of Louisiana Metairie, LA
Redeemed Christian Church of God- Jesus Glory Palace Metairie, LA
Repairers of the Breach (Until December 2008) Metairie, LA
Retinal Disease Research Foundation of Louisiana Metairie, LA
Retrouvaille Rediscovery of Louisiana Inc. Metairie, LA
Rich Mauti Cancer Fund Metairie, LA
Rippner Family Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
Risen Star Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
River of Life Christian Fellowship of Metairie Metairie, LA
Rummel Alumni Association Inc. Metairie, LA
Rummel Alumni Scholarship Foundation Metairie, LA
Safe Teens New Orleans (Until December 2007) Metairie, LA
Save Our Lake Endowment Metairie, LA
Schreier-Edisen Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
Seasons the Center of Caring Metairie, LA
Self Help for Hard of Hearing People-Crescent City Chapter Metairie, LA
Service Learning Action Program Tr 3 Metairie, LA
Society of Colonial Wars in Louisiana Metairie, LA
Sounds of Worship Minitries Inc. Metairie, LA
Southern Sailing Foundation at New Orleans 4 Metairie, LA
Southern Transplant Service Inc. Medical Plaza II Metairie, LA
Southshore Christian Fellowship Metairie, LA
Spay-Mart Inc. Metairie, LA
St. Mary Magdalen Holy Name Society Metairie, LA
St. Matthews United Methodist Permanent Endowment Fund Inc. Metairie, LA
Sunshine Counseling Services Inc. Metairie, LA
Survivors Retreat Inc. Metairie, LA
Swampland Bmx Trac Metairie, LA
Tarahumara Childrens Hospital Fund Metairie, LA
The Friends of the Louisiana State Fire Museum Metairie, LA
The Girard Viking Booster Club Metairie, LA
The Greater St. John Holiness Church c/o Perry Ducree Metairie, LA
The Metro New Orleans Association of the Deaf Inc. Metairie, LA
Thema Literary Society 4 Metairie, LA
Toler Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
Torah Academy Metairie, LA
Tour Guides Association of Greater New Orleans Inc. Metairie, LA
Triumphant Life Ministries Metairie, LA
United Christian Charities Inc. Metairie, LA
United Evangelical Catholic Church of Jefferson Metairie, LA
University of New Orleans Research & Technology Foundation Inc. Metairie, LA
Urban Indie (Until January 2007) Metairie, LA
Veterans Transitional Management Inc. (Until December 2008) Metairie, LA
Veterans of Foreign Wars Metry Post 6640 6 Metairie, LA
Voice of Liberty Ministries Inc. Metairie, LA
Volunteer Reserve Deputies of Jefferson Metairie, LA
Wallace V Pontiff Jr Foundation (Until December 2007) Metairie, LA
Walmsley Housing Corporation Metairie, LA
Wellspring Inc. Metairie, LA
Wendell and Anne Gauthier Family Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
White Horse Christian Retreat Camp Inc. Metairie, LA
Wholistic Wellness Network Inc. Metairie, LA
Wilks Family Foundation 4 Metairie, LA
Will Wood V Metairie, LA
Will Wood VIII Metairie, LA
Will Woods Foundation Metairie, LA
Will Woods III Metairie, LA
Will Woods VI Metairie, LA
Will Woods VII Metairie, LA
Willwoods Community Management Inc. Metairie, LA
Wishing Well Foundation USA Inc. Metairie, LA
Women for A. Better Louisiana Metairie, LA
Word of Truth Ministries Metairie, LA
Worldwide Outreach Ministry Metairie, LA
Zhengyeung Foundation 4 Metairie, LA

Above is a list of organizations in Metairie, Louisiana that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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