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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Medical Arts & Sevices Trust T1493 Fall River, MA
Ministerio Cristo Llama De Fuego Inc. Fall River, MA
Moveable Feast Inc. Fall River, MA
Narrows Center for the Arts Inc. Fall River, MA
Neil Adam Hoffman Memorial Foundation 4 Fall River, MA
New England Family Wellness Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Fall River, MA
Ninth Street Day Nursery Inc. Fall River, MA
Noreaster Soccer Club Inc. Fall River, MA
Old Colony and Fall River Rr Museum Inc. Fall River, MA
Parents of Rockhill Inc. Fall River, MA
Partnership for A. Healthier Community Inc. Fall River, MA
Pentecostal Church Fall River, MA
People Incorporated Fall River, MA
Pet Partners Inc. Fall River, MA
Pierce Foundation Inc. Fall River, MA
Pirate Foundation Fall River, MA
Police Athletic League of Fall River Inc. Fall River, MA
Polish National Home of Fall River Scholarship Foundation Inc. Fall River, MA
Portuguese Christian Church Inc. Fall River, MA
Property Innovations Inc. Fall River, MA
Residential Care Consortium Inc. Fall River, MA
Restoration House Inc. Fall River, MA
Restoring Sight International Inc. Fall River, MA
Richard J. Magan Memorial Tr (Until December 2005) Fall River, MA
Robbins Foundation the 4 Fall River, MA
Servants of Relief for Incurable Cancer Inc. Fall River, MA
Seton Academy for Girls Inc. Fall River, MA
Shepherds Center of Fall River Inc. (Until December 2006) Fall River, MA
Somerset Youth Hockey League Inc. Fall River, MA
South Coast Youth Dek Hockey League (Until June 2008) Fall River, MA
Southeast Center for Independent Living Inc. Fall River, MA
Southeastern Mass Home Health Aides Inc. Fall River, MA
Southeastern Massachusetts Area of Narcotics Anonymous (Until December 2007) Fall River, MA
Southeastern Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation Fall River, MA
Spindle City Ballet Inc. Fall River, MA
Spiritual Connections Incorporated Fall River, MA
St. Thomas Institute Incorporation Fall River, MA
Stacey Lynn Viveiros Scholarship Foundation Inc. Fall River, MA
Standish Memorial Scholarship Fund Fall River, MA
Stanley Street Treatment and Resoures Inc. Fall River, MA
Steppingstone Inc. Fall River, MA
The Atlantis Educational Foundation Fall River, MA
The Fall River Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Trust Fall River, MA
The Samaritans of Fall River New Bedford Incorporated Fall River, MA
Thomas A. Rodgers Jr Family Foundation 4 Fall River, MA
Thomas Chew Memorial Boys Club Inc. Fall River, MA
Thomas J. Giunta Memorial Tr Fall River, MA
Thomas Rodrigues Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Fall River, MA
Tiverton Lions Club Charities Inc. (Until June 2005) Fall River, MA
Truesdale Nurses Alumni Association Fall River, MA
Trustees of Fall River High School Alumni Scholarships Fall River, MA
United Way of Greater Fall River Inc. Fall River, MA
Uss Massachusetts Memorial Comm Inc. Fall River, MA
Veterans Association of Bristol County Inc. Fall River, MA
Visiting Nurse Association of Se Mass Inc. Fall River, MA
W. O. R. D. Inc. Child Care Center Fall River, MA
Westport High School Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Fall River, MA
William J. Wiley School Parent Organization Fall River, MA
Womans Club of Fall River Fall River, MA
Word of Faith Victory Center Inc. Fall River, MA
Young Mens Christian Association of Fall River Fall River, MA
Adopt A. Greyhound Inc. Falmouth, MA
Around the Table Inc. Falmouth, MA
Bergmann Family Charitable Fdn 4 Falmouth, MA
Birthright of Falmouth Falmouth, MA
C. Joseph Oakes Scholarship Fund 4 Falmouth, MA
Cape Cod Apartments Inc. Falmouth, MA
Cape Cod Curling Club Inc. Falmouth, MA
Cape Cod Free Clinic in Falmouth Inc. Falmouth, MA
Cape Outdoor Discovery Inc. Falmouth, MA
College Light Opera Company Inc. Falmouth, MA
Committee to Encourage Public Art Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Academy Incorporated Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Artists Guild Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Association Concerned With Estuaries and Salt Ponds Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Babe Ruth League Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Community Television Corporation Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Harbor Sailing School Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Historical Society Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Hospital Auxiliary Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Housing Corporation Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Housing Trust Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Road Race Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Service Center Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Soccer Club Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Theater Guild Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Together We Can Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Youth Hockey League Inc. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Youth Lacrosse Club Inc. Falmouth, MA
Fhc Gosnold Grove Corporation (Until December 2007) Falmouth, MA
Friends of Fairwinds Inc. Falmouth, MA
Friends of Falmouth Dogs Falmouth, MA
Friends of the Falmouth Public Library Inc. Falmouth, MA
Fundraising Players Incorporated Falmouth, MA
George H. Lusk Trust 4 Falmouth, MA
Gosnold Inc. Falmouth, MA
Gosnold Services Inc. Falmouth, MA
Greater Falmouth Mostly All-Male Mens Chorus Inc. Falmouth, MA
Harvard Class of 1955 Falmouth, MA
Heritage Wildlife Foundation of Cape Cod and the Islands Falmouth, MA
Historic Highfield Inc. Falmouth, MA
Josephine B. Crane Foundation 4 Falmouth, MA
Lawrence School Pto Falmouth, MA
Louise Crane Foundation 4 Falmouth, MA
Mad About Cycling Inc. Falmouth, MA
Marjot Foundation Inc. Falmouth, MA
Matthew W. Houlihan Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Falmouth, MA
National Graduate School of Quality Management Inc. Falmouth, MA
Nehemias Gorin Foundation 4 Falmouth, MA
Pal of Cape Cod Inc. Falmouth, MA
Quissett Harbor Preservation Trust Inc. 3 Falmouth, MA
Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries Inc. Falmouth, MA
Samaritans on Cape Cod and the Islands Inc. Falmouth, MA
Stanley W. Watson Foundation 4 Falmouth, MA
The 300 Committee Inc. Falmouth, MA
The Scholarship Association of Falmouth Inc. Falmouth, MA
Upper Cape Chaplaincy Falmouth, MA
Igrega Christa Primitiva Farmingham, MA
Wellesley Charitable Corporation Farmington, MA
Central Mass Plumbing and Gas Fitting Inspectors Association Inc. Fayville, MA
The Education Foundation for Northborough and Southborough Fayville, MA
Agawam Soccer Association Inc. Feeding Hills, MA
All to Jesus Bring Inc. Feeding Hills, MA
Bay West Hockey Inc. (Until March 2007) Feeding Hills, MA
Church Servants of the Living God Feeding Hills, MA
Friends of the Agawam Public Library (Until December 2007) Feeding Hills, MA
Grace Baptist Church Feeding Hills, MA
Grace Chapel Community Church Feeding Hills, MA
Immunoasis Inc. Feeding Hills, MA
Kyoungseo Mission Church Feeding Hills, MA
Lighthouse Christian Center Inc. Feeding Hills, MA
Massachusetts Chapter of the American Chestnut Foundation Corp (Until December 2005) Feeding Hills, MA
Service League Foundation Inc. 4 Feeding Hills, MA
Young Singers of Greater Westfield Inc. (Until June 2005) Feeding Hills, MA
PTA Massachusetts Parent-Teacher Association Inc. Fiskdale, MA
Simul Legimus Inc. (Until December 2005) Fiskdale, MA
Sturbridge Girls Softball League Inc. Fiskdale, MA
Tantasqua Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Fiskdale, MA
Tantasqua Regional Youth Soccer League Ltd. Fiskdale, MA
Word and Prayer Ministries Fiskdale, MA
Alliance for Resource Management Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Alumni Association of Fitchburg High School Incorporated Fitchburg, MA
Amateur Workshop Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Applewild School Fitchburg, MA
Arc Community Services Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Bf Brown Arts Vision School Pto Inc. (Until August 2006) Fitchburg, MA
Camp Wellville Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Care Net Pregnancy Resource Center of North Central Massachusetts Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Carol Mulloy Cuttle Foundation 4 Fitchburg, MA
Cat Action Team of Everett Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Cavu Foundation Ceiling and Visibility Unlimited Inc. (Until December 2008) Fitchburg, MA
Cedar Street Retirement Home Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Center for Well Being Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Central Massachusetts Genealogical Society Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Cheryl Ann Cetrino Fish Scholarship Fund 4 Fitchburg, MA
Childrens Aid & Family Service Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Community Health Connections Fitchburg, MA
Douglas & Isabelle Crocker Foundation 4 Fitchburg, MA
Elizabeth Whittemore Charitable Trust 4 Fitchburg, MA
First Parish Housing of Fitchburg Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Access Television Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Art Museum Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg High School Athletic Hall of Fame Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Historical Society Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Joint Apprenticeship & Training Fund Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Riverfront Park Foundation Inc. (Until June 2008) Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Spanish Council Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg State College Foundation Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Street Hockey League (Until December 2007) Fitchburg, MA
Fitchburg Youth Soccer Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Friends of the Fitchburg Public Library Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Friends of the Fitchburg Senior Center Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Fsc Foundation Supporting Organization Inc. Fitchburg, MA
H. H. Gagnon Housing for Retarded Citizens Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Health Alliance Guild Fitchburg, MA
Horizon Christian Fellowship Inc. Fitchburg, MA
House of Prayer Church of God in Christ Fitchburg, MA
Iglesia Pentecostal De Fe Nacido De Nuevo Fitchburg, MA
Immunology Research Institute of New England Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Jim & Ruth Couture Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Fitchburg, MA
L. U. K. Crisis Center Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Luk Endowment Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Matson Community Services Inc. Fitchburg, MA
McKay Parent Support Group Fitchburg, MA
Mediation Services of North Central Massachusetts Inc. 5 Fitchburg, MA
Medugorje in America Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Monta Chusett Opportunity Council Inc. Fitchburg, MA
Montachusett Enterprise Center Inc. (Until June 2007) Fitchburg, MA
Montachusett Interfaith Hospitality Network Inc. (Until December 2006) Fitchburg, MA
Montachusett Regional Young Mens Christian Association Fitchburg, MA
Montachusett Society for the Preservation of Historic Buildings Fitchburg, MA
Nashoba Research Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Fitchburg, MA
New National Hmong-Lao Foundation Organization Inc. Fitchburg, MA
New Players Theatre Guild Inc. Fitchburg, MA
North Central Charter Essential Pto (Until December 2007) Fitchburg, MA
North Central Charter Essential School Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Fitchburg, MA
North Central Massachusettes Community Foundationds Inc. (Until June 2005) Fitchburg, MA
North Central Massachusetts Community Reinvestment Act Coalitn Fitchburg, MA
North County Land Trust Inc. Fitchburg, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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