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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Levi Heywood Memorial Library Association Gardner, MA
Marjorie and Doris Hutchinson Scholarship Fund 4 Gardner, MA
Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center Inc. Gardner, MA
Mount Wachusett Community College Student Activities Trust Fund Gardner, MA
N. R. Lachance Foundation 4 Gardner, MA
New England Poetry Club Inc. Gardner, MA
North Central Human Services Inc. Gardner, MA
North Central Massachusetts Basketball Officials Inc. Gardner, MA
Rcap Solutions Inc. Gardner, MA
South Gardner Historical Society Inc. Gardner, MA
Taus Inc. Gardner, MA
The Masters Christian Academy Inc. Gardner, MA
Friends of the Georgetown Peabody Library Inc. Georgetown, MA
Georgetown Historical Society Georgetown, MA
Georgetown Public Education Foundation Inc. Georgetown, MA
Jennifer Gianocostas Fund Inc. (Until June 2006) Georgetown, MA
Pentucket Workshop Inc. Georgetown, MA
Put Americans to Work Inc. Georgetown, MA
Trustees of the Carleton Home 4 Georgetown, MA
Trustees of the Perley Free School 4 Georgetown, MA
Hardwick Rescue & Emergency Squad Inc. Gilbertville, MA
Mission of Mercy (Until December 2005) Gilbertville, MA
Giving Tree School Inc. Gill, MA
The Mountain Road School House Inc. Gill, MA
Berkshire Chapter of the American Rock Garden Society Inc. Glendale, MA
Action Inc. Gloucester, MA
Active Healing Inc. (Until June 2008) Gloucester, MA
Alice M. Hornsey Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
American Storyboard Inc. Gloucester, MA
Angela A. Vitale Scholarship Fund Gloucester, MA
Annisquam Kindergarten Inc. Gloucester, MA
Associated Charities of Gloucester 4 Gloucester, MA
Ayer Anderson Foundation Inc. 3 Gloucester, MA
Brady Family Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
C. A. S. C. Inc. Gloucester, MA
Caldwell Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Amateur Radio Association Inc. Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Animal Aid Association Inc. Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Bible Church Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Business Incubator Inc. (Until June 2008) Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Figure Skating Club Inc. Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Forum Inc. (Until December 2006) Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Historical Assn Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Housing Opportunity Inc. (Until December 2006) Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Interfaith Commission Inc. Gloucester, MA
Cape Ann Symphony Orchestra Inc. Gloucester, MA
Cetacean Research Unit Inc. Gloucester, MA
Chargers Youth Program Inc. Gloucester, MA
Charles Olson Society (Until March 2006) Gloucester, MA
Church Religious Trust Gloucester, MA
College Womens Club of Cape Ann Gloucester, MA
Community Land Trust of Cape Ann Inc. Gloucester, MA
Dancers Courageous Inc. Gloucester, MA
Day by Day Adult Care Inc. Gloucester, MA
East Gloucester Vikings Youth Program Gloucester, MA
Family Health Productions Inc. Gloucester, MA
Female Charitable Association of Gloucester 4 Gloucester, MA
Fishbox Derby Inc. Gloucester, MA
Fisheries Institute for Sustainable Human and Ecological Research Inc. (Until December 2007) Gloucester, MA
Fishermen Youth Soccer Incorporated Gloucester, MA
Fishtown Artspace Inc. Gloucester, MA
Friends of the Gloucester Council on Aging Inc. Gloucester, MA
Glory Christian Educational Support International Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Adventure Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Assembly of God Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Community Development Corporation Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Development Team Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Educational Assistance Foundation Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Emblem Club Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Fisheries Forum Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Fishermans Wives Development Programs Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Fishermens Wives Memorial Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Fund Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester High School Alumni Scholarship Fund Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Lyceum and Sawyer Free Library Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Museum School Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Police Dare Program (Until June 2006) Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Pride Stride Committee Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester School Connection Inc. Gloucester, MA
Gloucester Stage Co Inc. Gloucester, MA
Good Neighbors Inc. Gloucester, MA
Grace Chapel of Cape Ann Inc. Gloucester, MA
H-Hill Assoc Gloucester, MA
Haiti Projects Inc. Gloucester, MA
Hammond Museum Inc. Gloucester, MA
Help for Homeowners Inc. 4 Gloucester, MA
Homelands Research Group Gloucester, MA
Isabel Babson Memorial Incorporated 4 Gloucester, MA
J. Franklin Dyer Trust 4 Gloucester, MA
James N. Abbott Jr Tr UW Article 4 4 Gloucester, MA
James Project Inc. (Until December 2006) Gloucester, MA
Jumper Classic Inc. Gloucester, MA
Kestrel Educational Adventures (Until August 2007) Gloucester, MA
Lalaboo Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
Little Childrens Day Care and Nursery Inc. Gloucester, MA
Magnolia Library Center Inc. Gloucester, MA
Majestic Harbor Community School (Until December 2007) Gloucester, MA
Marine Education Center of Cape Ann Inc. Gloucester, MA
Matz Family Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
New England Library Assoc Inc. Gloucester, MA
Nordic Calendar Inc. Gloucester, MA
North Shore Aids Health Project Gloucester, MA
North Shore Arts Association of Gloucester Inc. Gloucester, MA
North Shore Garden Club of Massachusetts Gloucester, MA
North Shore Swim Club Inc. Gloucester, MA
Pathways for Children Inc. Gloucester, MA
Patrons Museum and Educational Center Gloucester, MA
Paula Evans Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2008) Gloucester, MA
Perfect Storm Foundation Inc. Gloucester, MA
Progressive Development Corporation (Until June 2007) Gloucester, MA
Project Deep Inc. Gloucester, MA
Proprietors of Oak Grove Cemetery 6 Gloucester, MA
Rainbow Light Center for Womens Spirituality Inc. (Until December 2007) Gloucester, MA
Ravenswood Human Development Inc. Gloucester, MA
Rockport Lodge Inc. Gloucester, MA
Rocky Neck Art Colony Inc. Gloucester, MA
Sandy Bay Preschool Center Inc. Gloucester, MA
Sargent-Murray-Gilman-Hough House Assn 4 Gloucester, MA
Scott A. Barry Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Gloucester, MA
Seniorcare Inc. Gloucester, MA
Shlopak Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
Sitesalive Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Gloucester, MA
Societa Siciliana of Gloucester Ma Inc. Gloucester, MA
St. Peters Fiesta Inc. Gloucester, MA
The Charles Family Charitable Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
The Open Door Cape Ann Food Pantry Inc. Gloucester, MA
Timothy Gallagher Jr Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2006) Gloucester, MA
Vietnam Childrens Foundation (Until December 2007) Gloucester, MA
Virginia and Warren Stone Fund 4 Gloucester, MA
Wellspring House Inc. Gloucester, MA
Willard C. Tilson Foundation 4 Gloucester, MA
Manchester Education Fund Inc. 7 Summer St. Glouchester, MA
Global Initiatives Inc. Glouster, MA
Camp Howe Inc. Goshen, MA
Careerformation Services Inc. Goshen, MA
Goshen Firefighters Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Goshen, MA
Highland Ambulance Ems Inc. (Until June 2008) Goshen, MA
Institute for the Musical Arts Goshen, MA
New England Working Landscapes for Future Generations Inc. (Until December 2006) Goshen, MA
Cuttyhunk Yacht Club Inc. Gosnold, MA
Apple Tree Arts Inc. Grafton, MA
Community Nursing Assn of Grafton Inc. Grafton, MA
Faith Bible Church of Shrewsbury Grafton, MA
Friends of the Grafton Public Libraries Inc. Grafton, MA
Grafton Center Play Schools Inc. Grafton, MA
Grafton Garden Club Incorporated Grafton, MA
Grafton High School Athletic Booster Club Inc. (Until June 2008) Grafton, MA
Grafton Historical Society Inc. Grafton, MA
Grafton Land Trust Inc. Grafton, MA
Grafton Soccer Club Inc. Grafton, MA
Marine Chemists Assn Inc. 4 Grafton, MA
Miscoe Brook Watershed Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Grafton, MA
Pakachoag Acres Day Care Center Inc. Grafton, MA
Parent Academic Resources Incorporated (Until June 2008) Grafton, MA
Touchstone Community School Inc. Grafton, MA
Veterinarians for Global Solutions Inc. Grafton, MA
Children First Enterprises Inc. Granby, MA
Friends of Granbys Elderly Inc. Granby, MA
Friends of the Granby Free Public Library Inc. Granby, MA
Granby Athletic Association Inc. Granby, MA
Granby Historical Association Inc. Granby, MA
Granby Regional Horse Council Inc. Granby, MA
Heart and Soul Greyhound Adoption Inc. Granby, MA
Living Gate Evangelical Free Church Inc. Granby, MA
The Neurofibromatosis Association Inc. Granby, MA
Valley Citizens for A. Safe Environment Inc. Granby, MA
Granville Cemetery Association 6 Granville, MA
Granville Historical Society Inc. Granville, MA
Massachusetts Educational Assist Fund of the Mass Feder of Business Granville, MA
Family Covenant Bible Church Graville, MA
American Museum of Antique Toys Inc. 4 Great Barrington, MA
Berkshire Environmental Research Center Ltd. Great Barrington, MA
Church of Christ Consciousness Great Barrington, MA
Community Corporation Inc. 5 Great Barrington, MA
Great Barrington Garden Club Great Barrington, MA
Great Barrington Youth Foundation Inc. Great Barrington, MA
Institute for First Amendment Studies Inc. Great Barrington, MA
John S. Watson Fund Inc. Great Barrington, MA
Living God Fellowship Great Barrington, MA
Minton Trust 4 Great Barrington, MA
Mixed Company Inc. Great Barrington, MA
Olga Dunn Dance Company Great Barrington, MA
Renaissance Band Calliope Inc. Great Barrington, MA
Steiner Children Store Inc. Great Bbarringto, MA
Our Kids Inc. Great Bearrington, MA
Lighthouse Life Lines Inc. Green Harbor, MA
Alternatives A. Crisis Pregnancy Center Greenfield, MA
Amandla Inc. Greenfield, MA
Arena Civic Theatre Inc. Greenfield, MA
Arkhom Inc. Greenfield, MA
Artspace Community Arts Center Greenfield, MA
Association for Gravestone Studies Greenfield, MA
Bete Family Foundation 4 Greenfield, MA
Big Brother-Big Sister Association of Franklin County Inc. Greenfield, MA
Board of Organized Work of the Franklin Medical Center Greenfield, MA
Brookside Volunteer Fire Company Greenfield, MA
Building Our Swords Into Plowshares Greenfield, MA
Cdi Development Fund Inc. Greenfield, MA
Change the Climate Inc. Greenfield, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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