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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Western Massachusetts Intertribal Spiritual Council Inc. Amherst, MA
Whole Children Inc. (Until December 2008) Amherst, MA
Wilbur H. H. Ward Educational Tr 4 Amherst, MA
Wise Fund for the Fine Arts Amherst, MA
Woodside Childrens Center Inc. Amherst, MA
Youth Action Coalition Inc. Amherst, MA
Veterans Education Project Incorporated Amhurst, MA
Alexs Team Foundation Inc. (Until April 2006) Andover, MA
Alliance Collections Inc. Andover, MA
American Ireland Educational Foundation Inc. Andover, MA
Andona Society Andover, MA
Andona Society Scholarship Trust Andover, MA
Andover Band Association Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Bible Chapel Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Chamber Music Series Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Chinese Cultural Exchange Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Community Trust Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Fund for Education Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Garden Club Andover, MA
Andover Historical Society 3 Andover, MA
Andover Hockey Association Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Home for Aged People 4 Andover, MA
Andover Junior Football League Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Merrimack Valley Smith College Club 5 Andover, MA
Andover School of Montessori Inc. Andover, MA
Andover Village Improvement Society Andover, MA
Andover Youth Foundation Andover, MA
Arastradero Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Arnold Dance Foundation Inc. the Andover, MA
Bancroft School Pto Andover, MA
Bay Circuit Alliance Andover, MA
Berthiaume Family Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, MA
Catherine G. Oleary Scholarship Fund 4 Andover, MA
Challenge Unlimited Andover, MA
Chappaquiddick Tribe of the Wampanoag Indian Nation Corp Andover, MA
Chinese School Andover Andover, MA
Chinmaya Mission of Boston Andover, MA
Coach Hatem Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until April 2008) Andover, MA
Community Cooperative Nursery School Inc. Andover, MA
Concord Teaching Institute Inc. (Until December 2007) Andover, MA
Creative Learning for Children Inc. Andover, MA
Creative Living Inc. Andover, MA
Dean K. Webster Family Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Deluca Family Charitable Tr 4 Andover, MA
Discover Preschool Inc. Andover, MA
Enmei Yu Trust for Handicapped Children in China 4 Andover, MA
Essex County Association for the Education of Young Children Andover, MA
Essex Symphony Orchestra Inc. Andover, MA
Feed and Shelter Inc. (Until December 2007) Andover, MA
Fitzpatrick Family Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, MA
Foundation M. 4 Andover, MA
Foundation for Our Future Inc. (Until December 2005) Andover, MA
Friends of Andover Education (Until December 2006) Andover, MA
Friends of Andover High School Football Inc. (Until December 2008) Andover, MA
Friends of Andover Memorial Hall Library Andover, MA
Henry C. Sanborn School Pto (Until June 2007) Andover, MA
High Plain Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Inc. (Until June 2007) Andover, MA
Home of America Inc. Andover, MA
Hoops for Hope Inc. Andover, MA
Hope Worldwide Ltd. Andover, MA
Hope for Tomorrow (Until July 2007) Andover, MA
I. Have A. Dream-Lawrence Ma Inc. 3 Andover, MA
Inspiring Writing Corporation (Until June 2005) Andover, MA
Ironstone Therapy Inc. Andover, MA
James K. Oppenheim Family Foundatio N. Trust 4 Andover, MA
Joseph D. Granetz Trust Fund Andover, MA
Joseph R. Levis Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, MA
Kathleen & Ronald J. Jackson Fndn 08-19-1994 4 Andover, MA
Lacourse Family Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Leadership and Literacy Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Andover, MA
Les Dames D. Escoffier - Boston Inc. Andover, MA
Liberty Baptist Church of Essex County Inc. Andover, MA
Madonna Dobrotiva Foundation Andover, MA
Manfredi Family Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Maraghy Family Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Massachusetts Hockey Coaches Assn Inc. (Until June 2006) Andover, MA
Massachusetts Motorcyclists Survivors Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Andover, MA
Massachusetts School of Law at Andover Andover, MA
Melvin L. Weiner Charitable Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Merrimack Valley Andover Association Andover, MA
Merrimack Valley Community Foundation Inc. Andover, MA
Merrimack Valley Health Services Andover, MA
Merrimack Valley Lubavitch Inc. c/o Rabbi Osher Bronstein Andover, MA
Merrimack Valley United Jewish Communities Inc. Andover, MA
New England Classical Singers Inc. Andover, MA
New England Exchange Clubs Foundation Inc. Andover, MA
New Hope Fellowship Church Andover, MA
North Boston Korean United Methodist Church Andover, MA
Northeast Document Conservation Andover, MA
Paint & Powder Club of Lowell Andover, MA
Patidar Samaj of New England Incorporated Psne Andover, MA
Phillips Academy Andover, MA
Professional Center for Handicapped Children Inc. Andover, MA
Reclaiming Easter International USA Inc. 3 Andover, MA
Rotary Club of Andover Charitable Tr Andover, MA
Scots Charitable Society 4 Andover, MA
Service Club of Andover Inc. Andover, MA
Shawsheen School Parent Teacher Organization Andover, MA
Shed Inc. Andover, MA
Sheila Brodie Zetlan Breast Cancer Research Foundation Andover, MA
South Street Parent Teacher Organization Corp Andover, MA
Stars in the Night Inc. (Until December 2008) Andover, MA
Sullivan Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Supportive Living Inc. Andover, MA
Tenney Educational Fund Inc. 4 Andover, MA
The Andover Choral Society Inc. Andover, MA
The Heatherfield Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, MA
The Hsiao Family Foundation 4 Andover, MA
The International Society for Eye Research Andover, MA
The Kathy Herward Child Care Center Andover, MA
The Mother Connection Inc. Andover, MA
The Sdsc Global Foundation 4 Andover, MA
Trauma Intervention Programs of Merrimack Valley Inc. Andover, MA
Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Andover Incorporated Andover, MA
West Elementary Parent-Teacher Organization Andover, MA
Wiegand Memorial Foundation Inc. 4 Andover, MA
Winter Warmth Project for Kids by Kids (Until December 2007) Andover, MA
Wood Hill Middle School Pac (Until December 2007) Andover, MA
Yankee Alliance Inc. Andover, MA
Young Widows and Widowers Ltd. Andover, MA
Yvon Cormier Charitable Foundation Inc. Andover, MA
A. La Vida Inc. Aquinnah, MA
Aquinnah Cultural Center Inc. Aquinnah, MA
Friends of the Aquinnah Public Library Inc. (Until September 2007) Aquinnah, MA
Stoneham Community Access Inc. (Until December 2008) Arlingtion, MA
Sandra Anne Foundation Arlington Hts, MA
Actors Shakespeare Project (Until December 2008) Arlington, MA
Alliance of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church Arlington, MA
American Sleep Disorders Foundation Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Boys Club Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Center for the Arts Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Childrens Center Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Council on Alcohol Education Inc. Town Hall Annex 3rd Arlington, MA
Arlington Friends of the Drama Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Garden Club Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Health & Human Services Charitable Corporation (Until December 2007) Arlington, MA
Arlington Heights Nursery School Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington High School Alumni Association Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Historical Society 3 Arlington, MA
Arlington Housing Associates Inc. 4 Winslow St. 4 Arlington, MA
Arlington Land Trust Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Preservation Fund Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Schools Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Arlington, MA
Arlington Seniors Association Inc. Arlington, MA
Arlington Soccer Club Inc. Arlington, MA
Armenian Cultural Foundation 3 Arlington, MA
Assembleia De Deus Renovada De Boston Arlington, MA
Ballet Academy Inc. Arlington, MA
Beau Jest Moving Theatre Corporation Arlington, MA
Boston Help Group Inc. Arlington, MA
Brackett After School Program Inc. c/o Thea Galeno Arlington, MA
Brackett Elementary School Pto Arlington, MA
Camp Menotomy Trust Arlington, MA
Childrens Room - Center for Greiving Children & Teenagers Inc. Arlington, MA
Childrens Trust Fund Inc. Arlington, MA
Christian Life Fellowship Church Inc. Arlington, MA
Communications for Learning Inc. Arlington, MA
Cooperating Association for New England Parks Incorporated Canepi Arlington, MA
Cyrus E. Dallin Art Museum Inc. Arlington, MA
Dallin Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization (Until August 2007) Arlington, MA
Eastern Junior Hockey League Inc. (Until June 2009) Arlington, MA
Edwin Prescott Scouthouse Charitable Trust 3 Arlington, MA
Elizabeth and George L. Sanborn Foundation for the Treatment and 4 Arlington, MA
Endowment for Biblical Research 4 Arlington, MA
Ensaaf Inc. (Until October 2007) Arlington, MA
Exponent II Incorporated Arlington, MA
Finlandia Foundation-Boston Inc. Arlington, MA
Free Books of Boston Inc. (Until December 2008) Arlington, MA
Friends of Menotomy Rocks Park Inc. Arlington, MA
Friends of Robbins Farm Park Inc. (Until December 2006) Arlington, MA
Friends of Spy Pond Park Arlington, MA
Friends of the New Renaissance Inc. Arlington, MA
Friends of the Robbins Library Arlington, MA
Germaine Lawrence Incorporated Arlington, MA
Gospel Reach-Out Inc. Arlington, MA
Home Hold Single Parent Resource Inc. Arlington, MA
Housing Corporation of Arlington Arlington, MA
In-Defense Inc. (Until December 2006) Arlington, MA
Information Center for Individuals With Disabilities Inc. Arlington, MA
Integrative Medicine Alliance Inc. Arlington, MA
Intercultural Center for Research in Education Inc. Arlington, MA
Irish American Charitable Trust Arlington, MA
Jaffna College Funds Trustee Arlington, MA
Japanese Assoc of Greater Boston Inc. Arlington, MA
Jewish Congregation of Winchester Arlington, MA
John A. Bishop Parent Teacher Organization Arlington, MA
John Mirak Foundation 4 Arlington, MA
Krismark Corporation Arlington, MA
Liberty Baptist Church Arlington, MA
M. A. S. S. F. I. L. C. Inc. Arlington, MA
Martin Luther King Jr Birthday Observance Com of Arlington Ma Inc. Arlington, MA
Mass Bay Intergroup Arlington, MA
Massachusetts Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf Arlington, MA
Melvina Foundation 4 Arlington, MA
Middlesex Youth Hockey League Incorporated Arlington, MA
Mystic Chorale Inc. Arlington, MA
Mystic River Watershed Association Inc. Arlington, MA
National Lipedema Association Inc. (Until December 2008) Arlington, MA
New England Museum Association Inc. Arlington, MA
New England Voices Inc. Arlington, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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