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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Institute of Transportation Engineers New England Section Lowell, MA
International Christian Fellowship Ministries Lowell, MA
International Institute of Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
Joseph P. & Eileen M. Donahue Charitable Foundation 4 Lowell, MA
Khmer Cultural Institute Inc. Lowell, MA
Kids Involved in Disability Sports Inc. Lowell, MA
Korean War Veterans of Greater Lowell Inc. 6 Lowell, MA
Lao Buddhist Art and Culture of Lowell Massachusetts Inc. Lowell, MA
Lao Family Mutual Association of Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
League of Catholic Women of Lowell Lowell, MA
Lgh Corp Inc. Lowell, MA
Lha Youth Activities Program Inc. Lowell, MA
Lifelinks Inc. Lowell, MA
Light of Cambodian Children Inc. Lowell, MA
Living Waters Ministry of Hope (Until December 2008) Lowell, MA
Long Meadow Scholarship Fund Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Art Association Lowell, MA
Lowell Association for the Blind Lowell, MA
Lowell Boys Club Association Lowell, MA
Lowell Cambodian Christian Church Lowell, MA
Lowell Community Broadcasting (Until June 2008) Lowell, MA
Lowell Community Charter School Friends Inc. 4 Lowell, MA
Lowell Community Health Center Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Day Nursery Association Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Development and Financial Corporation Lowell, MA
Lowell Festival Foundation Lowell, MA
Lowell General Hospital Lowell, MA
Lowell General Hospital Auxiliary Lowell, MA
Lowell Hellenic Heritage Association Lowell, MA
Lowell Heritage Partnership Inc. (Until December 2007) Lowell, MA
Lowell Historical Society Lowell, MA
Lowell House Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Jr High Football Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Lowell, MA
Lowell Kiwanas Foundation Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Legal Access Network Inc. (Until December 2007) Lowell, MA
Lowell Middlesex Academy Charter School Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Museum Corporation Lowell, MA
Lowell Opera Company Inc. (Until December 2005) Lowell, MA
Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Plan Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Rif Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Sun Charities Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Telecommunications Corporation Lowell, MA
Lowell Transitional Living Center Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell YMCA Alumni Association Inc. Lowell, MA
Lowell Young Mens Christian Association Lowell, MA
Massachusetts Community College Association Inc. Lowell, MA
Massachusetts Council for Quality Inc. Lowell, MA
Massachusetts Health Officers Association Incorporated (Until December 2005) Lowell, MA
Massachusetts Quilt Documentation Project Lowell, MA
Mental Health Assoc of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
Merrimac Valley Housing Services Inc. Lowell, MA
Merrimack Repertory Theatre Lowell, MA
Merrimack Valley Food Bank Inc. Lowell, MA
Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership Inc. Lowell, MA
Merrimack Valley Legal Services Inc. Lowell, MA
Mesoamerican Development Institute Corporation Lowell, MA
Mill City Vineyard Christian Fellowship Inc. Lowell, MA
Ministerio Evangelistico Eben-Ezer Inc. Hasta Aqui Nos Ayudo Jehova Lowell, MA
Miracle Providers Northeast Inc. Lowell, MA
Mount Pleasant Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Lowell, MA
New Challenge Rehabilitation Program Inc. Lowell, MA
New England Hosta Society Inc. Lowell, MA
New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission Lowell, MA
New England Quilt Museum Lowell, MA
New England Quilt Museum Auxiliary Inc. Lowell, MA
New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center Inc. Lowell, MA
Nicholas and Elissa K. Macaronis Foundation 4 Lowell, MA
Ob Traceview Users Group Inc. (Until December 2005) Lowell, MA
Open Pantry of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
Owl Diner Charities Inc. Lowell, MA
Owril Scholarship Fund 4 Lowell, MA
Panda Paws Corporation (Until June 2005) Lowell, MA
Patton Memorial Society Inc. Lowell, MA
Plastics Institute of America Inc. Lowell, MA
Pollard Memorial Library Foundation Inc. Lowell, MA
Portuguese-American Lowell Youth Center Inc. Lowell, MA
Proprietors of the Lowell Cemetery 6 Lowell, MA
Providers and Childrens Educational Services Inc. Lowell, MA
Rape Crisis Services of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
Renaissance Club Inc. Lowell, MA
Residents First Development Corp Lowell, MA
Restoration Tabernacle Lowell, MA
Retarded Adult Rehab Assoc Inc. Lowell, MA
Revolving Museum Inc. Lowell, MA
Richard K. and Nancy L. Donahue Charitable Foundation 4 Lowell, MA
Saints Memorial Health Services Corporation Lowell, MA
Saints Memorial Medical Center Inc. Lowell, MA
Shedd Park Baseball Organization Inc. Lowell, MA
Sisterhood of Temple Beth El Lowell, MA
Southeast Asian Bilingual Advocates Inc. Lowell, MA
Spindle City Corps Lowell, MA
Suitability Inc. Lowell, MA
Temple Beth El Pre-School Inc. Lowell, MA
Thanksgiving A. Celebration of Life 10 Bridge St. Lowell, MA
The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
The Frie Nds of the Pollard Memorial Library Inc. Lowell, MA
The Joan and Leo Mahoney Family Foundatiohn 4 Lowell, MA
The Lowell Philharmonic Orchestra Ltd. Lowell, MA
Toomey Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Lowell, MA
Trans-Arab Research Institute Inc. Lowell, MA
Trustees of the Ayer Home 4 Lowell, MA
Trustees of the Hildreth Family Cemetery 6 Lowell, MA
United Teen Equality Center (Until June 2007) Lowell, MA
Universal Child Inc. (Until January 2006) Lowell, MA
University of Lowell Library Associates Lowell, MA
Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
Vna Foundation of Greater Lowell Inc. Lowell, MA
W. M. Fountain Corp 4 Lowell, MA
Wat Lao Mixayaram of New England Inc. Lowell, MA
Water Project International (Until December 2006) Lowell, MA
William S. and Patricia G. Taupier Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Lowell, MA
Workforce Labs Inc. Lowell, MA
Young Womens Christian Association Lowell, MA
Zion All Nations Ministries Lowell, MA
Invisible Church Lower Mills, MA
Mandela Town Hall Health Spot Inc. Lower Roxbury, MA
Cat Pack Adoptions & Rescue Inc. (Until December 2005) Ludlow, MA
Community Childrens Center Inc. Ludlow, MA
Criminal Justice Organization of the Hampden County Sheriffs Dept Ludlow, MA
Crudem Foundation Ludlow, MA
East Street School Parent Teacher Organization Ludlow, MA
Exit Seven Players Ltd. Ludlow, MA
Faith Community Church Inc. Ludlow, MA
Friends of the Ludlow Senior Center Inc. Ludlow, MA
John F. Thompson Memorial Fund Inc. Ludlow, MA
Joseph & Anna C. Dias Jr Family Foundation 4 Ludlow, MA
Ludlow Boys & Girls Club Inc. Ludlow, MA
Ludlow Boys and Girls Club Inc. Charitable Foundation Ludlow, MA
Ludlow High School Hockey Booster Club Ludlow, MA
Ludlow Youth Soccer Association Inc. Ludlow, MA
Lupa Game Farm Inc. Ludlow, MA
Lusitania Institute Inc. 4 Ludlow, MA
Lusitano Alumni & Fans Inc. Ludlow, MA
Options-Womens Self-Defense Inc. Ludlow, MA
Pioneer Valley Health Systems Inc. Ludlow, MA
Portuguese Community Cultural Association Inc. Ludlow, MA
Seeds of Hope Inc. Ludlow, MA
Silver Knights Drum & Bugle Corp Ludlow, MA
The Lavoie Foundation 4 Ludlow, MA
Western Mask Junior Pioneers (Until December 2005) Ludlow, MA
Carts for Christ Inc. (Until December 2006) Lunenburg, MA
Chelonian Research Foundation 3 Lunenburg, MA
Church of the Harvest Lunenburg, MA
Citizens Scholarship Foundation of Lunenburg Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Emmaus Road Foundation Incorporated Lunenburg, MA
Friends of the Eagle House Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Friends of the Ritter Memorial Library Lunenburg, MA
Guild Dancers Lunenburg, MA
Interfase (Until June 2007) Lunenburg, MA
Kevin T. Szocik Scholarship Fund (Until September 2006) Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Educational Advancement Foundation Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Firefighters Association Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Friendly Seniors Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Memorial Fund Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Parent Teachers Organization Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Track & Athletic Fields Association (Until June 2005) Lunenburg, MA
Lunenburg Youth Soccer Association Lunenburg, MA
Massachusettes Military Museum Inc. (Until December 2008) Lunenburg, MA
Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Conservation Endowment Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Pat Brody Shelter for Cats Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Root Foundation 4 Lunenburg, MA
Tiny Tigers Feline Rescue Inc. (Until December 2006) Lunenburg, MA
United Parish Assembly of Lunenberg Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Unity Project Inc. Lunenburg, MA
Watpa Keomany Xayaram Inc. Lunenburg, MA
1850 School House Foundation Inc. Lynn, MA
Affordable Housing Associates of Lynn Inc. Lynn, MA
African Womens Empowerment Group Inc. (Until December 2006) Lynn, MA
Agganis Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Lynn, MA
Agitarte Lynn, MA
All Care Resources Inc. 5 Lynn, MA
All Care Vna of Greater Lynn Lynn, MA
Alumni and Friends of Lynn Classical High School Inc. Lynn, MA
Antioch Incorporated Lynn, MA
Arts and Education Corporation Lynn, MA
Atlanticare Health Foundation Inc. Lynn, MA
Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal Church of Lynn Lynn, MA
Boys & Girls Club of Lynn Lynn, MA
Camp Rotary Inc. of Lynn Massachusetts Lynn, MA
Cerebral Palsy Association of Eastern Massachusetts Inc. Lynn, MA
Child Life Education and Development Services Inc. (Until June 2006) Lynn, MA
Childrens Law Center of Mass Inc. North Shore Childrens Law Project Lynn, MA
Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund Lynn, MA
Christ Fountain of Life Inc. Lynn, MA
Circle of Nations Inc. Lynn, MA
Club America Inc. Lynn, MA
Community Brotherhood & Auxiliary Scholarship Fund Inc. Lynn, MA
Community Minority Cultural Center Inc. Lynn, MA
Comunidad Hispana Union Y. Desarrolo Lynn, MA
Curwin Child Care Center Inc. Lynn, MA
Delvena Theatre Company Lynn, MA
Developmental School of the North Shore Inc. Lynn, MA
Eastern Massachusetts Housing Corporation Lynn, MA
Edward A. Sisson Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. Lynn, MA
Edward J. & Josephine King Charitable Trust 4 Lynn, MA
Elder Service Plan of the North Shore Inc. Lynn, MA
Eptanision Society of New England Lynn, MA
Essex County Community Organizatio N. Inc. Lynn, MA
Family & Childrens Service of Greater Lynn Inc. Lynn, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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