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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Samuel Winerman Fund Malden, MA
Savin Long Term Care Corporation Malden, MA
Seraphim Singers Inc. (Until June 2007) Malden, MA
Tabernacle Baptist Congregation Malden, MA
Tailored for Success Malden, MA
Tri City Family Housing Inc. Malden, MA
Tri-City Community Action Program Inc. Malden, MA
Triangle Inc. Malden, MA
Voices in Action Inc. Malden, MA
Wakefield Senior Housing Corp (Until December 2007) Malden, MA
Wolcott Street Corporation Malden, MA
Young Mens Christian Association Malden Malden, MA
Young Womens Christian Association of Malden Malden, MA
Congregation Keshet Yam - Rainbow by the Sea Manchester by-The-S., MA
Colburn Foundation 3 Manchester By The Sea, MA
George P. McNear Jr Foundation 4 Manchester By The Sea, MA
Kasnet Fam Foundation Tr 4 Manchester By The Sea, MA
Manchester-By-The-Sea Public Library Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Manchester-By-The-Se, MA
Aaron Sieradzki Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Manchester, MA
Asd Foundation 4 Manchester, MA
Brookwood School Incorporated Manchester, MA
Charles F. Kiefer Jr Scholarship Fund Inc. Manchester, MA
Coral Reef and Marine Science Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Manchester, MA
Darwin Scholars Foundation Inc. Manchester, MA
Educational Outbound Inc. Manchester, MA
Friends of Manchester Trees Inc. Manchester, MA
Friends of the Manchester Council of Aging Inc. Manchester, MA
Friends of the Manchester Library Inc. Manchester, MA
Hands Cross the Water Inc. Manchester, MA
Josiah A. Spaulding Memorial Tr Manchester, MA
Magic Years Inc. Manchester, MA
Manchester Athletic Association Manchester Mass Manchester, MA
Manchester Community Center Inc. Manchester, MA
Manchester Essex Conservation Tr Inv Manchester, MA
Manchester Fund to Prevent Homelessness Manchester, MA
Manchester Historical Society Manchester, MA
Manchester Junior Hornets Sports Program Inc. Manchester, MA
Manchester Parent-Teacher Organization Manchester, MA
Manchester Sailing Association Inc. Manchester, MA
Manchester Soccer Club Manchester, MA
Manchester Summerstage Incorporated Manchester, MA
Northshore Hurricanes Hockey Club (Until March 2005) Manchester, MA
Protect Essential Rights Inc. Manchester, MA
Ruth H. Jackson Charitable Trust 4 Manchester, MA
The International Institute for Applied Cyto Sciences Inc. Manchester, MA
The J. Stuart and Elizabeth Moore Charitable Foundation 4 Manchester, MA
The Joseph L. and Patricia C. Talty Family Foundation 4 Manchester, MA
Christadelphian Preaching Society Manomet, MA
Churchill Landing Assoc Inc. Manomet, MA
Friends of the Plymouth Pound Inc. Manomet, MA
Jacob Bradbury Bean Foundation (Until December 2007) Manomet, MA
Manomet Bird Observatory Trust Manomet, MA
Manomet Inc. Manomet, MA
Tina Seamore Learning Center Inc. Manomet, MA
Wetlands for the Americas Inc. 4 Manomet, MA
Actors Collaborative Inc. Mansfield, MA
Amego Inc. Mansfield, MA
Balfour Gold Dusters 4 Mansfield, MA
Billy Kelly Memorial Fund Mansfield, MA
Edgewood Church of Christ Mansfield, MA
Franklin Youth Services Inc. Mansfield, MA
Friends of the Mansfield Drop in Center Inc. Mansfield, MA
Friends of the Mansfield Public Library Inc. Mansfield, MA
Grace Alice Campbell Foundation (Until December 2008) Mansfield, MA
Gridiron Club of Mansfield Mansfield, MA
H. Read Inc. Mansfield, MA
Just Cats Inc. Mansfield, MA
Kingsbury Road Charitable Fndn Udt 4 Mansfield, MA
M. M. A. S. Inc. Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Cable Access Corp Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Elementary School Association Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Families Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Girls Softball Association (Until September 2008) Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Historical Society 4 Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Ice Hornets Booster Association Inc. Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Shelter Friends Inc. Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Spring Brook Cemetery Corp 6 Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Youth Basketball Association Mansfield, MA
Mansfield Youth Soccer Inc. Mansfield, MA
Massachusetts Association of Science Supervisors Mansfield, MA
Medically Induced Trauma Support Services Mitss Inc. (Until December 2006) Mansfield, MA
Natural Resources Trust of Mansfield Inc. Mansfield, MA
Phineas W. Sprague Memorial Foundation 4 Mansfield, MA
Qualters Middle School Parent Advisory Council Inc. Mansfield, MA
Sister Cities Association of Mansfield Massachusetts Inc. Mansfield, MA
Southeastern Massachusetts Regional Youth Hockey Association Inc. Mansfield, MA
Take A. Swing at Cancer Inc. Mansfield, MA
Un-Common Theatre Company Inc. Mansfield, MA
West Side Benevolent Circle Inc. Mansfield, MA
Womens Success Network Mansfield, MA
A. Fighting Chance Foundation (Until December 2008) Marblehead, MA
Abbot Public Library Second Century Fund Marblehead, MA
Abraham Kaplan Charitable Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Adaptive Rehabilitation Technologies Inc. Marblehead, MA
American Friends of the Churchill Museum (Until December 2006) Marblehead, MA
Anchor to Windward Incorporated Marblehead, MA
Baseball for the Kid in All of US Inc. Marblehead, MA
Bell School Parent Teacher Organization Marblehead, MA
Celebrityseconds Org Marblehead, MA
Charters Institute Inc. 3 Marblehead, MA
Citizens Economic Research Foundation Marblehead, MA
Clifton Improvement Association Inc. Marblehead, MA
Colantuno Charitable Foundation Co (Until January 2006) Marblehead, MA
Comforts and Joy Inc. (Until December 2005) Marblehead, MA
Corinthian Sailing Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Marblehead, MA
Donald H. & Helen D. Peach Scholarship Fund 4 Marblehead, MA
Downing Ministries Inc. Marblehead, MA
Eight Lights Inc. (Until December 2007) Marblehead, MA
Eli & Bessie Cohen Hillel Academy Marblehead, MA
Engstrom-Baker Scholarship Fund 4 Marblehead, MA
Frances Hirschkron Glover-Eveleth Schools Educational Foundation Marblehead, MA
Friends of Marblehead Hockey Inc. Marblehead, MA
Friends of Marbleheads Abandoned Animals Inc. (Until December 2007) Marblehead, MA
Friends of the Marblehead Council on Aging Inc. Marblehead, MA
Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools Inc. Marblehead, MA
George W. and Gabrielle E. K. Grader Foundation Inc. 4 Marblehead, MA
Goldthwait Reservation Inc. Marblehead, MA
Grace House Institute Inc. Marblehead, MA
Harry W. Hoffman Family Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Health and Safety Research Inc. (Until June 2007) Marblehead, MA
Healthlink Inc. (Until December 2005) Marblehead, MA
Herbert W. Carey Scholarship Fond Inc. Marblehead, MA
Ho 3 Association Marblehead, MA
Inside the Outside World Inc. Marblehead, MA
Jason M. Garfield Scholarship Fund Inc. Marblehead, MA
Jewish Historical Society of the North Shore Marblehead, MA
Junior Aid Society Inc. Marblehead, MA
Lederman Family Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Lynch Foundation Marblehead, MA
Madolil Charitable Tr Marblehead, MA
Makepeace Foundation Tr 4 Marblehead, MA
Making Ends Meet Foundation Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Arts Association Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Boosters Club Incorporated Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Community Charter Public School Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Community Housing Corporation Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Conservancy Inc. (Until December 2005) Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Counseling Center Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Female Humane Society 3 Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Festival of Arts Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Food Pantry Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Historical Society Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Hospital Aid Association Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Little Theatre Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Magicians Gridiron Club Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Youth Football Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Youth Hockey Association Inc. Marblehead, MA
Marblehead Youth Soccer Association Marblehead, MA
Mass Marriage Encounter Jewish Expresion Marblehead, MA
Merry Mixers Inc. Marblehead, MA
Nancy M. Bostley Scholarship Fund Inc. Marblehead, MA
North Shore Civic Ballet Company Inc. Marblehead, MA
Northshore Junior Badminton Association Inc. Marblehead, MA
Older Friends for Younger Children Inc. Marblehead, MA
Orthodox Congregation of the North Shore Marblehead, MA
Penny Bear Company Inc. Marblehead, MA
Philip T. Clark Scholarship Fund Inc. Marblehead, MA
Pierce Family Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Pleon Yacht Club Inc. Marblehead, MA
Popsmear Org Inc. (Until December 2008) Marblehead, MA
Promosis Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Public Interest Entertainment (Until December 2007) Marblehead, MA
Robb Charitable Tr 4 Marblehead, MA
Rotary Club of Marblehead Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Marblehead, MA
Rotary Club of Marblehead Harbor Massachusetts USA Incorporated Marblehead, MA
Sail Marblehead Inc. (Until December 2005) Marblehead, MA
Samuel B. and Gloria R. Sheldon Charitable Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Slow Please Inc. Marblehead, MA
Smf Foundation 05302000 4 Marblehead, MA
Someone Elses Child 4 Marblehead, MA
Suzuki Music Schools of Massachusetts Inc. Marblehead, MA
Swop Inc. Marblehead, MA
Symphony by the Sea Marblehead, MA
Talmud Torah Ohalei Sefer Auxiliary Marblehead, MA
Tatelman Family Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
The Jewish Community Center of the North Shore Inc. Marblehead, MA
The Julia Gery Foundation 4 Marblehead, MA
Thomas H. Pope Scholarship Fund 4 Marblehead, MA
Tower School in Marblehead Inc. Marblehead, MA
Tyler Hamilton Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Marblehead, MA
Van Otterloo Family Foundation Marblehead, MA
Womens Sailing Foundation Inc. Marblehead, MA
Association for Workforce Alternatives Research & Developmen Marion, MA
Braitmayer Foundation 4 Marion, MA
Buddhayana Foundation Inc. Marion, MA
Buzzards Bay Musicfest Foundation 4 Marion, MA
Buzzards Bay Musicfest Inc. Marion, MA
Community Baptist Church Marion, MA
Davis Family Foundation 4 Marion, MA
Friends of Marion Visiting Nurses Marion, MA
Friends of Marion Youth Inc. Marion, MA
Island Foundation Inc. 4 Marion, MA
James L. Rubenstein Family Fndtn Tr Ud 4 Marion, MA
Loft School of Marion Inc. Marion, MA
Ludes Family Foundation 4 Marion, MA
Marion Art Center Inc. Marion, MA
Marion Emt Association Marion Police and Fire Station Marion, MA
Marion Horse Show Inc. Marion, MA
Marion Library Association Marion, MA
Marion Natural History Society Inc. Marion, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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