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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Outdoor Explorations Inc. Medford, MA
Paw Safe Animal Rescue Inc. Medford, MA
Royall House Association 4 Medford, MA
Shiloh Baptist Church Medford, MA
Solutions for Living Inc. Medford, MA
Somerville Hospital Medford, MA
Springstep Inc. (Until June 2008) Medford, MA
St. Raphael Religious Education Development Tr (Until December 2006) Medford, MA
Storer Trust Century Bank & Trust Co 4 Medford, MA
Support High School Athletic Programs Inc. Medford, MA
Taiwanese-American Foundation of Boston Inc. 4 Medford, MA
Tawheed Center of Boston Medford, MA
The Springstep Center for Traditional Dance and Music Inc. Medford, MA
Tri-City Mental Health Services Inc. Medford, MA
Tri-City Mental Health and Retardation Center Inc. Medford, MA
Tufts College Alumni Association Inc. Medford, MA
Tufts Jumbo Club Inc. Medford, MA
Tufts Lawyers Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Medford, MA
University Christian Movement in New England Incorporated Medford, MA
Vision Inc. Medford, MA
Walnut Hill Properties Corporation Medford, MA
West Medford Community Center Inc. Medford, MA
West Medford Open Studios Inc. (Until December 2006) Medford, MA
Women Outdoors Inc. Medford, MA
Alaskan Malamute Rescue of New England Inc. Medway, MA
Congreation Beth Chaverim of Milford Inc. Medway, MA
Evangelical Congregational Society in Medway Medway, MA
Friends of the Medway Public Library Incorporated Medway, MA
Hopes House Inc. Medway, MA
Marian Community Inc. Medway, MA
Marian Messengers Inc. Medway, MA
Medway Amateur Basketball Association Inc. Medway, MA
Medway Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (Until June 2006) Medway, MA
Medway Extended Day Inc. M. E. D. I. Medway, MA
Medway Friends of Elders Inc. Medway, MA
Medway Mustang Field Hockey Boosters Inc. Medway, MA
Medway Secondary Home and School Association Inc. (Until June 2007) Medway, MA
Medway Youth Soccer Association Inc. Medway, MA
Meeting House School II Inc. Medway, MA
Meeting House School Inc. Medway, MA
Milford Humane Society Inc. Medway, MA
Purr-Fect Cat Shelter Medway, MA
Strata Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Medway, MA
Telamon Community Center Ltd. (Until December 2005) Medway, MA
Tri-County Drug Task Force Inc. Medway, MA
Polymnia Choral Society Inc. Melrose Highlands, MA
200 Club Inc. of Melrose Melrose, MA
Adelaide Breed Bayrd Foundation 4 Melrose, MA
Ames Nursing Foundation FBO Melrose Melrose, MA
Blues Trust Productions Inc. Melrose, MA
Boston Korean Adoptees Inc. (Until December 2007) Melrose, MA
Center for Information Technology and Society Melrose, MA
Circle of the Sacred Earth Melrose, MA
Commonwealth Vintage Dancers Melrose, MA
Community Coalition of Melrose Inc. Melrose, MA
Congregational Retirement Homes II Inc. Melrose, MA
Congregational Retirement Homes Inc. 5 Melrose, MA
Congretational Retirement Homes III Inc. Melrose, MA
Fitch Home Association Melrose, MA
Fitch Home Inc. 3 Melrose, MA
Folk Arts Center of New England Inc. Melrose, MA
Foundation for Abdominal Surgery Melrose, MA
Friends of Greater Melrose Inc. Melrose, MA
Friends of Melrose Football Inc. Melrose, MA
Friends of Melrose High Hockey Inc. Melrose, MA
Friends of the Melrose Public Library Inc. Melrose, MA
Go-Go Seniors Club Melrose, MA
Gooch Park Restoration Committee Charitable Trust Melrose, MA
Hereditary Order of the First Families of Massachusetts Inc. Melrose, MA
Junior Aid Association of Malden Melrose, MA
Kappa Charities Incorporated Melrose, MA
Love Inc. of North Suburban Boston Melrose, MA
Lt Norman Prince Drum & Bugle Corps Inc. Melrose, MA
Matthew J. and Gilda F. Strazzula Foundation 4 Melrose, MA
Melrose Affordable Housing Corp (Until December 2005) Melrose, MA
Melrose Alliance Against Violence Melrose, MA
Melrose Babe Ruth League Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Bandaiders Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Day Care Center Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Friends of the Aging Melrose, MA
Melrose High School Athletic Hall of Fame Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose High School Permanent Scholarship Fund Organization Melrose, MA
Melrose Historical Society Melrose, MA
Melrose Humane Society Melrose, MA
Melrose Launch Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Massachusetts Television Inc. 4 Melrose, MA
Melrose Nursery and Day School Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Wakefield Sharing & Caring Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Young Mens Christian Association Inc. Melrose, MA
Melrose Youth Ballet Melrose, MA
Melrose Youth Hockey Association Inc. Melrose, MA
Metro-Boston Amateur Softball Association Inc. Melrose, MA
Northeast Youth Ballet Inc. Melrose, MA
Police Activities League of the Bay State Inc. Melrose, MA
Program for Afterschool Learning Inc. Melrose, MA
Protestant Chaplaincy Council Inc. Melrose, MA
Salvotore E. Quinci Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Melrose, MA
Tai Chi Service International Inc. (Until December 2006) Melrose, MA
The Bridge A. School and Community Partnership Inc. Melrose, MA
Theater II Inc. Melrose, MA
Treasury Management Association of New England Melrose, MA
Upham Family Society Inc. Melrose, MA
Vineyard Christian Fellowship Inc. of Melrose Melrose, MA
Weber Foundation of Helping Hands Inc. Melrose, MA
Earth Limited Mendon, MA
Friends of Mendon Elders Inc. Mendon, MA
Global Health Cares Inc. Mendon, MA
Greater Milford Ballet Association Inc. Mendon, MA
Greyhound Rescue of New England Inc. Mendon, MA
Mendon Community Church of the Blackstone Valley Mendon, MA
Mendon Upton Parent Teacher Organization Inc. Mendon, MA
Mendon Upton Youth Soccer Assoc Inc. Mendon, MA
Mendon-Upton Library Tr Inc. Mendon, MA
Munhall Monahan Cahpman Fiduciary Animal Charities Inc. Mendon, MA
Spirit Life Center Inc. (Until April 2008) Mendon, MA
Anglo-Saxon Federation of America Merrimac, MA
Church Street Neighborhood Association Inc. (Until December 2008) Merrimac, MA
First Signs Inc. Merrimac, MA
Friends of the Merrimac Council on Aging Inc. Merrimac, MA
Merriamac Historical Museum Incorporated Merrimac, MA
Merrimac DAR E. Program Merrimac, MA
Merrimac Police Association (Until December 2006) Merrimac, MA
Merrimac Pto Merrimac, MA
Merrimac Soccer Club Merrimac, MA
Merrimac Town Improvement Society Merrimac, MA
Merrimack Valley Concert Band (Until December 2008) Merrimac, MA
New Sound Concerts Inc. Merrimac, MA
Tangier American Legation Museum Society Merrimac, MA
The Friends of Town Hall Merrimac, MA
Barry Kara Foundation Inc. Metheun, MA
Friends of Cedars Home for the Elderly Inc. Metheun, MA
Adopt-A-Patient Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Methuen, MA
American Lebanese Awareness Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Artemas W. Stearns Tr 4 Methuen, MA
Arts Institute Group of the Merrimack Valley Inc. Methuen, MA
Childrens Center of the Faith United Meth Church of Methuen Inc. Methuen, MA
Chiropractic Foundation of Massachusetts Inc. Methuen, MA
Christian Film Festivals of America Inc. Methuen, MA
College Club of Greater Lawrence Methuen, MA
Forest Lake Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Friends of the Nevins Memorial Library Inc. Methuen, MA
Greater Lawrence Edu Collaborative Methuen, MA
Henry C. Nevins Home Inc. Methuen, MA
Henry C. Nevins Home for the Aged & Incurable Inc. Methuen, MA
Josephine G. Russell Trust 4 Methuen, MA
Lebanese Community Housing for the Elderly Inc. Methuen, MA
Marsh Corner Community Church Methuen, MA
Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured Inc. Methuen, MA
Massachusetts Judo Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Massachusetts Lions Distr 33N. Optacon Fund Inc. Methuen, MA
Merrimack Valley Islamic Academy Inc. Methuen, MA
Merrimack Valley Italian-American Scholarship Fund Incorporated Methuen, MA
Merrimack Valley Partners in Service Inc. Methuen, MA
Merrimack Valley Prayer Community Inc. Methuen, MA
Merrimack Valley Preservation Group Inc. (Until October 2004) Methuen, MA
Methuen Arlington Neighborhood Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Baseball Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Community Television Corp Methuen, MA
Methuen Development Corporation Methuen, MA
Methuen Downtown Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Festival of Trees Inc. (Until April 2007) Methuen, MA
Methuen Historical Society Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Memorial Music Hall Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Police Relief Association 6 Methuen, MA
Methuen Senior Activity Center Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Youth Center Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Youth Hockey Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Methuen Youth Soccer Association Inc. Methuen, MA
Ministerio Los Milagros De Jesus Inc. (Until December 2005) Methuen, MA
Nevins Manor Inc. Methuen, MA
Nevins Memorial Methuen, MA
New England Civic Ballet Inc. Methuen, MA
New England Section of the Ninety-Nines Inc. Methuen, MA
Norman M. Shack Charitable Foundation 4 Methuen, MA
Pentucket Players Inc. Methuen, MA
Rockcares Foundation 4 Methuen, MA
Samaritans of Merrimack Valley Methuen, MA
Senator Steven Baddour Charity Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Methuen, MA
Turkish Islamic Cultural Society of N. New England Methuen, MA
Vicky Litalien Memorial Scholarship Fund Methuen, MA
Walnut Grove Cemetery 6 Methuen, MA
Women Military Aviators Inc. Methuen, MA
Friends of Onway Inc. Methven, MA
Arleen & Arthur H. Dunham Educational Tr 4 Middleboro, MA
Boston Non-Denominational Revival Center Middleboro, MA
Camp Avoda Inc. Middleboro, MA
Catboat Association Inc. Middleboro, MA
Cemetery at the Green 6 Middleboro, MA
Central Baptist Church Middleboro, MA
Elmer R. Harlow Jr Scholarship Trust 4 Middleboro, MA
Fair Havens Inc. Middleboro, MA
Frederic L. Chamberlain Center Inc. Rfd 3 Middleboro, MA
Friends of Cranberry Specialty Hospital of Plymouth County Inc. Middleboro, MA
Friends of S. R. S. (Until December 2007) Middleboro, MA
Girl Scout Council of Southeastern Massachusetts Inc. Middleboro, MA
Greyhound Pets of America Middleboro, MA
Hannah B. Griffith Shaw Home for the Aged Inc. Middleboro, MA
Jericho Christian Fellowship Inc. Middleboro, MA
Louisa Burt Wood Pratt Scholarship 4 Middleboro, MA
M. A. E. Inc. (Until September 2006) Middleboro, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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