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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Middleboro Century Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Middleboro, MA
Middleboro Parish Outreach Middleboro, MA
Middleboro Travel Basketball Association (Until December 2007) Middleboro, MA
Middleboro Youth Soccer Assoc Inc. Middleboro, MA
Middleborough Services to Elderly Inc. Middleboro, MA
Montgomery Home for Aged People Inc. 3 Middleboro, MA
Nemasket Orhaned Animal Haven Inc. (Until December 2008) Middleboro, MA
New England Animal Rescue Inc. (Until December 2008) Middleboro, MA
Pilgrim Baptist Church Inc. Middleboro, MA
R. E. A. D. S. Inc. Middleboro, MA
Rotary Club of Middleboro Charitable & Educational Found Inc. Middleboro, MA
Ruth W. Thomas Trust FBO Albert A. & Ruth W. Thomas Scholarship Fund 4 Middleboro, MA
S. A. I. L. S. Incorporated Middleboro, MA
Saints for Service-Christian Training Center Inc. Middleboro, MA
Soule Homestead Education Center Inc. Middleboro, MA
Story Train Inc. Middleboro, MA
The Faye H. Deane Scholarship Fund c/o Thomas A. Maddigan 4 Middleboro, MA
Thomas B. Griffith Fund 4 Middleboro, MA
Traditional Episcopal Parish of Saint Andrews Inc. Middleboro, MA
Trustees UW Hanna B. G. Shaw Middleboro, MA
Victor C. Melendy Scholarship Fund (Until December 2008) Middleboro, MA
Massachusetts Archaeological Society Inc. Middleborough, MA
Middleboro Youth Softball League Middleborough, MA
Middleborough Little League Inc. Middleborough, MA
Middleborough on the Move Inc. (Until June 2008) Middleborough, MA
Mother West Memorial 4 Middleborough, MA
Plymouth Savings Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Middleborough, MA
Programs for Girls Inc. (Until June 2006) Middleborough, MA
Southeastern Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services Council Middleborough, MA
Chester High School Alumni Association Inc. 4 Middlefield, MA
Family Quarters Inc. Middleton, MA
Friends of the Flint Public Library Middleton, MA
Gymnastics Association of Danvers Middleton, MA
Jim White Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Middleton, MA
Joint Services Data Exchange Group for Guidance Navigation and Contro Middleton, MA
Kelly Packowski Ms Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Middleton, MA
Masconomet Alumni Association Inc. Middleton, MA
Masconomet Youth Hockey Association Inc. Middleton, MA
Middleton Historical Society Middleton, MA
Middleton Parent-Teacher Organization (Until June 2009) Middleton, MA
New Hope Tutorials Inc. (Until December 2005) Middleton, MA
North Shore Feline Rescue Inc. Middleton, MA
North Shore Regional Vocational School District Middleton, MA
One Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Middleton, MA
Reaching Higher Church Inc. Middleton, MA
Women for Women Ministry Inc. Middleton, MA
Handmaids in Marys Rosary Ministry Incorporated Milbury, MA
Alianca Cultural Portuguesa Inc. Milford, MA
Assembly of Rehoboth Christian Church Inc. Milford, MA
Autism Partnership for Applied Behavior Analysis Milford, MA
Beagles of New England States Inc. (Until December 2007) Milford, MA
Chabad Lubavitch Center of Greater Milford Milford, MA
Charlene Digregorio Charitable Foundation 4 Milford, MA
Claflin Hill Music Performance Foundation Inc. Milford, MA
Community Chapel Milford, MA
Cpf-The Fatherhood Coalition Milford, MA
Criterion Child Enrichment Inc. Milford, MA
Daily Bread Food Pantry Inc. Milford, MA
Edith Stewart Chase Foundation Milford, MA
Evergreen Center Inc. Milford, MA
Friends of Milford Area Special Athletes Tr (Until December 2006) Milford, MA
Friends of Milford Football Tr (Until December 2007) Milford, MA
Friends of Old St. Marys Cemetery Inc. Milford, MA
Friends of the Milford Senior Center Inc. Milford, MA
Friends of the Milford Town Library Inc. Milford, MA
Friends of the Milford Youth Center Inc. Milford, MA
Greater Milford Alzheimers Alliance Inc. Milford, MA
Greater Milford Jewish Association Inc. Milford, MA
Greater Milford Symphony Orchestra Inc. Milford, MA
Hyman and Shirley Hill Foundation 4 Milford, MA
Interfilk Inc. Milford, MA
International Institute Foundation in Spain Milford, MA
Kasper Pilibosian Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Milford, MA
Lake Maspenock Preservation Assoc Milford, MA
Liberty Bell Union Milford, MA
Linda P. Marsh Charitable Foundation 12-06-99 4 Milford, MA
Little Feats Movement Education & Fitness Program Inc. (Until June 2005) Milford, MA
Masque Theatre Company Inc. Milford, MA
Memorial Hall Cultural Center Inc. Milford, MA
Milford Assembly of God Inc. Milford, MA
Milford Hebrew Association Milford, MA
Milford Hopedale Youth Soccer Assoc Milford, MA
Milford Methodist Nursery School Milford, MA
Milford Parent Advisory Council on Special Education Milford, MA
Milford Partners for Education Inc. Milford, MA
Milford Regional Healthcare Founation Inc. Milford, MA
Milford Regional Healthcare System Inc. Milford, MA
Milford Regional Medical Center Inc. Milford, MA
Mwrh Management Services Inc. Milford, MA
My One Wish Inc. Milford, MA
North American Membrane Society Inc. Milford, MA
Philadelphia Baptist Church in Milford Milford, MA
Proprietors of Pine Grove Cemetery of Milford 6 Milford, MA
Robert F. Pagnini Memorial Scholarship Fund Milford Hs Ma 4 Milford, MA
Senator Louis P. Bertonazzi Foundation Inc. 4 Milford, MA
Shepherding Our Sisters Ministries (Until December 2007) Milford, MA
Sidney M. & Seena Heller Humanitarian Tr 4 Milford, MA
Tai Chi and Qi Gond Healing Institute Inc. Milford, MA
The Downtown Partnership of Milford Inc. Milford, MA
The Joan H. Brack Charitable Foundation 4 Milford, MA
The Milford National Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Milford, MA
Therapy Services Associates Inc. Milford, MA
Tri Valley Swim Team Milford, MA
True Light Christian Church Milford, MA
Uxbridge Womans Club Scholarship Fund Milford, MA
Waltham Properties Inc. Milford, MA
Womens Center for Wellness Inc. Milford, MA
Christopher House Mill River, MA
Foundry Industry Recycling Starts Today Inc. Mill River, MA
New Marlborough Historical Society Inc. Mill River, MA
Anthony Arthur Foundation Inc. 4 Millbury, MA
Building Trades Training Directors Association of Greater Boston Millbury, MA
Central Massachusetts Lymphedema Education and Resource Network Inc. (Until December 2006) Millbury, MA
Dorothy Pond Watershed Association Millbury, MA
First Baptist Church of Sutton Millbury, MA
Friends of the Asa Waters Mansion Inc. Millbury, MA
Friends of the Millbury Public Library Inc. Millbury, MA
Hosanna Christian Fellowship Millbury, MA
Ladies Auxiliary Millbury Fire Department Corp Millbury, MA
Millbury Federated Church Millbury, MA
Millbury Girls Softball League Millbury, MA
Millbury Historical Society Inc. Millbury, MA
Millbury Improvement Initiative Inc. Millbury, MA
Millbury Music Parents Association Millbury, MA
Nature Arts Organization Inc. Millbury, MA
New England Carpenters Training Fund Millbury, MA
Nipmuc Nation Tribal Council Inc. Millbury, MA
Paid in Full Ministry (Until June 2006) Millbury, MA
Miller Falls Fireman Relief Association Inc. Millers Falls, MA
3 H. O. Foundation Massachusetts Millis, MA
Bethany House Ministries Inc. Millis, MA
Charles River Sinfonietta (Until August 2007) Millis, MA
Concerned Citizens of Millis Millis, MA
Friends of Millis Council on Aging Millis, MA
Global Villaged Engineers Inc. Millis, MA
Jeffry and Susan Hobbs-Steele Family Charitable Foundation 4 Millis, MA
Millis Community Chorale Millis, MA
Millis Educational Resource Initiatives Team Inc. Millis, MA
Millis Fund Inc. Millis, MA
Millis Triad Incorporated Millis, MA
Paradise Pet Shelter Inc. Millis, MA
Woodside Montessori Academy Parent Guild (Until December 2005) Millis, MA
New Marlborough Friends of the Library Inc. Millriver, MA
Blackstone-Millville Education Foundation Inc. Millville, MA
Bmr Hartnett Middle School Pto Inc. Millville, MA
Millville Elementary School Parents Association Inc. (Until July 2007) Millville, MA
Shawn M. Nassaney Memorial Foundation (Until December 2007) Millville, MA
Town of Millville J. G. Fitzgerald Historical Society Inc. Millville, MA
Alturas Foundation Charitable Tr 4 Milton, MA
American Learning Expeditions Inc. Milton, MA
Ancient Egypt Research Asssociates Inc. Milton, MA
Anne Martin Joyce Charitable Trust Mass Reg 022340 4 Milton, MA
Augustus Knight Music Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Milton, MA
Baker Family Foundation Inc. 4 Milton, MA
Blue Hill Observatory Science Center Inc. Milton, MA
Byron Robinson Educational Foundation Inc. 4 Milton, MA
Campbell School (Until June 2006) Milton, MA
Captain Forbes House Museum Milton, MA
Carriage House School Inc. Milton, MA
Cedar Wood Foundation Inc. Milton, MA
Christ Ambassadors Church Milton, MA
Civic Service Educational Foundation Milton, MA
Collicot School P. T. O. Milton, MA
Community Physicians Associates Inc. Milton, MA
Copeland Family Foundation Inc. 4 Milton, MA
Creative Arts for Youth Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Milton, MA
Cunningham Foundation 5 Milton, MA
Curry College Milton, MA
Daniel Orjiako Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Milton, MA
Darryl Williams Foundation Inc. Milton, MA
Delphi Academy of Boston Inc. Milton, MA
Dermatopathology Foundation Milton, MA
Discovery Schoolhouse Inc. Milton, MA
Eritrean Orthodox Tewhado Church of Boston Inc. Milton, MA
Friends of Saint Peter Lithuanian Church (Until December 2008) Milton, MA
Friends of Troop No 5 Inc. Milton, MA
Friends of the Blue Hills Charitable Trust Milton, MA
Friends of the Milton Public Library Milton, MA
Hausman Family Charitable Trust 4 Milton, MA
Housing Opportunities Milton Elderly Inc. Milton, MA
Information Project Inc. (Until December 2006) Milton, MA
Kenneth I. and Valerie W. Guscott Family Foundation Inc. 4 Milton, MA
Leo E. Cook Memorial Fund Milton, MA
Louis T. & Barbara B. Falcone Foundation 4 Milton, MA
Lower Mills Village Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Milton, MA
Lucy Sherman Charitable Foundation 4 Milton, MA
Mary A. Cunningham Trust Milton, MA
Massachusetts Center for Nursing (Until June 2008) Milton, MA
McLaughlin Foundation 4 Milton, MA
Melissa Gosule Foundation Milton, MA
Milton Academy Milton, MA
Milton Animal League Inc. Milton, MA
Milton Foundation for Education Milton, MA
Milton Garden Club Milton, MA
Milton Historical Society Milton, MA
Milton Hospital Development Fund Inc. Milton, MA
Milton Hospital Foundation Inc. Milton, MA
Milton Hospital Inc. Milton, MA
Milton Library Foundation Inc. Milton, MA
Milton Museum Foundation Corp Milton, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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