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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Two Centre Street Restoration Project Inc. Nantucket, MA
US Life Saving Service Heritage Association Inc. Nantucket, MA
A. Place to Turn Inc. Natick, MA
All Dog Rescue Inc. (Until December 2007) Natick, MA
Amazing Things Center for the Artz (Until August 2009) Natick, MA
American Camping Association Inc. New England Section Natick, MA
American Success Institute Inc. Natick, MA
Annie Chase Foundation Natick, MA
Autism Alliance of Metrowest Inc. (Until June 2007) Natick, MA
Bear Island Conservation Association Inc. Natick, MA
Bert H. King Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
Boston Industrial Home Inc. Union Rescue Mission Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Boston Scientific Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Boston Wesleyan Association Natick, MA
Brandon Residential Treatment Center Inc. Natick, MA
Bright Beginnings Childrens Center Inc. Natick, MA
Brockton Gun Buyback Program Inc. Natick, MA
Cape Cod Research Institute Inc. (Until December 2005) Natick, MA
Carpenters Workshop Inc. (Until December 2006) Natick, MA
Celestial Church of Christ Faith Parish Natick, MA
Center for Arts in Natick Natick, MA
Center for Near East Policy Research Inc. 5 Natick, MA
Century Health Systems Inc. (Until December 2005) Natick, MA
Charitable Heart Inc. Natick, MA
Cheryl Chagnon Lymphoma Research Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Natick, MA
Comets Community Youth Center Inc. Natick, MA
Commonwealth Cats (Until December 2008) Natick, MA
Community Resources Information Inc. Natick, MA
Congregation Sar Shalom Natick, MA
Consumer Assistance Office Metro West Inc. Natick, MA
Crossroads Community Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
Douglas A. Thom Clinic Inc. Natick, MA
Eliot Montessori School Inc. Natick, MA
Face Inc. Natick, MA
Fassino Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Florence & Robert Sprague Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Friends of Natick Drama Workshop Inc. Natick, MA
Friends of Natick Senior Center Inc. Natick, MA
Friends of the Morse Institute Library Natick, MA
Gomidas Organ Fund Natick, MA
Grimes Fam Foundation Tr 4 Natick, MA
H. M. S. 5th Regt of Foot Northumberland Inc. Natick, MA
Health Care Providers Inc. Natick, MA
Heart Rhythm Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
Help Nepal Network US Inc. (Until December 2008) Natick, MA
Hortense & Bernard Roberts Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Insight Boston Natick, MA
Israel & Matilda Goldberg Family Foundation 4 Natick, MA
J. M. J. San Damiano Center Inc. Natick, MA
Joseph L. Sweeney Charitable Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Kids Connect Natick, MA
Laboratory Safety Workshop Natick, MA
Lake Cochituate Watershed Association Inc. Natick, MA
Leonard Morse Auxiliary Inc. Natick, MA
Many Voices Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Maria Hayes Home for Aged Persons Inc. 3 Natick, MA
Massachusetts Moderators Association Natick, MA
Massachusetts Organization of Educational Collaboratives Natick, MA
Massachusetts Project With Industry Inc. Natick, MA
Medfield Shelter 2000 Inc. Natick, MA
Mental Health Corporations of Mass Inc. Natick, MA
Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Minuteman Library Network Inc. Natick, MA
Montrose Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
Morse Institute in Natick Natick, MA
Natic Housing Corporation Natick, MA
Natick Basketball Association Corp Natick, MA
Natick Center Associates Incorporated Natick, MA
Natick Comets Hockey Club Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Education Foundation Natick, MA
Natick Extended Day Inc. Natick, MA
Natick High School Boosters Club Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Hockey Alliance Natick, MA
Natick Little League Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Montessori School Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Nursery School Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Pegasus Inc. (Until December 2005) Natick, MA
Natick Service Council Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Soccer Club Inc. Natick, MA
Natick Visiting Nurse Assn Natick, MA
Naticks Open Door Inc. Natick, MA
National Arts & Learning Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
National Council of Young Israel Natick, MA
New England Coalition for Cancer Survivorship Inc. Natick, MA
North American Friends of Chawton House Library Inc. Natick, MA
North Cemetery Association 6 Natick, MA
Operation Outreach-USA Inc. Natick, MA
Parents of Children With Food Allergies Inc. Natick, MA
Pastoral Response Assistance Team Inc. Natick, MA
Peoples Defense Fund Inc. Natick, MA
Perry S. Levy Charitable Tr Natick, MA
Project Stretch Incorporated Natick, MA
Rotary Club Education Fund of Framingham Natick, MA
Save Our Sacrament Natick, MA
Scots Charitable Society Boston Mass Womans Auxiliary Board 4 Natick, MA
Shillman Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Shine A. Light-The Program for Street Childrens Health Natick, MA
Singing Field Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Special Needs Advocacy Network Inc. (Until December 2007) Natick, MA
Sprague Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Boston Natick, MA
The Bible Speaks Natick, MA
The Chabad Center of Natick Inc. Natick, MA
The Johannine Daist Comm Union of Massachusetts Inc. Natick, MA
The Madan@sawhney Memorial Charitable Trust Natick, MA
The Roger and Myrna Landay Charitable Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Turning Leaf Foundation Inc. 4 Natick, MA
Walnut Hill School Natick, MA
Warren Cross Foundation 4 Natick, MA
William F. Ray Foundation 4 Natick, MA
Womens Independence Network Inc. Natick, MA
Youth pro Musica, Inc. Natick, MA
Zoomer Foundation Inc. Natick, MA
Carter Center for Children Inc. Needham Heights, MA
Frederick O. J. Muzi Foundation 4 Needham Heights, MA
Metro West Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous Needham Heights, MA
Paul and Helen Mitchell Scholarship Fund Inc. 4 Needham Hgts, MA
Plourde Fam Char Tr 4 Needham Hgts, MA
The Jason Foundation for Education Needham Hgts, MA
Abraham Shapiro Charity Fund Trust 4 Needham, MA
African Baobab Inc. (Until September 2007) Needham, MA
Als Therapy Alliance Inc. (Until December 2006) Needham, MA
Alumni of the New-Ton Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing Inc. Needham, MA
American Arabic Benevolent Association Inc. Needham, MA
Angel of Hope Inc. (Until December 2006) Needham, MA
Anna and Bw Cosentino Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
Art of Music Chamber Players Inc. Needham, MA
Arthur and Tamara Waltzman Family Foundation 4 Needham, MA
Arts First Inc. Needham, MA
Attention Deficit Information Network Inc. Needham, MA
Azumah Student Assistance Program Inc. (Until December 2008) Needham, MA
Baby Basics Inc. Needham, MA
Barbara Delinsky Chairtable Foundation for Breast Cancer 4 Needham, MA
Bergeron Family Foundations 4 Needham, MA
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham Campus Inc. Needham, MA
Broad Meadow Elementary School Ptc Needham, MA
C. G. Training Center Inc. Needham, MA
California Street Corporation Needham, MA
Camp Ramah of New England Inc. Needham, MA
Carleton Family Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
Carter Memorial Nursery School Inc. Needham, MA
Center for Scientific and Social Studies Inc. Needham, MA
Chabad Lubavitch Jewish Center of Needham Needham, MA
Charles River Association for Retarded Citizens Inc. Needham, MA
Charles River Girls Hockey Inc. Needham, MA
Charlesbank Homes 4 Needham, MA
Crarc Inc. Needham, MA
Daystar Foundation Inc. Needham, MA
Deaconess-Glover Affiliated Physicians Inc. Needham, MA
Deaconess-Glover Hospital Aid Association Inc. Needham, MA
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Together Inc. Needham, MA
Delta Projects Inc. Needham, MA
Dpi Webster Inc. (Until June 2008) Needham, MA
Drucker Family Foundation 4 Needham, MA
Eogeo Ltd. (Until December 2007) Needham, MA
Epilepsy Society of Massachusetts Inc. Needham, MA
First Bridge Preschool Inc. Needham, MA
Friends of Ghana Inc. (Until December 2007) Needham, MA
Friends of Needham Elderly Inc. Needham, MA
Friends of Needham Wrestling Inc. Needham, MA
Friends of Needham Youth Inc. Needham, MA
Friends of the Needham Public Library Inc. Needham, MA
George H. and Irene L. Walker Home for Children Inc. Needham, MA
Goldin Foundation for Excellence in Education 3 Needham, MA
Good Shepherd Christian Fellowship Inc. Needham, MA
Goodtree Gordon Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Needham, MA
Greater Boston Baptist Association Inc. Needham, MA
Greendale Avenue Worship Center Inc. Needham, MA
Gregory Avedikian Educational Fund Inc. Needham, MA
Harman Cain Foundation 4 Needham, MA
Harvard Class of 1954 Association Needham, MA
Harvest Fellowship of Churches Needham, MA
Hillside School Parent Teacher Council Trust Needham, MA
Hindu Heritage Foundation of America Inc. Needham, MA
Holy Order of Sophia Needham, MA
Irwin Chafetz Family Charitable Tr 4 Needham, MA
Janet G. Elliot Trust 4 Needham, MA
Jdr Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
Jeni Fund for Research Prevention & Treatment of Womens Lung Cancer (Until December 2006) Needham, MA
Jewish Family & Life Inc. Needham, MA
John Butler Mulliken Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
John Eliot School Parent Teacher Council (Until August 2005) Needham, MA
John McElaney Trust UW FBO Town of Avon John B. McCann-Ttee 4 Needham, MA
Jordan L. Shapiro Charitable Trust 4 Needham, MA
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery Inc. Needham, MA
Kirby Perkins Aplus Scholorship Fund Needham, MA
Kozak Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
Levy Foundation Inc. 4 Needham, MA
Lieng Hot Education Fund Inc. Needham, MA
Living Care Villages of Massachusetts Inc. Needham, MA
Longwood Opera Inc. Needham, MA
Margie Foundation 4 Needham, MA
Marked Tree Corporation Needham, MA
Marshall Road Inc. (Until June 2007) Needham, MA
Massachusetts Canine Response Team Inc. Needham, MA
Medical Care of Boston Management Corporation Needham, MA
Michael P. Rossi Scholarship Fund 4 Needham, MA
Mitchell School Parent Teacher Council 4 Needham, MA
Musica Sacra Limited Needham, MA
N. Silverstein Charitable Foundation 4 Needham, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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