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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Golden Club (Until December 2005) Northboro, MA
His Way Inn Northboro, MA
Massachusetts Sportsmens Junior Conservation Camp Inc. 4 Northboro, MA
Northboro Baseball Association Inc. Northboro, MA
Northboro Youth Basketball Association Northboro, MA
Northboro Youth Soccer Association Inc. Northboro, MA
Northborough Family and Youth Services Incorporated Northboro, MA
Village Improvement Society of Northboro Northboro, MA
Worcester Regional Science and Engineering Fair Incorporated Northboro, MA
Alhuda Academy Inc. Northborough, MA
Amazing Grace Ministries Northborough, MA
Assabet Valley Councils on Aging Transportation Inc. Northborough, MA
Association of Massachusetts Wetlands Scientists Northborough, MA
Baptist Convention of New England Northborough, MA
Baptist Foundation of New England Inc. Northborough, MA
Boston Piano Amateurs Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Northborough, MA
Central Massachusetts Arts Assembly (Until September 2006) Northborough, MA
Cornerstone Academy Parents and Teachers Group Inc. (Until December 2005) Northborough, MA
Friends of Northborough Senior Center Inc. Northborough, MA
Friends of the Northborough Library Inc. (Until December 2006) Northborough, MA
Futbol Club Puma Inc. (Until June 2007) Northborough, MA
Goodwill Group Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Northborough, MA
Indo-American Solidarity Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Northborough, MA
Kendal C. and Anna Ham Charitable Foundation 4 Northborough, MA
Northboro Youth Hockey Program Inc. Northborough, MA
Northborough Affordable Housing Corporation Northborough, MA
Northborough Art Guild Inc. Northborough, MA
Northborough District Nurse Association Inc. Northborough, MA
Northborough Education Foundation Inc. Northborough, MA
Northborough Food Pantry Northborough, MA
Northborough Historical Society Inc. Northborough, MA
Northborough Southborough Music Association Inc. Northborough, MA
Rice Korean Baptist Church Northborough, MA
Unitarian Universalist Psi Symposium Northborough, MA
Worcester Area Association for the Education of Young Children Inc. Northborough, MA
Northbridge Junior Baseball League Inc. Northbridge, MA
Partners With Christ Northbridge, MA
Bernardston-Northfield Community Television Inc. Northfield, MA
Bible Conference Inc. Northfield Northfield, MA
Botsford Family Historical Association Inc. 3 Northfield, MA
Covenant Fellowship Inc. Northfield, MA
Foundation for Educational Excellence Inc. Northfield, MA
Four Winds School Inc. Northfield, MA
Linden Hill School Northfield, MA
Ncp Inc. Northfield, MA
Northfield Historical Society Inc. 4 Northfield, MA
Northfield Mount Hermon School Northfield, MA
Patriot Siberian Husky Protection League Inc. Northfield, MA
9th Massachusetts Battery Light Artillery Army of the Potomac Inc. Northhampton, MA
Anna and Ida Reiss Memorial Fund Beatrice L. Miles Trustee 4 Northhampton, MA
Chabad-Lubavitch of Northampton Northhampton, MA
Laurel Park Association Northhampton, MA
Smith Child Care Center Inc. Northhampton, MA
Smith College Class of 1953 Northhampton, MA
Area Community Council Inc. Norton, MA
Arthur M. Freeman Charitable Trust 4 Norton, MA
Biblical Literacy Ministeries Norton, MA
Boston Blazers Norton, MA
Daggett-Crandall-Newcomb Home Inc. Norton, MA
Equipping the Saints Inc. (Until December 2006) Norton, MA
Francis Ouimet Scholarship Fund Inc. Norton, MA
Friends of Norton Public Library Norton, MA
Friends of the Norton Senior Center Inc. Norton, MA
Land Preservation Society of Norton Inc. Norton, MA
Massachusetts Golf Association Inc. Norton, MA
Music Revitalization Project Inc. Norton, MA
National Cancer Society for Animals Inc. (Until December 2008) Norton, MA
New England Golf Association Inc. 4 Norton, MA
Nine Lives of Norton Feline Rescue Shelter Inc. Norton, MA
North Cottage Program Inc. Norton, MA
Northeast Rabbit and Cavy Conventions Inc. (Until December 2006) Norton, MA
Northeast Textile Foundation Inc. Norton, MA
Norton Band Parents Club (Until June 2008) Norton, MA
Norton Cable Access Inc. 3 Norton, MA
Norton Community Theatre Inc. Norton, MA
Norton Competition Majorettes Parents- Ncmp - Norton, MA
Norton Emergency Management Organization Inc. (Until December 2006) Norton, MA
Norton Gridiron Club Inc. Norton, MA
Norton Historical Society Inc. Norton, MA
Norton Public Library Norton, MA
Pinecroft School Inc. Norton, MA
Portuguese Cape Verdean Christian Association Inc. Norton, MA
Professor Laurence S. Dickinson Memorial Trust Norton, MA
Wheaton College Norton, MA
Winslow Farm Animal Awareness Corp Norton, MA
Allen I. Kirchick Cancer Foundation Award (Until December 2005) Norwell, MA
Amr Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
Angel Foundation of Norwell Tr (Until December 2008) Norwell, MA
Bob Sullivan Memorial Foundation Inc. Norwell, MA
Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc. (Until December 2008) Norwell, MA
Chrystine M. Sullivan Memorial Fund Inc. Norwell, MA
Colonial Hills Baptist Church Norwell, MA
Company Theatre Inc. Norwell, MA
De La Chapelle Charitable Foundation Trust 4 Norwell, MA
Ernest H. & Helen D. Bailey Memorial Tr Norwell, MA
Evan Henry Foundation for Autism (Until December 2006) Norwell, MA
Fire Escape Ministries Inc. Norwell, MA
First Parish Cemetery Association of Norwell 6 Norwell, MA
Foundation for Healthy Family Development Norwell, MA
Friends of the Norwell Public Library Wm J. Leonard Memorial Libr Norwell, MA
Friends of the Norwell Visiting Nurse Association Inc. Norwell, MA
Friendship Home Inc. Norwell, MA
George P. Sargent Educational Trust Fund 4 Norwell, MA
George S. Troupe Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
Handshouse Studio Inc. 3 Norwell, MA
Harvest Baptist Church Norwell, MA
Henry and Joan Barry Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
James Daniel Edward Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Fund Inc. Norwell, MA
Jay Corcoran Memorial Scholarship Foundation Norwell, MA
Kates Foundation Inc. 4 Norwell, MA
Massachusetts Low-Income Taxpayers Clinic Inc. Norwell, MA
Massachusetts Natural Rights Association Inc. (Until December 2006) Norwell, MA
Mfs Charitable Foundations Inc. 4 Norwell, MA
North River Theater Inc. Norwell, MA
North and South Rivers Watershed Association Inc. Norwell, MA
Norwell Antique Fire Truck Association Inc. Norwell, MA
Norwell Education Foundation Norwell, MA
Norwell Historical Society Inc. Norwell, MA
Norwell Mens Club Inc. Norwell, MA
Norwell Visiting Nurse Assoc Inc. Norwell, MA
Perception Sailing Inc. (Until December 2007) Norwell, MA
Sachs Foundation Inc. 4 Norwell, MA
South Shore Charter Educational Foundation Inc. (Until June 2008) Norwell, MA
South Shore Medical Center Norwell, MA
South Shore Natural Science Center Inc. Norwell, MA
South Shore Seahawks Inc. Norwell, MA
The A. Scott Mackinlay Charitable Trust Norwell, MA
The Branscomb Family Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
The Owens Family Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
The Ray and Karyn Hendrickson Foundation 4 Norwell, MA
White Foundation Inc. 4 Norwell, MA
William G. Vinal School Pto (Until August 2007) Norwell, MA
Womens Club of Norwell Inc. Norwell, MA
A. Red Thread Adoption Services Inc. Norwood, MA
Adopt A. Grandparent Adopta Un Abuelito Inc. (Until December 2006) Norwood, MA
American Anglican Council Diocese of Massachusetts Inc. Norwood, MA
American Family Thrift Stores Norwood, MA
Augustine Fellowship Norwood, MA
Backstage Boosters Inc. Norwood, MA
Bighelp for Education (Until December 2007) Norwood, MA
Boston Amateur Basketball Club III Ltd. (Until December 2007) Norwood, MA
Boston Benefits Foundation (Until June 2006) Norwood, MA
Canton Chiefs Baseball Club Inc. (Until August 2009) Norwood, MA
Caritas Home Care Inc. Norwood, MA
Charles L. and Katherine G@donahue Educational Scholarship Trust 4 Norwood, MA
Childrens Animated Television Inc. Norwood, MA
Circle of Hope Foundation Norwood, MA
Colonial Boys of Norwood Inc. Norwood, MA
Disciples of Christian Hope Inc. Norwood, MA
Endowment for Children in Crises Inc. Norwood, MA
Evergreen Foundation Inc. 4 Norwood, MA
Exploration School Inc. Norwood, MA
Friends of St. Nick Foundation Inc. Norwood, MA
Friends of the Morrill Memorial Library Inc. Norwood, MA
Friends of the Norwood Council on Aging (Until December 2005) Norwood, MA
Furumoto Research Foundation 4 Norwood, MA
Gaylab Norwood, MA
Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation 4 Norwood, MA
Goldberg Foundation 4 Norwood, MA
Good Omen Inc. Norwood, MA
Greater Springfield Residences Inc. Norwood, MA
Health and Human Services Inc. Norwood, MA
Hospice Federation of Massachusetts Incorporated Norwood, MA
Howland Family Foundation 4 Norwood, MA
Infusion Nurses Certification Corporation Norwood, MA
Infusion Nurses Society Inc. Norwood, MA
International Careers Consortium Inc. Norwood, MA
Iuoe Local 877 Scholarship Fund Norwood, MA
Jain Center of Greater Boston Norwood, MA
James and Alice McGonagle Charitable Fund 4 Norwood, MA
Joe Lewis Jefferson Foundation Inc. 4 Norwood, MA
John Jay Reen Memorial Fund Norwood, MA
Joyful Voices of Inspiration Inc. Norwood, MA
Knights of Columbus Massachusetts State Council Charity Fund Norwood, MA
Kundu Foundation Inc. 4 Norwood, MA
Living Waters Christian Church Norwood, MA
Massachusetts State Council Knights of Columbus Charitable Foundation Norwood, MA
May Foundation Inc. Norwood, MA
May Institute Inc. Norwood, MA
May Professional Associates Inc. Norwood, MA
May-West Roxbury Residences Inc. Norwood, MA
Nami South Norfolk County Ma Inc. Norwood, MA
Neponset Valley Hospice Inc. Norwood, MA
Neponset Valley Humane Society Inc. Norwood, MA
New England Patients Rights Group Inc. Norwood, MA
Norfolk-Bristol Homemaker Services Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Basketball Association Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Community Television Corporation Norwood, MA
Norwood Cooperative Nursery School Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Historical Society Norwood, MA
Norwood Junior High School Sunshine Fund Norwood, MA
Norwood Meals on Wheels Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Nuggets Skating Club Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Parents Music Association Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Public Access Television Inc. (Until December 2008) Norwood, MA
Norwood Skate Park Committee Inc. Norwood, MA
Norwood Youth Lacrosse (Until September 2008) Norwood, MA
Nvhs Coverage Associates Inc. Norwood, MA
Nvhs Mgmt Svcs Inc. Norwood, MA
Pars Mass Media Inc. Norwood, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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