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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Massachusetts General Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association Inc. Princeton, MA
Massachusetts Yoga Network Inc. Princeton, MA
Princeton Arts Society Inc. Princeton, MA
Princeton Land Tr Princeton, MA
Trustees of the Goodnow Memorial Building Princeton, MA
Wachusetts House Corp Princeton, MA
Provincetown Art Association and Museum Inc. Provicetown, MA
Provincetown Community Compact Inc. Provinceton, MA
Campus Provincetown Inc. (Until December 2006) Provincetown, MA
Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association of Provincetown Provincetown, MA
Carrie A. Seaman Animal Shelter Inc. Provincetown, MA
Center for Coastal Studies Inc. Provincetown, MA
Conn Artist Perfomance Event Inc. Provincetown, MA
Dog B. O. N. E. S. Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts (Until December 2006) Provincetown, MA
Fine Arts Work Center in Provincet Own Inc. Provincetown, MA
Fowler-Bombardier Fam Charitable Tr 4 Provincetown, MA
Friends of the Provincetown Council on Aging Inc. Provincetown, MA
Helping Our Women Inc. Provincetown, MA
Kings Colony Church Inc. Provincetown, MA
Lighthouse- A. Beacon of Hope Incorporated Provincetown, MA
Lower Cape Ambulance Assoc Provincetown, MA
Lower Cape Communications Inc. Provincetown, MA
Meeting House Restoration Committe Inc. Provincetown, MA
Narrowland Arts Inc. Provincetown, MA
Outer Cape Chorale Inc. (Until December 2006) Provincetown, MA
Peaked Hill Trust Inc. Provincetown, MA
Pilgrims First Landing Park Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown A. I. D. S. Support Group Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Academy of the Performing Arts & Museum Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Arts Press Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Children of Divine Light & Truth Foundation Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Conservation Trust Provincetown, MA
Provincetown International Film Festival Inc. (Until June 2006) Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Names Project Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Playhouse on the Wharf Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Repertory Theatre Inc. Provincetown, MA
Provincetown Theatre Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Provincetown, MA
Provincetown-Truro Mediation Service Provincetown, MA
Seamens Longpoint Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Provincetown, MA
Soup Kitchen in Provincetown Inc. Provincetown, MA
Supporters of the Provincetown Public Library Inc. Provincetown, MA
A. Gladys Copeland Foundation Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Al-Noor Academy Inc. Quincy, MA
Alliance Health of Quincy Inc. Quincy, MA
Alumni Association of the Universit of Massachusetts at Boston Inc. Quincy, MA
American Conference of Cantors Inc. Quincy, MA
Apostolic Witness Station Church of the Pa of W. Inc. Quincy, MA
Bay State Community Services Inc. Quincy, MA
Beechwood Community Life Center Quincy, MA
Benefit Committee for the Blind Inc. (Until June 2008) Quincy, MA
Beta Upsilon Scholarship Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Board of Supervisors UW of Ebenezer Woodward Inc. Quincy, MA
Byiung Jun and Chunghi Park Family Private Foundation Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Cambodian Buddhist Association of New England Inc. Quincy, MA
Care International Inc. Quincy, MA
Career Counseling for Chinese Corp (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Ce-Ce and Friends Humane Society Quincy, MA
Cerebral Palsy of Massachusetts Inc. Quincy, MA
Chinese Baptist Church of Greater Boston Inc. Quincy, MA
Chinese Culture Development and Promotion Council Inc. Quincy, MA
Christadelphian Church Quincy, MA
City of Presidents Fund Inc. Quincy, MA
Clan Sutherland Foundation Ltd. Quincy, MA
College Courses Inc. Quincy, MA
Congregation Beth Israel of Quincy Quincy, MA
Cradles to Crayons Inc. (Until December 2006) Quincy, MA
Deaf Community Enterprises Inc. Quincy, MA
Delco Associates Limited Quincy, MA
Diane Purdys Childrens Theatre Workshop Quincy, MA
Dove Inc. Quincy, MA
Dr Israel & Edith Putnam Edelstein Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
Elder Housing Corporation Inc. Quincy, MA
Emess Charitable Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
Emh Recovery Inc. (Until June 2008) Quincy, MA
Exbomarian Educational Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Fore River Watershed Association Quincy, MA
Foundation for Modern Architecture Inc. Quincy, MA
Foundation for the Advancement of Non Profit Nutrition Inc. Quincy, MA
Friends of Souther Tide Mill Inc. Quincy, MA
Friends of the South Shore Halfway House Inc. Quincy, MA
Friends of the Unborn Incorporated Quincy, MA
George & Faye R. Levine Charitable Trust 4 Quincy, MA
Greycroft Club Inc. Quincy, MA
Grossman Family Trust 4 Quincy, MA
Health Access Collaborative of Southeast Massachusettes Inc. (Until September 2006) Quincy, MA
Helping Hands Essentials Pantry (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Heritage School Inc. Quincy, MA
Interfaith Housing Partners Inc. (Until June 2007) Quincy, MA
Interfaith Social Services Inc. Quincy, MA
International Ozone Association Inc. Quincy, MA
Islamic Council of New England Quincy, MA
John Grossman Trust 4 Quincy, MA
Kenneth & Rachel Levine Charitable Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
Kids Voting Massachusetts Inc. Quincy, MA
Koster Insurance Scholarship Fund Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Kwan-S. Temple Inc. Quincy, MA
Ledger Lend A. Hand Foundation Quincy, MA
Levine Family Charitable Trust 4 Quincy, MA
Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Lien Doan Bach Dang Association (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Light of Christ Ministries Inc. Quincy, MA
Lithuanian Childrens Relief Inc. Quincy, MA
Local 2222 Ibew Benevolent Fund Tr Quincy, MA
Marion G. Fitzgerald Charitable Tr 4 Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Ace of Clubs Inc. Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Association of Assessing Officers Inc. Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Auxiliary Police Association Inc. Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Budhi Siksa Society Inc. Quincy, MA
Massachusetts C. F. I. D. S. Association Inc. Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association 4 Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Court Appointed Special Advocates Inc. (Until March 2007) Quincy, MA
Massachusetts Juniors Volleyball Association Inc. Quincy, MA
Matthew J. McDonough Scholarship Fund Quincy, MA
Milton Student Activities Inc. (Until December 2007) Quincy, MA
Mini-Fenway Park Inc. Quincy, MA
Montessori School of Quincy Inc. Quincy, MA
National Association of State Controlled Substances Authorities Quincy, MA
National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications Inc. Quincy, MA
National Fire Protection Association Quincy, MA
National Fire Protection Research Foundation Quincy, MA
Ncpi Inc. Quincy, MA
Neighborhood Housing Services of the South Shore Inc. Quincy, MA
Nellie Mae Education Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
New England Great Books Council Inc. Quincy, MA
New England Regional Service Committee of Narcotics Anonymous (Until July 2007) Quincy, MA
Newton Country Players Inc. (Until June 2005) Quincy, MA
Nish Boyajian Memorial Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
Nmi Education Loan Corporation Quincy, MA
North East Roofing Educational Foundation Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
One Thousand Southern Artery Senior Citizens Center Inc. Quincy, MA
Open Door Inc. Quincy, MA
Patriot Ledger Newspaper in Education Foundation Quincy, MA
Perfect Enlightenment Buddhist Association of Mass Inc. Quincy, MA
Quill Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy 2000 Corporation Quincy, MA
Quincy Animal Shelter Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Art Association Quincy, MA
Quincy Asian Resources Inc. (Until June 2006) Quincy, MA
Quincy Babe Ruth World Series 2003 Inc. (Until September 2005) Quincy, MA
Quincy City Health Care Co Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy City Hospital Quincy, MA
Quincy College Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Community Action Programs Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy High School Hockey Hall of Fame Inc. (Until April 2006) Quincy, MA
Quincy Historical Society Quincy, MA
Quincy Hospital Auxiliary Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Interfaith Sheltering Coalition Quincy, MA
Quincy Jewish Committee Quincy, MA
Quincy Lions Charities Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Medical Center Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Medical Center Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Police Athletic League Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy South Shore Cultural Commision Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Telecommunications Corporation Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Youth Arena Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Youth Baseball League Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Quincy Youth Hockey Association Inc. Quincy, MA
Quincy Youth Soccer League Quincy, MA
Quincy-School Community Partnership Inc. Quincy, MA
Reintegration Education Adult Program Inc. 4 Quincy, MA
Reuben A. and Lizzie Grossman Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
Sean McDonough Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) Quincy, MA
Seaside Advocacy Group Inc. Quincy, MA
Sicilian Association of Greater Boston Inc. Quincy, MA
South Coastal Private Industry Council Incorporated Quincy, MA
South Shore & Neponset Valley Community Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
South Shore Chamber of Commerce Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
South Shore Mental Health Center Inc. Quincy, MA
South Shore Recovery Home Inc. Quincy, MA
South Shore Sober House Inc. Quincy, MA
South Shore Young Mens Christian Association Quincy, MA
St. Anns Boy Scout Troop 20 (Until August 2007) Quincy, MA
The South Shore Regional Education Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
The Woodward School for Girls Foundation Inc. Quincy, MA
Thomas S. Gunning Scholarship Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
Tian Ann Jih Der Sheng Daw Yuann Temple Quincy, MA
Trinitas Foundation 4 Quincy, MA
United First Parish Church Unitarian in Quincy Mass Quincy, MA
United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum Corporation Quincy, MA
Viethope Inc. (Until August 2007) Quincy, MA
Vrindavana Preservation Society Inc. Quincy, MA
W. L. C. Housing Inc. Quincy, MA
W. L. C. Management Company Inc. Quincy, MA
William B. Rice Eventide Home Quincy, MA
Wollaston Lutheran Church Quincy, MA
Wollaston Lutheran Church Apartments Inc. Quincy, MA
Wollaston Lutheran Housing Inc. (Until December 2008) Quincy, MA
Action Against Poverty International Inc. Randolph, MA
Adopt A. Family Fund (Until December 2007) Randolph, MA
Amjch Inc. Randolph, MA
Asian-American National Committee Inc. Randolph, MA
Austrian Cemetery Association 6 Randolph, MA
Ben-Emmanuel Ambassadors of the Messaiah Church Randolph, MA
Boston Higashi School Inc. Randolph, MA
C. B. M. Chaitanya Beneficent Mission Inc. Randolph, MA
Central Cemetery Association of Randolph 6 Randolph, MA
Christadelphian Ecclesia Randolph, MA
Church of Christ Randolph, MA
Cofex Inc. Randolph, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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