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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Jewish Memorial Hospital Foundation Roxbury, MA
Jewish Memorial Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Roxbury, MA
Judge Richard L. Banks Community Justice Program (Until June 2008) Roxbury, MA
La Alianza Hispana Inc. Roxbury, MA
Life Changing Evangelistic Ministries Inc. Roxbury, MA
Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church Roxbury, MA
Lower Roxbury Community Corporation Roxbury, MA
Madison Park Community School Council Inc. Roxbury, MA
Madison Park Development Corporat Ion Roxbury, MA
Madison Park Economic Development Corporation Roxbury, MA
Madison Park Housing Corporation Roxbury, MA
Marcheta H. Taylor Life Enrichment Center Inc. Roxbury, MA
Marcus Garvey Garden United Community Inc. Roxbury, MA
Masjid An-Nur and Madina Islamic School Roxbury, MA
Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity Metco Inc. Roxbury, MA
Mission Hill Main Streets Roxbury, MA
Mission Main Tenants Task Force Incorporated Roxbury, MA
Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church Inc. Roxbury, MA
Nami Nubian Inc. (Until June 2007) Roxbury, MA
Neighborhood Involvement for Childrens Education Inc. 5 Roxbury, MA
New Community School of Roxbury Inc. Roxbury, MA
New Faith Missonary Baptist Church Roxbury, MA
New Life Resurrection Baptist Church Roxbury, MA
Nuestra Comunidad Development Corp Roxbury, MA
Nuestra Development Fund Inc. Roxbury, MA
Nueva Vida Inc. Roxbury, MA
Oficina Hispana De La Comunidad Roxbury, MA
Orchard Park Tenants Association Roxbury, MA
Our Place Theatre Project Inc. Roxbury, MA
Paige Company Inc. Roxbury, MA
Parcel 18 Developers Inc. Roxbury, MA
Prince Hall Foundation (Until June 2007) Roxbury, MA
Project R. I. G. H. T. Inc. Roxbury, MA
Pyramid Builder Associates Inc. (Until June 2006) Roxbury, MA
Refuge Church of Christ Inc. Roxbury, MA
Refuge Temple Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic Inc. Roxbury, MA
Resthaven Corporation Roxbury, MA
Rosa Parks Day Care Center Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Action Program Inc. Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Comprehensive Community Health Center Inc. Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Court Clinic Corporation Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Development Corporation (Until December 2005) Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Prepartory Charter School Foundation Inc. (Until June 2006) Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Presbyterian Church Social Impact Center Ind Roxbury, MA
Roxbury South End Tenants Association Inc. Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Tr Fund Committee Tr (Until December 2008) Roxbury, MA
Roxbury Youthworks Inc. Roxbury, MA
S. A. M. H. Corporation Roxbury, MA
S. M. I. L. E. Pre-School Inc. Roxbury, MA
Sermon on the Mountain Baptist Church Roxbury, MA
Shelburne Community School Council Incorporated Roxbury, MA
Shirley-Eustis House Association Roxbury, MA
Showdown Youth Development Organization Inc. Roxbury, MA
Sociedad Latina Inc. Roxbury, MA
Society for Islamic Brotherhood Inc. Roxbury, MA
Sojourner House Inc. Roxbury, MA
St. James Educational Center Inc. Roxbury, MA
Sudanese American Integration and Development Center (Until December 2006) Roxbury, MA
Swifty Auto Mall Inc. Roxbury, MA
Tabernacle of Prayer Apostolic Inc. Roxbury, MA
Talent Force Connection Inc. Roxbury, MA
Tecschange Inc. Roxbury, MA
Terrace Arts Project (Until December 2006) Roxbury, MA
The Outdoor Gathering Inc. Roxbury, MA
United Neighbors of Lower Roxbury Inc. Roxbury, MA
Urban Edge Housing Corp Roxbury, MA
Veterans Benefits Clearing House Inc. Roxbury, MA
Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse Development Corporation Roxbury, MA
Veterans Benefits Clearinghouse Mortgage Corporation Roxbury, MA
Vine Street Community Center Council Inc. Roxbury, MA
W. A. I. T. T. House Inc. Roxbury, MA
Warren Gardens Resident Association Inc. Roxbury, MA
Whittier Street Health Center Committere Inc. Roxbury, MA
Worker Education Program Inc. Roxbury, MA
Yellowjackets Youth Organization A. Non-Profit Corporation (Until December 2008) Roxbury, MA
Youth Advocacy Foundation Inc. Roxbury, MA
Youthbuild Boston Inc. Roxbury, MA
Friends of the Phinhas S. Newton Library Royalston, MA
Institute for Community Building Inc. (Until December 2006) Royalston, MA
Millers River Educational Cooperative Inc. Royalston, MA
Royalston Academy Inc. Royalston, MA
Royalston Fire and Ems Association (Until December 2006) Royalston, MA
Civil War Round Table of Central Massachusetts Inc. Rutland, MA
Co of Military Historians Treasurers Office Rutland, MA
Fellowship of the Way of the Cross Inc. Rutland, MA
Rural Cemetery of Rutland Inc. 6 Rutland, MA
Rutland Boys League Inc. Rutland, MA
Sarah H. Williams Treasure Hunt Farm Foundation 3 Rutland, MA
Sweetpea Friends of Rutland Animals Rutland, MA
International Catholic Deaf Association Inc. National Headquart S. Attlebord, MA
Abbie Frances Lawton Memorial Home 4 S. Attleboro, MA
Assembly of God Church of Attleboro and Vicinity Inc. S. Attleboro, MA
Chip in for Charity Inc. S. Attleboro, MA
Liblines Inc. (Until June 2006) S. Attleboro, MA
Newell Burying Ground Association Inc. 6 S. Attleboro, MA
Quabbin Football League Youth S. Barre, MA
Friends of the South Boston Branch Library S. Boston, MA
Iron Workers Local 7 Joint Apprentice Committee Educational F. S. Boston, MA
James F. Condon Community School Council Inc. S. Boston, MA
Marr Charitable Foundation 4 S. Boston, MA
Mary Ellen McCormack Taskforce Inc. S. Boston, MA
Mt. Washington Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 S. Boston, MA
Phillips Church in South Boston S. Boston, MA
South Boston Action Council Inc. S. Boston, MA
South Boston Columbus Park Youth Sports Collaborative Inc. S. Boston, MA
South Boston Historical Society Inc. S. Boston, MA
South Boston Sports Hall of Fame Trust Fund S. Boston, MA
South Boston Youth Soccer League Inc. S. Boston, MA
West Broadway Task Force Inc. S. Boston, MA
Yankee Scholarship Foundation Inc. S. Boston, MA
First Light Church of Cape Cod S. Chatham, MA
Westman-Zoino Scholarship Trust 4 S. Chatham, MA
Azorean Maritime Heritage Society (Until December 2007) S. Dartmouth, MA
Burgo Basketball Association S. Dartmouth, MA
Chuck Michaud Memorial Fund (Until December 2005) S. Dartmouth, MA
Dartmouth Friends of Th Elderly Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust S. Dartmouth, MA
Dartmouth School Music Association Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Dartmouth Youth Activities Association Incorporated S. Dartmouth, MA
Early American Industries Association Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Grant Assisitance Service Organization Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Islamic Scociety of Southeastern Massachusetts S. Dartmouth, MA
Katherine Nordell Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Smith Neck Friends Meeting of Dartmouth Monthly Meeting S. Dartmouth, MA
South Dartmouth Cemetery Association 6 S. Dartmouth, MA
Spero Foundation Inc. 4 S. Dartmouth, MA
Westerly Associates Inc. S. Dartmouth, MA
Friends of Tilton Library Inc. S. Deerfield, MA
Pocumtuck Stewarts of the Land Inc. 4 S. Deerfield, MA
South Deerfield Cemetery Association 6 S. Deerfield, MA
Tilton Fund Inc. S. Deerfield, MA
Tripp Memorial Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) S. Deerfield, MA
Zoller Family Foundation Inc. 4 S. Deerfield, MA
Chamberlain Foundation 4 S. Dennis, MA
Dennis Historical Society S. Dennis, MA
Elder Services of Cape Cod S. Dennis, MA
Friends of Dennis Senior Citizens Inc. S. Dennis, MA
Friends of the Visiting Nurse Assoc of Outer Cape Cod S. Dennis, MA
Old South Dennis Village Association Inc. S. Dennis, MA
Chapel of New Hope Inc. S. Easton, MA
Goddard Health Services Inc. 4 S. Easton, MA
Goddard Restorative Care Unit Inc. 4 S. Easton, MA
Mayflower Parents Association Inc. S. Easton, MA
Northeast Chapter American Horticultural Therapy Assn Inc. S. Easton, MA
Special Needs Parents Advisory Council of Easton Space Inc. S. Easton, MA
Animal D. R. E. A. M. S. Inc. (Until December 2008) S. Egremont, MA
Berkshire Bach Society S. Egremont, MA
Berkshire Village Inc. S. Egremont, MA
Egremont Land Trust Inc. S. Egremont, MA
Jack McWilliams Memorial Fund Inc. S. Egremont, MA
Daniel A. Larson Foundation Inc. S. Hadley, MA
Loomis Housing Corporation S. Hadley, MA
Musicorda Inc. S. Hadley, MA
Willits Hallowell Center Inc. S. Hadley, MA
Acord Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Arise Youth Ministries (Until August 2005) S. Hamilton, MA
Christopher Cutler Rich Memorial Tr 4 S. Hamilton, MA
Community Service of Hamilton & Wenham Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Family Network Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Foundation for Alcohol Education S. Hamilton, MA
Friends of the Winthrop School S. Hamilton, MA
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Hamilton-Wenham Open Land Tr S. Hamilton, MA
Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District Education Fund Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Hamilton-Wenham Youth Basketball League Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Josh Quince Foundation (Until June 2005) S. Hamilton, MA
Labrador Retriever Rescue Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Lobster Cove Foundation Tr 4 S. Hamilton, MA
New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue Inc. (Until December 2006) S. Hamilton, MA
New Europe Vision Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Sanders Christian Foundation Inc. 4 S. Hamilton, MA
Schools Out Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Seamens Widow and Orphan Association of Salem 4 S. Hamilton, MA
Waring School Ecole Bilenque De Beverly Inc. S. Hamilton, MA
Pokomam Ministries Incorporated S. Harwich, MA
E. L. Longway Foundation Inc. S. Lancaster, MA
John Henry Weidner Center for the Cultivation of Altruistic Fnd Inc. S. Lancaster, MA
Trivium School S. Lancaster, MA
Ctsb Corp S. Lee, MA
Joran Tr S. Lincoln, MA
Bacon Free Library S. Natick, MA
Donovan Family Foundation 4 S. Natick, MA
Historical Natural History and Library Society of South Natick Ma S. Natick, MA
Natick Community Organic Farm Inc. S. Natick, MA
Smith College Club of Cape Cod S. Orleans, MA
Gestalt International Study Center Ltd. S. Wellfleet, MA
South Shore Health and Educational Corp S. Weymonth, MA
Coastal Medical Associates Inc. S. Weymouth, MA
David C. Wood Scholarship Trust S. Weymouth, MA
Fine Arts Chorale Inc. S. Weymouth, MA
Internal Revenue Services Cpas Association S. Weymouth, MA
Joy in Jesus S. Weymouth, MA
Lakeview Cemetery Corp 6 S. Weymouth, MA
Law of One Research Corp 4 S. Weymouth, MA
Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains Inc. S. Weymouth, MA
Massachusetts Temperance League Inc. S. Weymouth, MA
Matthew Nagle Spinal Injury Foundation Inc. (Until December 2006) S. Weymouth, MA
Mount Hope Cemetery Association of South Weymouth 6 S. Weymouth, MA
Paul D. Scannell Memorial Foundation S. Weymouth, MA
Rainbow Camp of Massachusetts Inc. E. Carol K. Milne President S. Weymouth, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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