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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Community Alternative Residential Environments Inc. Somerville, MA
Community Technology Development Inc. Somerville, MA
Computer Leadership Organization of the Northeast Inc. Somerville, MA
Convivium Musicum Somerville, MA
Cores Inc. Somerville, MA
Cornerstone Church Somerville, MA
Council for Children Inc. Somerville, MA
Dare Family Services Inc. Somerville, MA
Drikung Meditation Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Eagle Eye Institute Inc. Somerville, MA
Earthworm Inc. Somerville, MA
Economic Human Rights Project (Until September 2005) Somerville, MA
Egoart Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Elizabeth Peabody House Association Somerville, MA
Encore Theater Company (Until June 2007) Somerville, MA
Environmental Design Group Inc. Somerville, MA
Envision Leadership Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Equiforum Inc. Somerville, MA
Evangelical Covenant Church Somerville, MA
Family Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Family-To-Family Project Inc. Somerville, MA
Farm Aid Inc. Somerville, MA
Freedom Channel Inc. Somerville, MA
Friends of Hoyt Sullivan Somerville, MA
Friends of Scale Inc. (Until June 2006) Somerville, MA
Greengoat (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Grey 2K. USA Education Fund (Until December 2005) Somerville, MA
Groundwork Somerville Inc. Somerville, MA
Grub Street Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
H. H. Shri Bala Shiva Universal Peace Institute Inc. Somerville, MA
Habitat Foundation 4 Somerville, MA
Haitian Bible Baptist Church Somerville, MA
Havurat Shalom Community Seminary Somerville, MA
Hearing Rehabilitation Foundation Inc. Somerville, MA
Homefirst Charitable Corporation Somerville, MA
Igreja Presbiteriana De Boston Somerville, MA
Images & Education Inc. Somerville, MA
Integral Learning Inc. (Until December 2005) Somerville, MA
International Association for the Study of Popular Music Inc. Somerville, MA
International Science Foundation of Cambridge Somerville, MA
Iona Cornerstone Foundation Incorporated Somerville, MA
Island Center for the Arts Inc. Somerville, MA
Jitegemee Somerville, MA
Kaleidoscope Youth Arts Inc. Somerville, MA
Khandarohi Buddhist Center Somerville, MA
Klezmer Conservatory Foundation Inc. Somerville, MA
Lavana Productions Somerville, MA
League for the Advancement of New England Story Telling Inc. Somerville, MA
Lightbourne Performing Arts Inc. Somerville, MA
Mahanaim Haitian Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Somerville, MA
Massachusetts Foundation for Scientific Advancement (Until December 2005) Somerville, MA
Massachusetts Institute of Tech Somerville, MA
Massachusetts School Psychologists Association Inc. Somerville, MA
Mental Patients Liberation Front Inc. Somerville, MA
Middlesex Partnerships for Youth Inc. Somerville, MA
Mudflat Pottery School Inc. Somerville, MA
Mudville Inc. Somerville, MA
Multicultural Education Training and Advocacy Meta Project Inc. Somerville, MA
Mystic Charles Continucare Inc. Somerville, MA
Mystic Learning Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Mystic View Task Force Inc. (Until December 2007) Somerville, MA
Narcotics Anonymous New England Regional Convention Inc. Somerville, MA
Navarfa Theater (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Nepalese Childrens Education Fund Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
New England Friends of Croatia Somerville, MA
Nicola Hawkins Dance Company Inc. Somerville, MA
Night Train Publications Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Northeast Educational Services Inc. 4 Somerville, MA
Nurses Environmental Health Watch Inc. Somerville, MA
Open Center for Children Inc. Somerville, MA
Openair Theater Inc. Somerville, MA
Openculture Foundation Inc. (Until July 2005) Somerville, MA
Peabody House Theatre Inc. Somerville, MA
Peace at Home Inc. Somerville, MA
Pfactory Inc. (Until December 2008) Somerville, MA
Political Research Associates Somerville, MA
Public Accountability Initiative Inc. (Until March 2009) Somerville, MA
Reach Out and Read Inc. Somerville, MA
Resist Inc. Somerville, MA
Resolve Incorporated Somerville, MA
Respond Inc. Somerville, MA
Richdale Inc. (Until June 2005) Somerville, MA
Right Turn Biz Inc. (Until December 2007) Somerville, MA
Road to Cavalry Prayer Group Inc. Somerville, MA
Sangha Tibet Resource Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Scm Community Transportation Inc. Somerville, MA
Snappy Productions Inc. Somerville, MA
Societa Santa Maria Dianzano Inc. Somerville, MA
Society for Historically Informed Performance Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Charter School Foundation 4 Somerville, MA
Somerville Childrens Network Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Somerville Committee for A. Response to Aids Somerville, MA
Somerville Community Access Television Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Community Corporation Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Environmental & Recycling Volunteers Somerville, MA
Somerville Haitian Coalition Incorporated Somerville, MA
Somerville Home Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Homeless Coalition Incorporated Somerville, MA
Somerville Mental Health Association Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Pride Girls Basket Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
Somerville Rotary Educational Fund Inc. 4 Somerville, MA
Somerville Teachers Club Scholarship Fund Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville Youth Hockey Association Inc. Somerville, MA
Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services Incorporated Somerville, MA
Sports for Development Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Somerville, MA
Studebaker Movement Theater Company Inc. Somerville, MA
Summer Beit Midrash Inc. Somerville, MA
Tabernacle of the Pentecostals Inc. Somerville, MA
The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston Inc. Somerville, MA
The Massachusetts Human Resource Fund Inc. Somerville, MA
The Nelson Institute Inc. (Until December 2006) Somerville, MA
The Unidos Parents Organization Inc. (Until July 2008) Somerville, MA
Theatre Community Benevolent Fund Inc. Somerville, MA
Three Apples Storytelling Festival Inc. Somerville, MA
Tibetan Buddhist Cultural Society Somerville, MA
Trustees of Tufts College Somerville, MA
Turtle Studios Corporation Somerville, MA
Visiting Nurse Assn of Eastern Mass Somerville, MA
Visiting Nurse Foundation Inc. Somerville, MA
Vocal Band Aid (Until December 2008) Somerville, MA
Walnut Street Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Washington Street Art Center Inc. Somerville, MA
Welcome Project Inc. Somerville, MA
Wisdom Publication Inc. Somerville, MA
Womens Christian Outreach Somerville, MA
Womens Mental Health Collective Inc. Somerville, MA
Womens Supported Housing and Empowerment Inc. Somerville, MA
Won-Buddhisim of Boston Somerville, MA
World Media Foundation Inc. Somerville, MA
Young Audiences of Massachusetts Inc. Somerville, MA
Young Mens Christian Association Somerville Somerville, MA
John T. Forcellese Memorial Fund Sommerville, MA
Newbury Film Series (Until December 2007) Sommerville, MA
Sports Shuttle Inc. Sommerville, MA
World Connection Inc. Sommerville, MA
Soutnbridge Interfaith Hospitality Network Inc. (Until May 2005) Soputhbridge, MA
Stripers Unlimited Inc. South Attleboro, MA
Amrheins Charities Inc. South Boston, MA
Arch Foundation Inc. South Boston, MA
Carolyn Miller Scholarship Fund Inc. South Boston, MA
Elia and Fannie Karas Foundation Inc. 4 South Boston, MA
Friends of the Way Incorporated South Boston, MA
Gavin Foundation Inc. South Boston, MA
James Michael Curley Recreation Center Community Council South Boston, MA
Jennifer Creed Fund South Boston, MA
Joseph P. Tynan Community School Council Inc. South Boston, MA
Julies Family Learning Program Inc. South Boston, MA
Notre Dame Education Center Inc. South Boston, MA
Paraclete Center Inc. South Boston, MA
Reach for the Sky Inc. 4 South Boston, MA
Saint Vincents Foundation Inc. South Boston, MA
Simon of Cyrene Society Inc. South Boston, MA
South Boston 200 Inc. (Until June 2007) South Boston, MA
South Boston Arts Association Inc. (Until December 2007) South Boston, MA
South Boston Community Health Board Inc. South Boston, MA
South Boston Community Health Center South Boston, MA
South Boston Family Resource Center (Until June 2008) South Boston, MA
South Boston Neighborhood House Inc. South Boston, MA
Transcultural Exchange Inc. (Until December 2006) South Boston, MA
South Chatham Village Association Inc. (Until December 2006) South Chatham, MA
Dartmouth Police Athletic League Inc. South Darmouth, MA
Endocrine Education Inc. South Dartmouth, MA
Ross-Webb Fund 4 South Dartmouth, MA
Friends of the Western Ma Regional Library System (Until September 2008) South Deerfield, MA
Northfield Mount Hermon Christian Concern Fellowship South Deerfield, MA
Western Massachusetts Regional Library System Inc. South Deerfield, MA
Cape Cod Chapter - Military Officers Association of America 6 South Dennis, MA
Cape Cod Senior Babe Ruth Inc. South Dennis, MA
Dennis Development Corporation South Dennis, MA
Dennis Police Association Inc. South Dennis, MA
Friends of the Dennis Public Library Inc. South Dennis, MA
Massachusetts Shellfish Officers Association Inc. South Dennis, MA
Mid Cape Ice Arena Inc. South Dennis, MA
Scargo School Inc. South Dennis, MA
South Dennis Free Public Library Association Inc. South Dennis, MA
Yarmouth-Dennis Youth Hockey Assoc Inc. South Dennis, MA
Center for Prevention of Neurobehavioral Disorders South Easton, MA
Chamber Music Society of Easton South Easton, MA
Friends of Wheaton Farm Inc. South Easton, MA
Interdenominational Christian Mens Network Inc. South Easton, MA
Northeast Ten Conference Inc. South Easton, MA
Peace of God Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) South Easton, MA
Reilly Foundation 4 South Easton, MA
Temple Chayai Shalam South Easton, MA
Friends of Grafton Elders Inc. South Grafton, MA
Grafton Housing Associates Inc. South Grafton, MA
Grafton Taxpayers Association (Until December 2007) South Grafton, MA
The Least of These Inc. (Until December 2008) South Grafton, MA
Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College Inc. South Hadley, MA
Amherst Japanese Language School Inc. South Hadley, MA
Audio Recording Museum of Science Inc. (Until September 2005) South Hadley, MA
Berkshire Hills Music Academy Inc. South Hadley, MA
Center Nursery School Inc. South Hadley, MA
Center Redevelopmemt Corporation South Hadley, MA
Educated Ferret Association South Hadley, MA
Friends of the Holyoke Range Inc. South Hadley, MA
Friends of the South Hadley Elderly Inc. South Hadley, MA
Hampshire Christian Academy South Hadley, MA
Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts South Hadley, MA
Loomis Foundation Inc. South Hadley, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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