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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Mercysong Inc. (Until December 2007) Stockbridge, MA
Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge Inc. Stockbridge, MA
Rave Review Inc. Stockbridge, MA
Riverbrook Residence Inc. Stockbridge, MA
Sky Farm Productions Inc. (Until December 2006) Stockbridge, MA
Stockbridge Fire Department Inc. Stockbridge, MA
Stockbridge Land Trust Inc. Stockbridge, MA
Stockbridge Library Association Stockbridge, MA
The Stockbridge Bowl Association Stockbridge, MA
Victory Girl Productions Stockbridge, MA
Williams High School Scholarship Fund 4 Stockbridge, MA
Ahern Family Charitable Foundation (Until December 2006) Stoneham, MA
Arthur M. and Martha R. Pappas Foundation 4 Stoneham, MA
Boys Club of Stoneham Inc. Stoneham, MA
Central School Pto Inc. (Until July 2008) Stoneham, MA
Community Hospitals of Eastern Middlesex Inc. Stoneham, MA
Community Service Network Inc. Stoneham, MA
Deanas Fund Stoneham, MA
Dr Thomas P. & Edwina H. Devlin Medical Scholarship Fund Stoneham, MA
Efk Booster Club Stoneham, MA
Friends of Flying Santa Inc. Stoneham, MA
Friends of Middlesex Fells Reservation Inc. Stoneham, MA
Friends of Stoneham High School Hockey Inc. (Until June 2008) Stoneham, MA
Friends of University College Inc. Stoneham, MA
Friends of the Boys Club of Stoneham Inc. Stoneham, MA
Linda Deome Foundation (Until December 2005) Stoneham, MA
Mannke-Sullivan Scholarship Foundation Stoneham, MA
National Coalition for Early Childhood Professionals Stoneham, MA
Somerville High School Track Parent S. and Alumni Club Inc. Stoneham, MA
Stoneham Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Stoneham, MA
Stoneham Figure Skating Club Inc. Stoneham, MA
Stoneham Historical Society Inc. Stoneham, MA
Stoneham Pee Wee Hockey Association Inc. Stoneham, MA
The David@fields Memorial Scholarship Trust Stoneham, MA
The Fuller House of Stoneham 3 Stoneham, MA
American Amputee Hockey Association Incorporated Stoughton, MA
Anastos Family Foundation Inc. 4 Stoughton, MA
Anthony Spinazzola Foundation Inc. Stoughton, MA
Balanced Chi Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
Better Education for Stoughton Together Inc. Stoughton, MA
Chestnut Hill Childrens Corner Stoughton, MA
Chinese American Nurses Association of New England Inc. Stoughton, MA
Concerned Parents Teachers and Administration at Stoughton High S. Stoughton, MA
Dari Associates Inc. Stoughton, MA
Evergreen Cemetery Association 6 Stoughton, MA
Franklin Family Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Stoughton, MA
Friends of the Capen-Reynolds Farm Inc. Stoughton, MA
George E. Keith Foundation 4 Stoughton, MA
Goddard Health Planning Coporation Stoughton, MA
Grow Associates Inc. Stoughton, MA
Happy Children Adoption Services Inc. (Until May 2007) Stoughton, MA
Harvest Church Worship Center Boston Stoughton, MA
Helen H. Hanson Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization Stoughton, MA
Jc Enrichment Programs Inc. (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
Jewish Special Education Collaborative Inv Stoughton, MA
John F. Ohalloran Memorial Char Tr Stoughton, MA
Joseph H. Gibbons School PTA Inc. Stoughton, MA
Kingdom Missions Inc. Stoughton, MA
Knights of Pythias of Massachusetts Grand Lodge Stoughton, MA
Little Theatre of Stoughton Inc. Stoughton, MA
Malcolm F. Macneil Family Fdn II 4 Stoughton, MA
National Football League Players Association (Until December 2008) Stoughton, MA
National Scoliosis Foundation Inc. Stoughton, MA
New England Blazers Wheelchair Sports Programs Inc. (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
New England Sinai Hospital Foundation Inc. (Until September 2005) Stoughton, MA
New England Sinai Hospital and Rehabilitation Center Stoughton, MA
Old Colony Hospice Inc. Stoughton, MA
Old Stoughton Musical Society Stoughton, MA
Packard Manse Stoughton, MA
Parents of Performing Students Inc. Stoughton, MA
Playhouse in the Square Inc. (Until August 2007) Stoughton, MA
Printing and Publishing Scholarship Fund Ltd. Stoughton, MA
Pulse Inc. Stoughton, MA
Redeemed Christian Church of God of Boston Stoughton, MA
Revival Church-International Ministry Stoughton, MA
Richard Lafratta Charitable Tr (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
Robert G. Odonnell Middle School Parent Teacher Student Assoc Inc. Stoughton, MA
Rotary Community Corps of Adults Day Health Programs Inc. (Until June 2006) Stoughton, MA
Saving Our Public Schools Inc. (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
Seek Inc. Christian Outreach Ministries 5 Stoughton, MA
Shaloh School Oholei Torah of Stoughton Inc. Stoughton, MA
South Area Solomon Schecter Day School Inc. Stoughton, MA
Stoughton Extended Day Program Stoughton, MA
Stoughton Friends of the Elderly Inc. Stoughton, MA
Stoughton Historical Society (Until May 2007) Stoughton, MA
Stoughton Youth Flag Football League (Until December 2008) Stoughton, MA
Stoughton Youth Soccer League Stoughton, MA
Striar Jewish Community Center on the Fireman Campus Inc. Stoughton, MA
The Caring for Cats Charitable Trust (Until December 2007) Stoughton, MA
West School Parent Teacher Organization of Stoughton Ma Stoughton, MA
Collings Foundation 3 Stow, MA
Decibels Charity Corporation (Until December 2007) Stow, MA
Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue Inc. Stow, MA
Fieldstone Foundation Inc. 4 Stow, MA
Four Town Focus Incorporated Stow, MA
Friends of Troop 1 Stow Stow, MA
Haam Inc. (Until December 2007) Stow, MA
Helen G. Hauben Foundation Inc. 4 Stow, MA
Lake Boon Improvement Association Inc. Stow, MA
Mary Clark Regamey and David G. Regamey Family Foundation 4 Stow, MA
Massachusetts Association of Health Boards Inc. Stow, MA
Nashoba Valley Youth Soccer League Inc. Stow, MA
Nashoba Wrestling Club Stow, MA
Randall Library Friends Association Stow, MA
Randall Library Second Century Fund Stow, MA
Red Acre Farm Inc. 4 Stow, MA
Skylight Astronomical Society Inc. Stow, MA
Springbrook Farm Corporation Stow, MA
Stow Community Chest Incorporated Stow, MA
Stow Conservation Trust Inc. Stow, MA
Stow Counselling Services Inc. Stow, MA
Stow Food Pantry Stow, MA
Stow Friends of Music Inc. (Until December 2005) Stow, MA
Stow Friends of the Council on Aging Inc. Stow, MA
Stow Parent Teacher Organization Inc. Stow, MA
Stow Soccer Club Inc. Stow, MA
Suasco Watershed Community Council A. Non Profit Corporation (Until June 2005) Stow, MA
Sudbury Maynard Stow Youth Hockey Association Inc. Stow, MA
Wanblee Family Alliance Inc. Stow, MA
Friends of Childrens Museum of Israel (Until December 2008) Stroughton, MA
Brian A. Digregorio Scholarship Fund 4 Sturbridge, MA
Childrens Rights Council of Massachusetts Sturbridge, MA
Citizens for Animal Welfare Sturbridge, MA
Friends of the Sturbridge-Fishdale Seniors Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Grand Trunk Trail-Blazers Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Jaeger Family Charitable Foundation 4 Sturbridge, MA
Old Sturbridge Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Opacum Land Trust Sturbridge, MA
Rehabilitative Resources Incorporated Sturbridge, MA
Rri Clinical Services Group Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Shakespeare in Sturbridge Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Sturbridge Firefighters Benefit Association Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Sturbridge Nursery School Inc. Sturbridge, MA
Sturbridge Rotary Club Charitable and Educational Tr Sturbridge, MA
Sturbridge Worship Center Sturbridge, MA
Friends of Metrowest Ms Clinic Inc. Subury, MA
Agape International Inc. A. Ma Corporation (Until December 2007) Sudbury, MA
Apple Valley Montessori School Inc. Sudbury, MA
Babson-Webber-Mustard Fund 4 Sudbury, MA
Bonney Family Foundation Inc. 4 Sudbury, MA
Bosse Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Sudbury, MA
Broccoli Hall Inc. Sudbury, MA
Buddy Dog Humane Society Inc. Sudbury, MA
Cambridge Reunion Group Sudbury, MA
Check Collectors Round Table Inc. Sudbury, MA
Crossroads Center for Chrildren New England Inc. Sudbury, MA
Curtis Parent Organization Inc. Sudbury, MA
David and Elizabeth A. Gormley Family Foundation Inc. 4 Sudbury, MA
Eric J. Drobinski Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Sudbury, MA
Foundation for Educators at Lincoln Sudbury (Until May 2005) Sudbury, MA
Friends of Lincoln Sudbury Baseball Sudbury, MA
Friends of Te Sudbury Senior Citizens Incorporated Sudbury, MA
Friends of the Goodnow Library Inc. Sudbury, MA
Friends of the Sudbury Youth Commission Inc. (Until December 2006) Sudbury, MA
General John Nixon Pto Inc. Sudbury, MA
Gertrude A. Pomeroy Charitable Tr 4 Sudbury, MA
Green Meadows Kindergarten & Nursery Inc. Sudbury, MA
Haynes Organization of Parents Inc. Sudbury, MA
Henderson Foundation 4 Sudbury, MA
Hop Brook Protection Association Inc. Sudbury, MA
Hopesudbury Inc. Sudbury, MA
Indus Foundation Sudbury, MA
Institute for Just Communities Inc. (Until December 2005) Sudbury, MA
International League of Visual & Educational Artists Inc. Sudbury, MA
Labyrinth Guild of New England Inc. (Until December 2006) Sudbury, MA
Lincoln Sudbury Parent Organization Inc. Sudbury, MA
Lincoln Sudbury Regional School Foundation Inc. Sudbury, MA
Lincoln Sudbury Senior Safe Night Inc. Sudbury, MA
Lincoln-Sudbury All Sports Boosters Club Inc. Sudbury, MA
Longfellows Wayside Inn Sudbury, MA
Loring Parent Teacher Organization Sudbury, MA
Madaket Land Trust 4 Sudbury, MA
Massachusetts Camellia Society Inc. Sudbury, MA
Massachusetts Geriatrics Society Inc. Sudbury, MA
McMillan Foundation 4 Sudbury, MA
Mountain Bay Foundation 3 Sudbury, MA
New England Farm & Home Association Inc. Sudbury, MA
New England Patient and Advocacy Coalition Inc. Sudbury, MA
Parents of L-S. Sailing Inc. (Until June 2008) Sudbury, MA
Peter Noyes P. T. O. Sudbury, MA
Plant Hope in Cambodia Inc. Sudbury, MA
Rural Water Ventures Inc. (Until December 2006) Sudbury, MA
Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative Inc. (Until December 2008) Sudbury, MA
Stable Foundation Inc. 4 Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Co-operative Pre-School Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Community Food Pantry Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Earth Decade Committee Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Education Resource Fund Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Extended Day Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Garden Club Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Girls Softball League Inc. (Until December 2007) Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Historical Society Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Parents for Child Care Services Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Senior Activities Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Valley Trustees Inc. Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Youth Basketball (Until June 2007) Sudbury, MA
Sudbury Youth Soccer Assoc Sudbury, MA
Tell Foundation Trust 3 Sudbury, MA
The Irish Ancestral Research Assoc Sudbury, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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