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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

The Irish Ancestral Research Association Inc. Sudbury, MA
Wcc 2006 Inc. (Until December 2006) Sudbury, MA
Willow Hill School Inc. Sudbury, MA
Woods Edge Child Care Inc. Sudbury, MA
Zoroastrian Association of Greater Boston Area Sudbury, MA
Center for Creative Consciousness Inc. Sunderland, MA
Friends of Sunderland Public Library Sunderland, MA
Monadnock Media Inc. Sunderland, MA
Sacred Earth Network Inc. Sunderland, MA
Sunderland Center for Positive Change Inc. (Until August 2007) Sunderland, MA
Sunderland Parent-Teacher Organization Inc. Sunderland, MA
Beforeclosures Corporation (Until December 2007) Sutton, MA
Dance Expressions Scholarship Fund Inc. Sutton, MA
Festival Theatre Company (Until December 2008) Sutton, MA
Friends of Sutton Elders Inc. Sutton, MA
Friends of the Sutton Free Public Library Inc. Sutton, MA
New Hope Christian Fellowship Sutton, MA
Puckihuddle Preschool Inc. Sutton, MA
Sparkle America Inc. Sutton, MA
Sutton Education Foundation Tr Sutton, MA
Sutton High School Parent Teacher Organization Sutton, MA
Sutton Middle School Pto (Until December 2006) Sutton, MA
Sutton Town Soccer Association Sutton, MA
The Voice of the Armenian Church Inc. 4 Sutton, MA
Waters Farm Preservation Inc. Sutton, MA
Alliance for Animals and the Environment Swampscott, MA
Arts Resources for the Town of Swampscott Inc. (Until December 2007) Swampscott, MA
Caleb Foundation Inc. Swampscott, MA
Caleb Group Inc. Swampscott, MA
Caleb Maine Development Inc. (Until December 2006) Swampscott, MA
Caleb Village Heights Foundation Inc. Swampscott, MA
Chabad Lubavitch of the North Shore Swampscott, MA
Christian Soldiers Inc. Swampscott, MA
Concerts by the Sea (Until December 2006) Swampscott, MA
Friends of the Swampscott Public Library Inc. Swampscott, MA
Goldman Family Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Harold M. Kirstein Trust 4 Swampscott, MA
Janet Turner Hubbard Memorial Fdn 4 Swampscott, MA
Jewish Rehabilitation Center for Aged of the North Shore Inc. Swampscott, MA
John Bertram House of Swampscott Inc. Swampscott, MA
Jrc Charitable Foundation Inc. Swampscott, MA
Juvenile Aids Swampscott, MA
Keep Swampscott Sailing Inc. Swampscott, MA
Landsman Charitable Tr 4 Swampscott, MA
Leo and Eve Condakes Charitable Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Leslie & Bruce Male Foundation Inc. 4 Swampscott, MA
Massachusetts Science Educators Hall of Fame Inc. (Until June 2005) Swampscott, MA
Melrose Rotary Club Charitable Fund Swampscott, MA
Morton and Lillian Waldfogel Charitable Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
New England Resident Service Cooridinators Inc. (Until June 2008) Swampscott, MA
Oblivion Productions Inc. Swampscott, MA
Philip & Adele Nieman Charitable Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Ruth and Allen Schwartz Charitable Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Sarah Beth Milberg Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Sean W. Venezia Foundation (Until September 2009) Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Arts Association Inc. Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Athletic Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Church of Spiritualism N. S. A. C. Inc. Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Historical Society Swampscott, MA
Swampscott PTA Council Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Partnership Initiative Rails Into Trails (Until December 2005) Swampscott, MA
Swampscott Rotary Charitable Trust (Until December 2006) Swampscott, MA
Swampscott United Community Coalition for Enhancement of the Swampscott, MA
Swampscott War Memorial Scolarship Fund Swampscott, MA
Temple Shalom Endowment Fund Swampscott, MA
The Alex Foundation Inc. Swampscott, MA
The Corporaion of the First United Church Baptists and Disciples of S. Swampscott, MA
The Elmwood Charitable Trust of October 1985 4 Swampscott, MA
The Gloria Wilcher Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
The Inflammation Research Foundation 4 Swampscott, MA
Chamber Ballet Inc. Swamscott, MA
Bay State Cardinals Swansea, MA
Birthright of Greater Fall River Inc. Swansea, MA
Boston Sea Rovers Inc. Swansea, MA
Camp Ellie Mae (Until December 2006) Swansea, MA
Case High Association of Music Parents of Swansea Inc. Swansea, MA
Der Deutsche Kultur Verein Inc. Swansea, MA
Firstfed Charitable Foundation 4 Swansea, MA
Friends of the Bluffs Inc. Swansea, MA
Grace Gospel Church Inc. Swansea, MA
Mark G. Hoyle Parent Teacher Organization Swansea, MA
Michael K. Bosi Scholarship Foundation Inc. Swansea, MA
New England Scholastic Band Association Inc. Swansea, MA
New Hope Christian Church Swansea, MA
New Place Players (Until December 2008) Swansea, MA
Northeast Regional Conference on Autism Inc. Swansea, MA
Philanthropic Association of Swansea Inc. Swansea, MA
Ronald Harlin Carr Foundation Swansea, MA
Scholarship Fund in the Memory of Kenneth A. Brown Jr (Until December 2006) Swansea, MA
Solomons House Inc. Swansea, MA
Somerset Lions Club Scholarship Trust Fund Swansea, MA
South Coast Historical Associates Inc. (Until December 2007) Swansea, MA
South Coast Ministry Center Swansea, MA
Stevens-Childrens Home Inc. Swansea, MA
Swansea Community Musicians Inc. Swansea, MA
Swansea Girls Softball League Swansea, MA
Swansea Historical Society Inc. Swansea, MA
Swansea Land Trust Swansea, MA
Swansea Police Patrolmens Association Swansea, MA
Swansea Word of God Church Inc. Swansea, MA
The Kyle C. Roy Memorial Fund Inc. (Until December 2008) Swansea, MA
A2Z. Rescue (Until December 2007) Syarmouth, MA
American Portuguese Genealogical Society Inc. Taunton, MA
Arts Collaborative of Taunton Inc. (Until December 2005) Taunton, MA
Associates for Human Services Inc. Taunton, MA
Bargain Bazaar Thrift Shop Inc. Taunton, MA
Birthright of Greater Taunton Inc. Taunton, MA
Bourne Conservation Trust Taunton, MA
Boys and Girls Club of Taunton Incorporated Taunton, MA
Brick House School Incorporated Taunton, MA
Bristol County Savings Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Taunton, MA
Cedar Swim Club Inc. Taunton, MA
Chamberlain Elementary School Parent Teachers Group (Until June 2006) Taunton, MA
Charles Habib Malik Educational Fund Taunton, MA
Community Care Services Inc. Taunton, MA
Community Care-A-Vans Inc. Taunton, MA
Community Counseling of Bristol County Inc. Taunton, MA
Community Partnerships Inc. Taunton, MA
Connections for Youth & Families Inc. (Until June 2007) Taunton, MA
Crossroads Christian Center Inc. Taunton, MA
Dighton-Rehoboth Music Boosters Inc. Taunton, MA
Dr Jeffrey R. Bartel Scholarship Fund (Until June 2009) Taunton, MA
Friends of Boyden Refuge Inc. Taunton, MA
Friends of Taunton State Hospital Inc. Taunton, MA
Friends of the Taunton Animal Care Facility Inc. Taunton, MA
Friends of the Taunton Plblic Library Inc. Taunton, MA
Girls Incorporated of Taunton Taunton, MA
Goodman Foundation Inc. 4 Taunton, MA
Grass Charity Trust 4 Taunton, MA
Greater Taunton Charitable Association Inc. Taunton, MA
Greater Taunton Community Services Inc. Taunton, MA
Heart of Taunton Inc. Taunton, MA
Iglesia Pentecostal Arca De Refugio Inc. Taunton, MA
Independence Associates Inc. Taunton, MA
Industrial Theatre Inc. Taunton, MA
Kick Start for Kidneys (Until December 2007) Taunton, MA
Martin Morrison Charitable Foundation Inc. Taunton, MA
Massachusetts Foundation for Teaching and Learning Inc. Taunton, MA
Mission Pentecostal Tesalonica Taunton, MA
Morton Health Foundation Inc. Taunton, MA
Morton Hospital Auxiliary Inc. Taunton, MA
Morton Physician Associates Inc. Taunton, MA
Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots Inc. Taunton, MA
Old Colony Historical Society 3 Taunton, MA
Philanthropy Financial Inc. (Until June 2008) Taunton, MA
Pine Street Preschool Taunton, MA
Preparatory Rehabilitation for Individual Development & Employmen Taunton, MA
Pro-Home Inc. Taunton, MA
Reed & Barton Foundation Inc. 4 Taunton, MA
Richard Daniel Hocking Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2005) Taunton, MA
Sghc Inc. Taunton, MA
Silver City Baptist Church Inc. Taunton, MA
Southeastern Massachusetts Festival Chorus Inc. Taunton, MA
Star Players of Taunton Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Area Alliance for the Mentally Ill Taunton, MA
Taunton Area School to Career Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Art Assoc Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Cape Verdean Assoc Inc. (Until May 2005) Taunton, MA
Taunton City Band Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Emergency Task Force Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Family Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Girls Softball Inc. Taunton, MA
Taunton Literacy Council Inc. Taunton, MA
The Church of Restoration Taunton, MA
Triumph Inc. Taunton, MA
Volunteers of American-Portuguese Taunton, MA
Walker-Blake Graveyard Restoration Project Inc. Taunton, MA
West Congregational Church Taunton, MA
Falmouth Genealogical Society Teaticket, MA
Print Makers of Cape Cod Inc. Teaticket, MA
Remnant Mininstries Inc. Teaticket, MA
First Church of Templeton Templeton, MA
American Guild of English Handbell Ringers Tewksbury, MA
Associated Lutheran Young Peoples Chorus Tewksbury, MA
Bay State Baptist Chrurch Tewksbury, MA
Bethesda Christian Fellowship Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Campbell Highlanders Tewksbury, MA
Christmas in April Lowell Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Contractors Who Care Inc. (Until December 2005) Tewksbury, MA
David W. Scott Memorial Scholarship Foundation Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Depression Workshop Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Excellence in Achievement Group Incorporated Tewksbury, MA
Friends of Tewksbury Teen Center (Until June 2008) Tewksbury, MA
Friends of the Elderly Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Massachusetts Pan Orthodox Academic Foundation Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Michael Frederick Charitable Foundation Inc. (Until June 2007) Tewksbury, MA
New England Ringers Inc. (Until June 2008) Tewksbury, MA
Quiet Environment Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Tewksbury, MA
Sadhu Vaswani Center Ne Tewksbury, MA
Shawsheen River Watershed Association Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Cemetery Corp 6 Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Community Pantry Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Girls Softball Incorporated Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Historical Society Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Hospital Equestrian Farm Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Hosptial Trustees Endowment Fund Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Redmen Football Club Inc. (Until July 2005) Tewksbury, MA
Tewksbury Youth Skating Association Tewksbury, MA
The Emmaus Institute Inc. Tewksbury, MA
Vision House Inc. Tewksbury, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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