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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Woodside Village II Inc. Vineyard Hvn, MA
Woodside Village III Inc. Vineyard Hvn, MA
Woodside Village IV Inc. (Until August 2005) Vineyard Hvn, MA
Woodside Village Inc. Vineyard Hvn, MA
YMCA of Marthas Vineyard Inc. Vineyard Hvn, MA
Display Me Live (Until December 2004) Vineyard, MA
Rainforest Rescue Inc. 4 W. Acton, MA
David W. Allen Jr Memorial Fund 4 W. Barnslable, MA
Cape Cod Young Mens Christian Association Inc. W. Barnstable, MA
Rock Church of Hyannis Inc. W. Barnstable, MA
The Cape Cod Community College Educational Foundation Inc. W. Barnstable, MA
West Parish Memorial Foundation Inc. W. Barnstable, MA
Academy of Lifelong Learning of Cape Cod Inc. (Until June 2005) W. Barnstble, MA
Cape Cod Ballet Society Inc. W. Barnstble, MA
Green Cape W. Barnstble, MA
Indian Spiritual & Cultural Training W. Barnstble, MA
Luke Vincent Powers Foundation Inc. W. Barnstble, MA
Orenda Wildlife Land Trust Inc. (Until December 2006) W. Barnstble, MA
Scholarship Fund of the Finnish American Society of Cape Cod W. Barnstble, MA
The Orenda Wildlife Trust W. Barnstble, MA
Whelden Memorial Library Corp W. Barnstble, MA
Cape and Islands Paranormal Research Society (Until December 2007) W. Bornstable, MA
Ron and Tia Moir Charitable Tr 4 W. Boxford, MA
Association of County Correctional Human Service Personnel Inc. 6 W. Boylston, MA
Friends of Beaman W. Boylston, MA
West Boylston Athletic Association W. Boylston, MA
West Boylston Elder Services Inc. W. Boylston, MA
Berwick Boosters Club W. Bridgewater, MA
Berwick Boys Foundation Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
Boy and Girl Scouts of Kingston Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
Brian J. McLaughlin Private Foundation 4 W. Bridgewater, MA
Clan Young Inc. c/o Edward A. Young III W. Bridgewater, MA
Edward Capen Trust W. Bridgewater, MA
Firefighters First Aid Foundation Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
Friends of the West Bridgewater Public Library Inc. 6 W. Bridgewater, MA
Greater Brockton Center for Dispute Resolutions Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
Mass Pride Baseball Club (Until August 2008) W. Bridgewater, MA
New England Baptist Church W. Bridgewater, MA
Pine Hill Cemetery Assoc 6 W. Bridgewater, MA
Wales Home Inc. 4 W. Bridgewater, MA
West Bridgewater Youth Athletic Association Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
West Bridgewater Youth Football Association Inc. W. Bridgewater, MA
International Four-H. Youth Exchange Association of the USA W. Brookfield, MA
Orthodox Christian Educational Society Inc. W. Brookfield, MA
West Brookfield Rescue Squad 6 W. Brookfield, MA
Cape Cod Center for Graduate Education Inc. W. Chatham, MA
John P. and Margaret Mary Brogan Family Foundation 4 W. Chatham, MA
Medicenter Five Inc. W. Chatham, MA
The Chatham Citizens Scholarship Trust Fund 4 W. Chatham, MA
Chesterfield Bend Conservation Trust W. Chesterfield, MA
Paloma House Inc. (Until June 2005) W. Chesterfield, MA
N. E. Academy of Yoga and Sacred Pathways Inc. W. Concord, MA
Chatham Chorale Inc. W. Dennis, MA
Dennis Firefighters Association W. Dennis, MA
Compassionate Care Inc. (Until December 2005) W. Falmouth, MA
Falmouth Track Club W. Falmouth, MA
People for Cats W. Falmouth, MA
West Falmouth Pre School Inc. W. Falmouth, MA
Friends of the Groton Elders 33 Main St. W. Groton, MA
Genrad Foundation 4 W. Groton, MA
Club Richelieu Alain Brottet-Boston Inc. W. Harwich, MA
Harwich Ecumenical Council for the Homeless W. Harwich, MA
Harwich Junior Theatre Inc. W. Harwich, MA
Pine Grove Cemetery of West Harwich 6 W. Harwich, MA
Radkids Inc. W. Harwich, MA
Raymond E. & Marie V Fontaine Family Foundation Inc. 4 W. Harwich, MA
Roessner Family Foundation 4 W. Harwich, MA
Cape Aids Ministry Inc. W. Hyannisport, MA
Unity of Cape Cod Inc. W. Hyannisport, MA
Cape Cod Rowing Inc. W. Hyannisprt, MA
Ogo Inc. W. Hyannisprt, MA
Farm Animal Services (Until December 2004) W. Medford, MA
Senior Football Associates of Medford Inc. W. Medford, MA
Camp Tohkomeupog Alumni Association W. Newbury, MA
Safford Fund Tr 4 W. Newbury, MA
Allen School & House Preservation Corp W. Newton, MA
Barry L. Price Rehabilitation Center Inc. W. Newton, MA
Boston Bluegrass Union Inc. W. Newton, MA
Clearway School Inc. W. Newton, MA
Fessenden School W. Newton, MA
Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association W. Newton, MA
Harvard Class of 1937 Association W. Newton, MA
Hellenic Womens Club Inc. W. Newton, MA
Interfaith Aids Ministry Inc. W. Newton, MA
John Leopold Weil and Geraldine Rickard Weil Memorial Charitable W. Newton, MA
Little Peoples School Inc. W. Newton, MA
Mayman Family Charitable Foundation 4 W. Newton, MA
Newton Community Service Centers Inc. W. Newton, MA
Obermayer Foundation Inc. 4 W. Newton, MA
Peirce Extended Day Program Inc. W. Newton, MA
Phoebe L. Giddon Charitable Foundation 4 W. Newton, MA
Steven & Shirley Baker Charitable Trust 4 W. Newton, MA
The Scandinavian Charitable Society of Greater Boston Inc. W. Newton, MA
User Modeling Inc. W. Newton, MA
Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Camp Hale Alumni Association Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Cheriton Grove Corporation W. Roxbury, MA
Cheryl Spencer Memorial Foundation 4 W. Roxbury, MA
Corrib Charitable Trust Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Deutsches Altenheim Foundation Inc. (Until June 2009) W. Roxbury, MA
Dominic J. Bruno Educational Tr W. Roxbury, MA
German Ladies Aid Society of Boston Inc. 4 W. Roxbury, MA
Knox Memorial Association Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Misty Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
West Roxbury Community High Center Council Inc. W. Roxbury, MA
Boston Area Solar Energy Association Inc. W. Somerville, MA
Triple Gem Society Inc. W. Somerville, MA
Amherst Boys Club Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Doctor Max & Ida L. Millman Foundation 4 W. Springfield, MA
East Longmeadow Tennis Association Inc. (Until June 2009) W. Springfield, MA
Eastern States Exposition W. Springfield, MA
Eastern States Exposition Foundation Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Emmanuel Baptist Church W. Springfield, MA
Faces Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Frederick J. Slowick Jr Memorial Fund W. Springfield, MA
Friends of West Springfield Senior Center Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Harold Grinspoon Foundation W. Springfield, MA
High School Band Parents Assn of West Springfield W. Springfield, MA
Hilltop Child & Adult Services Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Hispanic Resources Inc. W. Springfield, MA
John R. Fausey Elementary School Pto W. Springfield, MA
Melissa Harrington-Hughes Endowment Fund Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Metropolitan Boston Hockey League Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Oxford Associates Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Parish Cupboard Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Paucatuck Cemetery Association 6 W. Springfield, MA
Pioneer Valey Interscholastic Athletic Conference Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Pioneer Valley Chapter of Lpga Girls Golf Club W. Springfield, MA
Pioneer Valley Regional Ventures Center Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Ramapogue Historical Society W. Springfield, MA
Regional Education Alliance Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Russian Pentecostal Church Inc. W. Springfield, MA
September 11 2001 Attack (Until March 2006) W. Springfield, MA
St. Patricks Committee of West Springfield W. Springfield, MA
Templo Pentecostal Rescando La Oveja Perdida W. Springfield, MA
The Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation 4 W. Springfield, MA
Theater Project Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Trustees of the Ashley School & Charitable Fund of West Springfiel 4 W. Springfield, MA
Upper Room Christian Assembly W. Springfield, MA
West Side Neighborhood Re-Hab Inc. W. Springfield, MA
West Springfield Boys & Girls Club Inc. W. Springfield, MA
West Springfield Church of Christ W. Springfield, MA
West Springfield Rotary Foundation Inc. (Until June 2008) W. Springfield, MA
West Springfield Teen Center Inc. W. Springfield, MA
West Springfield Youth Sports Association Inc. W. Springfield, MA
Berkshire Institute for Theology & the Arts Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
Dorothy H. Krahm Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 W. Stockbridge, MA
Empire Brass Quintet Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
Friends of the Williams River Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
Hard Press Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
Lifespan Coalition Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
South County Music School Inc. W. Stockbridge, MA
The National Childrens Music Project Inc. (Until December 2005) W. Stockbridge, MA
Cattrap Inc. W. Tisbury, MA
Friends of the Up Island Council on Aging Inc. W. Tisbury, MA
Polly Hill Arboretum Inc. W. Tisbury, MA
Shomrey Mishpat Rabbis for Human Rights North America (Until December 2006) W. Tisbury, MA
William L. Alden & Judith G. Alden Trust 4 W. Tisbury, MA
Youve Got A. Friend Inc. W. Tisbury, MA
Friends of Willard Brook (Until December 2008) W. Townsend, MA
Society of Institutionally Related Foundations Inc. W. Townsend, MA
Church in the Pines W. Wareham, MA
Evangelical Zion Church W. Wareham, MA
Pilgrim Area Resource Conservation and Development Council W. Wareham, MA
West Warren Library Association Inc. (Until June 2007) W. Warren, MA
Barnstable Church Housing Inc. W. Yarmouth, MA
John and Sonia Lingos Family Foundation Inc. 4 W. Yarmouth, MA
Angier After School Care Program Inc. Waban, MA
Boston Circle for Charity Charitable Trust Waban, MA
Boston Classical Orchestra Inc. Waban, MA
Coalition Organized for Health Education in Schools Inc. Waban, MA
F. C. Greater Boston Inc. Waban, MA
Hospice of the Good Shepherd Inc. Waban, MA
International Musical Arts Institute Inc. Waban, MA
Judge Ernest Rotenberg Foundation Inc. Waban, MA
Lavonne Horowitz Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Waban, MA
Metro Health Foundation Inc. Waban, MA
Metro Health Foundation of Oak Brook Inc. Waban, MA
Muse Inc. Waban, MA
North American Coordinating Council on Japanese Library Resources Waban, MA
Photpgraphic Historical Society of New England Inc. Waban, MA
Rabbi Marshall R. Lifson Library Fund Waban, MA
Riverside Childrens Center Inc. Waban, MA
Robert J. Cantin and Pat Ryan Cantin Family Foundation 4 Waban, MA
Supervisory Service Associates Inc. Waban, MA
Union Taiwan Presbyterian Church of New England Waban, MA
Zervas After School Program Inc. Waban, MA
Zervas School Parent-Teacher Organization (Until June 2006) Waban, MA
Rediscovery Inc. (Until December 2005) Waitham, MA
Acts Aboriginal Christian Training Services Inc. Wakefield, MA
Americal Civic Center Association Wakefield, MA
American Dental Partners Foundation Inc. 4 Wakefield, MA
Andrew Boudreau Memorial Fund Inc. Wakefield, MA
Angel Fund Inc. Wakefield, MA
Benson Fam Charitable Tr 4 Wakefield, MA
Bmp Charitable Foundation Tr 4 Wakefield, MA
Breath of God Full Gospel Center Wakefield, MA
Canterbury Childrens Center Canterbury School Wakefield, MA
Cast Inc. Wakefield, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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