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Vehicle Donation in Massachusetts

For people interested in vehicle donation in Massachusetts, below is a list of Massachusetts organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Waldorf Association of Cafe Mass Inc. Bourne, MA
Web of Life Outdoor Education Center Inc. Bourne, MA
Blackey Family Foundation 4 Boxboro, MA
Blanchard Band Parents Organization Boxborough, MA
Blanchard Memorial Parents Teachers and Friends Boxborough, MA
Boxboro Children Center Inc. Boxborough, MA
Boxborough Conservation Tr Inc. Boxborough, MA
Boxborough Family Network Inc. Boxborough, MA
Boxborough Historical Society Boxborough, MA
Friends of the Boxborough Council on Aging Inc. Boxborough, MA
Lazarus Project Inc. Boxborough, MA
Puddkjump Players Inc. (Until December 2005) Boxborough, MA
Sargent Memorial Library Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Boxborough, MA
Tj Ogrady Memorial Skateboard Park Inc. Boxborough, MA
Voices Rising (Until August 2008) Boxborough, MA
Yellow Wood Explorations Inc. Boxborough, MA
Boxford Academy Boxford, MA
Boxford Athletic Association Inc. Boxford, MA
Boxford Elementary Schools Trust Inc. Boxford, MA
Boxford Friendship Foundation Inc. Boxford, MA
Boxford Historical Society Inc. Boxford, MA
Boxford Parent Teacher Organization Inc. Boxford, MA
Boxford Trails Association Boxford, MA
Charles Dicroce Fam Foundation 4 Boxford, MA
Charles E. Harwood Tr Udt 082391 4 Boxford, MA
Evergreen Charitable Fund Inc. 4 Boxford, MA
Forest Foundation 4 Boxford, MA
Friends of the Boxford Town Libraries Inc. Boxford, MA
Friends of the Little Red Schoolhouse Inc. Boxford, MA
Gabrieli Family Foundation 4 Boxford, MA
Harvard and Radcliffe Class of 1969 Boxford, MA
Helen Fava Scholarship Tr UW 092091 Art III Anthony H. Fava Tr 4 Boxford, MA
Kawasaki Disease Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) Boxford, MA
Levenson Family Foundation Inc. 4 Boxford, MA
Marjory H. Yeakley Charitable Tr 4 Boxford, MA
Matthew Scott Puffer Memorial Parking Fund at Childrens Hospital Boxford, MA
Over the Rainbow Foundation Inc. 4 Boxford, MA
The Boxford Public Library and the Perley Scholarship Funds Inc. Boxford, MA
Trull Family Foundation 4 Boxford, MA
Two Commanments Foundation 4 Boxford, MA
Village School Boxford, MA
Wfte Endowment Tr Boxford, MA
Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation Inc. Boxford, MA
Lachaise Foundation 4 Boxton, MA
Boylston Education Foundation Inc. Boylston, MA
Boylston Firefighters Association Inc. Boylston, MA
Boylston Housing Inc. Boylston, MA
Boylston Lions Charities Inc. Boylston, MA
Boylston Public Library Foundation Incorporated Boylston, MA
Calliope Productions Incorporated Boylston, MA
Central Massachusetts Search and Rescue Team Inc. Boylston, MA
Friends of Cote Divoire Inc. Boylston, MA
Hillside Restoration Project Inc. (Until December 2005) Boylston, MA
New England Professional Golfers Association Scholarship Fund Inc. Boylston, MA
Tahanto Music Parents Organization Inc. (Until June 2007) Boylston, MA
The Boylston Historical Society and Museum Inc. Boylston, MA
Wbac Boylston Access Channel Inc. Boylston, MA
Bobby Costello Scholarship Fund 4 Bradford, MA
Dotties Dream (Until June 2005) Bradford, MA
Douglas A. Mercer Foundation 4 Bradford, MA
Haverhill Community Violence Coalition (Until December 2009) Bradford, MA
Haverhill Day Nursery Association Inc. Bradford, MA
Haverhill Junior Football League Bradford, MA
Haverhill Touchdown Club Inc. Bradford, MA
Northeast Cultural Arts Center Inc. Bradford, MA
Presidential Gardens Neighborhood Association Inc. Bradford, MA
Proprietors of Elmwood Cemetery 6 Bradford, MA
Riverside-Bradford Baseball League I. Bradford, MA
Siblings Day Foundation Inc. Bradford, MA
The Charise Mae Wholley Memorial Charitable Trust Bradford, MA
Winning Home Inc. 4 Bradford, MA
Alfred Campenelli Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Alliance for Respiratory Care Inc. Braintree, MA
Americas Charter School Finance Corporation Braintree, MA
Association of Independent Schools in New England Inc. Braintree, MA
Baddour Family Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Bedford Policy Institute Inc. Braintree, MA
Birthright of the South Shore Incorporated Braintree, MA
Boston Education Skills & Training Corp (Until December 2008) Braintree, MA
Braintree After School Enrichment Inc. B. A. S. E. Braintree, MA
Braintree Choral Society Braintree, MA
Braintree Community Access and Media Inc. 4 Braintree, MA
Braintree Food Pantry Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree High School Athletic Association (Until March 2007) Braintree, MA
Braintree Historical Society Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Holidays Friends Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Junior Soccer League Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Midget Football Association Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree National Youth League Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Police Working Dog Foundation Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Rotary Foundation Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Veterans Council Inc. 6 Braintree, MA
Braintree Youth Basketball Association Inc. Braintree, MA
Braintree Youth Hockey Association Inc. Braintree, MA
Brighton Allston Elderly Homes Inc. Braintree, MA
Caritas Communities Inc. Braintree, MA
Chameria Human Rights Association Inc. Braintree, MA
Community Development Assistance Corporation (Until December 2006) Braintree, MA
Community Founding Incorporated (Until December 2006) Braintree, MA
Community Friends for Human Services Inc. Braintree, MA
Concert Productions Inc. Braintree, MA
Council of Juvenile Correctional Administrators Braintree, MA
Curtain Call Theatre Inc. Braintree, MA
Cushing Residence Inc. Braintree, MA
Daddario Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Dematteo Family Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Dianne De Vanna Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglec Braintree, MA
Dorchester Youth Hockey Inc. (Until April 2005) Braintree, MA
Employ & Ability Incorporated Braintree, MA
Festa Calabrese Incorporated Braintree, MA
Flatley Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Foundation for Leadership Formation Inc. Braintree, MA
Francis X Messina Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Friends of Hollis Field Playground Inc. (Until December 2006) Braintree, MA
Gardners Guild of Braintree Braintree, MA
Gess Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Grace Presbyterian Church Braintree, MA
Grass Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Haemonetics Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Hanover Legion Elderly Housing Corp Braintree, MA
Henriksen Animal Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Braintree, MA
Hingham Sports Partnership Inc. Braintree, MA
J. Everett Robbie Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
J. L. Hammett Co Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
James A. Burke Scholarship Fund Braintree, MA
Jms Family Foundation Inc. 4 Braintree, MA
Leonard & Glenyce Kaplan Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Library Creative Drama Inc. Braintree, MA
Lord of Pardon Prayer Group of Mass Bulusan Mission Mass Chapter Inc. Braintree, MA
Massachusetts IX Regiment of the Continental Line Inc. Braintree, MA
Massachusetts Safety Council Inc. Braintree, MA
Massasoit School Inc. Braintree, MA
Maureen A. Carmain Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Meetinghouse Montessori Inc. Braintree, MA
Michael A. Campanelli Scholarship Foundation Braintree, MA
Michael P. Kearns Scholarship Fund 4 Braintree, MA
Mishawum Park Tenants Association Inc. Braintree, MA
Mr & Mrs P. Leo Corcoran Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
National Union Senior Citizens Housing Corp Braintree, MA
National Union Senior Citizens Housing II Inc. Braintree, MA
Old Colony Library Network Inc. Braintree, MA
Open Bible Church International Inc. Braintree, MA
Parent Involvement Program Inc. (Until December 2008) Braintree, MA
Paul J. Ahearn Memorial Fund Braintree, MA
Pbs Learning Institute Inc. (Until June 2008) Braintree, MA
Pelham Corporation Braintree, MA
Polish American Networking Organization Braintree, MA
Project Rise Braintree, MA
Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation (Until December 2008) Braintree, MA
Research Communications Incorporated Braintree, MA
Richard M. and Sandra D. Oster Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Rogers Hall Corporation Braintree, MA
S. Richard & Patricia R. Penni Charitable Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Senior Citizens Independence Center Inc. Braintree, MA
Sharing Inc. Braintree, MA
Someone Cares Foundation (Until December 2007) Braintree, MA
South Shore Elder Services Inc. Braintree, MA
Spillane Charitable Tr 3 Braintree, MA
St. Francis Christian Service Inc. Braintree, MA
St. Francis of Assisi Residences at Braintree II Inc. Braintree, MA
St. Francis of Assisi Residences at Braintree III Inc. (Until June 2008) Braintree, MA
St. Francis of Assisi Residences at Braintree Inc. Braintree, MA
The Chi Rho Fund Inc. Braintree, MA
The Daniel and Suzanne Penni Supporting Organization Braintree, MA
The English High School of Boston Braintree, MA
The Friends of Thayer Public Libraries Incorporated Braintree, MA
The Friends of the Boston Irish Fam Ine Memorial Inc. Braintree, MA
The John and Mary Corcoran Family Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Trustees of Thayer Academy Braintree, MA
William H. Harris Foundation 4 Braintree, MA
Muslim Community Support Services Incorporated Brantree, MA
Am Ha Yam Corporation Brewester, MA
Barbara Hayes Family Foundation 4 Brewster, MA
Brewster After School Child Care Program Inc. Brewster, MA
Brewster Cemetery Assoc 6 Brewster, MA
Brewster Conservation Trust Brewster, MA
Brewster Historical Society Inc. Brewster, MA
Brewster Ladies Library Assn Brewster, MA
Brewster Ladies Library Endowment Fund Inc. Brewster, MA
Brewster Memorial Scholarship Fund Brewster, MA
Brewster Town Band (Until December 2005) Brewster, MA
Burton A. and Maxine C. Rice Foundation 4 Brewster, MA
Cape Cod Museum of Natural History Inc. Brewster, MA
Cape Cod Repertory Theatre Company Incorporated Brewster, MA
Cape Cod Therapeutic Riding Clinic Inc. Brewster, MA
Clothesline Project Inc. Brewster, MA
Eagle Point Inc. Brewster, MA
Eddy Elementary School Parents Group Inc. Brewster, MA
Family-Centered Institute Brewster, MA
Four Corners Missions Inc. Brewster, MA
Friends of Crosby Mansion Inc. Brewster, MA
Friends of Nickerson State Park Brewster, MA
Friends of the Brewster Elders Corporation Brewster, MA
Grant W. Koch Scholarship Fund Brewster, MA
Irate Inc. Brewster, MA
Latham Centers Inc. Brewster, MA
Meeting House Chamber Music Festival Inc. Brewster, MA
Nauset Youth Hockey Association Brewster, MA
New England Fire & History Museum Inc. Brewster, MA
North Atlantic Dancearts Company Inc. Brewster, MA

Above is a list of organizations in Massachusetts that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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