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Vehicle Donation in Bethesda, Maryland

For people interested in vehicle donation in Bethesda, Maryland, below is a list of Bethesda, Maryland organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

University Housing Corporation Bethesda, MD
Usu Surgical Associates Bethesda, MD
Vehicles for Change Inc. Bethesda, MD
Victoria G. Gewirz Foundation Inc. 3 Bethesda, MD
Victory Housing Inc. Bethesda, MD
Visionary Institute for Total Ageless Living Inc. (Until December 2007) Bethesda, MD
Wakefulness Sleep Education and Research Foundation Inc. Bethesda, MD
Walt Whitman All Sports Booster Club Inc. Bethesda, MD
Walter Johnson All School Booster Club (Until June 2008) Bethesda, MD
Walter Johnson Crew Club Inc. (Until July 2007) Bethesda, MD
Washington Calligraphers Guild Incorporated Bethesda, MD
Washington Christian Housing Council Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington Conservatory of Music Bethesda, MD
Washington Episcopal Day School Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington Figure Skating Education and Development Fund Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington Musica Viva Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington School of Photography Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington Society of Pathologists Inc. Bethesda, MD
Washington Waldorf School Bethesda, MD
Washington Womens Committee for American Student Schlps to Japan Bethesda, MD
We Care Foundation A. New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation Bethesda, MD
Weiss Foundation 3 Bethesda, MD
Weiss Foundation for Ethnographic Research 4 Bethesda, MD
Wendi and Daniel H. Abramowitz Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bethesda, MD
Westmoreland Childrens Center Inc. Bethesda, MD
Westmoreland Hills Garden Club Bethesda, MD
Wharton School Club of Washington Bethesda, MD
Wildlife Society Inc. Bethesda, MD
William M. Lane Foundation 4 Bethesda, MD
Willow Brook Institute of International Relations Inc. Bethesda, MD
Wired on Wheels Inc. Bethesda, MD
Wixon Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Bethesda, MD
Wolfbein Family Foundation Inc. 4 Bethesda, MD
Women to the World Inc. Margaret F. Cudney Bethesda, MD
Womens Breat Cancer Advisory Center Inc. Bethesda, MD
Womens International Public Health Network Inc. Bethesda, MD
Womens Learning Partnership for Rights Development and Peace Ltd. Bethesda, MD
Wood Acres Elementary School Educational Foundation Inc. Bethesda, MD
Wordsoundaction Inc. Bethesda, MD
World Future Society Bethesda, MD
World Reach Inc. (Until September 2005) Bethesda, MD
Writers Center Bethesda, MD
Yfu International Educational Services Inc. (Until December 2006) Bethesda, MD
Yikalo Inc. Bethesda, MD
Youth for Understanding USA Inc. (Until December 2006) Bethesda, MD
Zickler Family Foundation 4 Bethesda, MD

Above is a list of organizations in Bethesda, Maryland that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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