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Vehicle Donation in Maryland

For people interested in vehicle donation in Maryland, below is a list of Maryland organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

First United Pentecostal Church of Salisbury Maryland Salisbury, MD
Friends Unlimited Incorporated Salisbury, MD
Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion Inc. Salisbury, MD
Friends of the Salisbury Zoo Inc. Salisbury, MD
Go-Getters Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Go-Getters Inc. Salisbury, MD
Gods Grace Salisbury, MD
Gods Way Deliverance Center (Until December 2006) Salisbury, MD
Grow in Grace Worship Center Salisbury, MD
Healthy U. of Delmarva Inc. (Until June 2007) Salisbury, MD
Hickory Lane One Inc. (Until June 2005) Salisbury, MD
Hindu Temple of Eastern Shore Inc. Salisbury, MD
Holly Community Inc. Salisbury, MD
Horse Lovers United Inc. Salisbury, MD
Hudson Health Services Inc. Salisbury, MD
Humane Society of Wicomico County Inc. Salisbury, MD
Jesus Saves House of Prayer and Refuge Outreach Ministry Inc. Salisbury, MD
John B. Parsons Foundation 4 Salisbury, MD
John H. Dulany Memorial Inc. 4 Salisbury, MD
Junior Auxiliary Board of Salisbury Inc. Salisbury, MD
Kids of Honor Inc. (Until June 2008) Salisbury, MD
Kings Ambassadors Inc. Salisbury, MD
Korean Presbyterian Church of Salisbury Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lakeview Housing Authority Inc. Salisbury, MD
Learning Disabilities Association of Maryland Inc. Salisbury, MD
Life Crisis Center Inc. Salisbury, MD
Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lloyd A. Richardson Foundation Inc. 4 Salisbury, MD
Loretta Village Housing Inc. Salisbury, MD
Loretta Village II Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lower Shore Clinic Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lower Shore Enterprises Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lower Shore Friends Inc. Salisbury, MD
Lyme Disease Association-Eastern Shore of Maryland (Until December 2008) Salisbury, MD
Mac Incorporated Salisbury, MD
Madeline G. Perdue Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Salisbury, MD
Magi-Fund Inc. Salisbury, MD
Main Street Gym Inc. Salisbury, MD
Marion and Hugh Oakley Family Foundation Inc. 4 Salisbury, MD
Maryland Capital Enterprises Inc. Salisbury, MD
Maryland Caucus of Black School Board Members Salisbury, MD
Maryland Committee for Powmia Inc. Salisbury, MD
Me Han Korean Pure Presbyterian Church Salisbury, MD
Messiah Baptist Fellowship Inc. Salisbury, MD
Mission Among Usi Wicomico County Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers Salisbury, MD
Mt. Enoch Holy Church Salisbury, MD
New Hope Assembly Church Salisbury, MD
Northpointe Ministries Inc. Salisbury, MD
Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates Inc. Salisbury, MD
One Hundred Good Men Inc. Salisbury, MD
Organize Unite and Revitalize O. U. R. Community Inc. Salisbury, MD
Our Good Presbyterian Church Salisbury, MD
Peninsula Regional Foundation Incorporated Salisbury, MD
Peninsula Regional Health System Salisbury, MD
Peninsula Regional Medical Center Salisbury, MD
Peninsula Regional Medical Center Insurance Trust Salisbury, MD
Pets on Wheels of Delmarva Inc. Salisbury, MD
Pine Bluff Village Auxiliary Inc. Salisbury, MD
Prayerline Ministries Salisbury, MD
Project R. E. C. O. V E. R. Y. Salisbury, MD
Rahabs Place Inc. (Until June 2007) Salisbury, MD
Rev Robert West Memorial Association Inc. Salisbury, MD
Richard A. Henson Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Salisbury, MD
Rookie League Sports International Inc. Salisbury, MD
Rotary Club of Salisbury Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
S. T. R. E. T. C. H. Outreach Resource Centers Inc. (Until December 2006) Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation Inc. (Until March 2007) Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Baptist Temple Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Christian School Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Fire Department 2 Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Fire Department Incorporated Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Fire Dept Station 1 State Fund Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Jaycees Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Medical Sciences Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Neighborhood Housing Service Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Opportunities Industrialization Center Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Revival Center Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury School Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury State University Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury State University Real Estate Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Substance Abuse Community Center Inc. Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Urban Ministries Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Westside Revitalization Partnership (Until June 2007) Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Wicomico Arts Council Salisbury, MD
Salisbury Zoo Commission Inc. Salisbury, MD
Second Wind Inc. Salisbury, MD
Shephards Child Care Center Salisbury, MD
Shining Star Baptist Salisbury, MD
Shore Transit Association Inc. (Until December 2005) Salisbury, MD
Shore Up Inc. Salisbury, MD
Signs and Wonders Unlimited Salisbury, MD
Sisterhood Salisbury, MD
Tabernacle of Prayer Outreach Ministries (Until December 2006) Salisbury, MD
The Chipman Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
The Dr Jack K. Williams Foundation 4 Salisbury, MD
The Old School Baptst Aid Association Inc. Salisbury, MD
The Wellness Community-Delmarva Inc. Salisbury, MD
United Way of the Lower Eastern Shore Inc. Salisbury, MD
Urban Salisbury Inc. Salisbury, MD
Village of Hope Inc. Salisbury, MD
Volunteers of Deers Head Inc. Salisbury, MD
Ward Foundation Salisbury, MD
We Really Care Inc. Salisbury, MD
Weeping Mary Baptist Church Salisbury, MD
West Side Volunteer Fire Department Inc. Salisbury, MD
Westside Community Center Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico County Extension Advisory Council Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico County Historical Properties Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Friends of Recreation and Parks Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Historical Society Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Performing Arts Association Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wicomico Presbyterian Properties Inc. Salisbury, MD
Witness International Inc. Salisbury, MD
Women Supporting Women Inc. Salisbury, MD
Wor-Wic Community College Salisbury, MD
Wor-Wic Technical Community College Foundation Inc. Salisbury, MD
YMCA Mid-Delmarva Family Salisbury, MD
National Association of Purchasing Management-Delmarva Inc. Salisbuty, MD
Baltimore Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends Sandy Spring, MD
Brooke Grove Foundation Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Community Volunteer Fire Rescue Association Inc. 6 Sandy Spring, MD
Counseling Services and Systems Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Friends House Sandy Spring, MD
Friends Nursing Home Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Greater Sandy Spring Green Space Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Potomac Valley Dressage Assoc Sandy Spring, MD
Quaker Boat Recycling Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Sandy Spring Friends School Sandy Spring, MD
Sandy Spring Museum Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Sandy Spring Slave Museum and African Art Gallery Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Sherwood Warrior Technology Club Inc. of Sherwood High School (Until June 2009) Sandy Spring, MD
The Sandy Spring Theater Group Inc. Sandy Spring, MD
Tobago Association of Metropolitian Washington Sandy Spring, MD
Sandy Spring Lions Foundation Inc. Sandy Springs, MD
S. E. S. A. M. E. Inc. Sausberg, MD
Carroll Baldwin Memorial Institute Inc. Savagage, MD
Armour of Light Ministries Inc. Savage, MD
Assistive Technology Loans Acquisitions Servcs & Training Inc. Savage, MD
Countryside Fellowship Church Inc. Savage, MD
Ernie Keller Ministries Inc. Savage, MD
First Baptist Church of Savage Howard County Savage, MD
Historic Savage Mill Inc. Savage, MD
International Center for Artistic Development Inc. Savage, MD
Kamakoti and Tirupati Foundation Incorporated Savage, MD
Kids Less Inc. (Until December 2007) Savage, MD
Powerpraise Ministries Inc. Savage, MD
Savage Boys & Girls Club Inc. Savage, MD
Society of Wine Educators Inc. Savage, MD
St. Mary Coptic Orthodox Church of Maryland Savage, MD
The Savage Cemetery Company of Howard County 6 Savage, MD
Vision Care International Ministries Inc. Savage, MD
Global Connections Foundation Inc. Saverna Park, MD
Documentary Treasures Inc. (Until December 2006) Seabrook, MD
Faith Independent Baptist Church Seabrook, MD
Grace Bible Church of Seabrook Seabrook, MD
Lords Church Seabrook, MD
National Sports and Academics Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Seabrook, MD
George Washington Carver Alumni Association Seabrooklanham, MD
Community Ministry of Prince George S. County Maryland Seat Pleasant, MD
Debt Solutions Credit Management Service Seat Pleasant, MD
District of Columbia Youth Football League (Until December 2007) Seat Pleasant, MD
Global Developmental Services for Youth Inc. Seat Pleasant, MD
Holy People for Christ Church Seat Pleasant, MD
Little David Baptist Church Inc. Seat Pleasant, MD
Mount Victory Baptist Church Seat Pleasant, MD
New Mt. Olivet Apostolic Church Seat Pleasant, MD
Patriots Inc. Seat Pleasant, MD
Seat Pleasant Community Development Corporation Seat Pleasant, MD
Streethelp Inc. (Until December 2006) Seat Pleasant, MD
The Seat Pleasant Volunteer Fire Company Incorporated Seat Pleasant, MD
Training Source Inc. Seat Pleasant, MD
William Van Dyke Minor Jr Educational Foundation (Until December 2006) Seat Pleasant, MD
Heart to Hand Inc. Seat Pleasanto, MD
Secretary Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Secretary, MD
Cultural Strategies Institute (Until December 2007) Seneca, MD
Dartington Solar Quest Charitable Trust Seneca, MD
A. Greyhounds Wish Inc. Severn, MD
Apostal True Foundation Church of Jesus Christ Severn, MD
Arundel Chapel Severn, MD
Arundel Christian Fellowship Inc. Severn, MD
Bibleway Baptist Church Wordwide Severn, MD
Bread of Life Church Inc. Severn, MD
Calvary Chapel Inc. Severn, MD
Calvary Christian Academy Endowment Fund Inc. (Until December 2005) Severn, MD
Captain Seaweed & Crew Inc. Severn, MD
Dr Kenneth A. Green Ministries Inc. Severn, MD
Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Ministries Inc. (Until December 2007) Severn, MD
Grace of God Fellowship Severn, MD
Greater Morningstar Pentecostal Church No 4 Severn, MD
Howard County Horse Show Association Severn, MD
Living Hope Church of Severn Inc. Severn, MD
M. & P. Patterson Foundation Tr 4 Severn, MD
Meade Natural Heritage Association Inc. Severn, MD
Meade Youth Basketball Association (Until December 2005) Severn, MD
Moww National Capital Area Youth Leadership Conference (Until December 2005) Severn, MD
National Capital Humane Society (Until December 2004) Severn, MD
New Life Christian Center Church of God in Christ Severn, MD
New Life Presbyterian Church Severn, MD

Above is a list of organizations in Maryland that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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