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Vehicle Donation in Maryland

For people interested in vehicle donation in Maryland, below is a list of Maryland organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Snow Hill Christian Nursery School Foundation Inc. Snow Hill, MD
Snow Hill Volunteer Fire Company Inc. Snow Hill, MD
Snowhill Citizens for Decent Hsng Snow Hill, MD
Worcester County Commission on Aging Incorporated Snow Hill, MD
Worcester County Extension Advisory Council Inc. Snow Hill, MD
Worcester County G. O. L. D. Inc. Snow Hill, MD
Worcester County Garden Club Trust Snow Hill, MD
Worcester County Historical Society Incorporated Snow Hill, MD
Ada and Gertrude Goble-Pearl Strickland Foundation 4 Solomons, MD
Calvert County Tennis Association Inc. Solomons, MD
Calvert Marine Society Inc. Solomons, MD
International Society for Computerized Electrocardiography Solomons, MD
Ramazzini Institute for Occupational & Env Health Res Inc. Solomons, MD
Smile Inc. Solomons, MD
Rocky Point Sailing Inc. Sparks Glenco, MD
Baltimore Fellowship Foundation Inc. Sparks, MD
Baltimore Heritage Quilt Guild Inc. Sparks, MD
Buck Family Foundation 4 Sparks, MD
Geist Church & Graveyard Foundation Baltimore County 4 Sparks, MD
Health Resource Network Inc. Sparks, MD
Hospice Integrated Health Services of District Vii-B. Inc. Sparks, MD
Ihs Foundation Sparks, MD
Love Center for Women and Children (Until December 2006) Sparks, MD
Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association Inc. Sparks, MD
McCormick & Co Inc. Fund Sparks, MD
Mirmiran Foundation 4 Sparks, MD
Peck Foundation Inc. 4 Sparks, MD
The American Friends of Cyprus Sparks, MD
Edgemere Sparrow Point Recreation and Parks Council Sparrows Pt, MD
Capital Treasure Buddhist Society Spencerville, MD
Cedar Ridge Community Church Spencerville, MD
The Union Cemetery Association of Montgomery County Maryland 6 Spencerville, MD
Church of God Springdale, MD
Col-Kel Education and Training Ministries (Until December 2006) Springdale, MD
Hope Community Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Springdale, MD
Kingdom Christian Academy Inc. Springdale, MD
Metro Marlin Swim Club Springdale, MD
Trinity Resources Non-Profit Corporation (Until December 2006) Springdale, MD
True Believers Ministries Springdale, MD
Dillard University Washington Dc Metropolitan Area Alumni Assoc Inc. Springfield, MD
Calvert Crusade for Children Inc. St. Leonard, MD
Friends of the Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum Inc. St. Leonard, MD
Patuxent Voices Inc. (Until July 2008) St. Leonard, MD
Rock Church of Southern Maryland Inc. St. Leonard, MD
Solomons Boys and Girls Club Inc. St. Leonard, MD
St. Leonard Volunteer Fire & Rescue Company Inc. St. Leonard, MD
Historic St. Marys City Foundation Inc. St. Marys City, MD
Southern Maryland Museum Association Inc. St. Marys City, MD
St. Mary Coll of Md Foundation Inc. Advancement Office-The White House St. Marys City, MD
St. Marys College of Maryland Boat Foundation Inc. (Until June 2005) St. Marys City, MD
St. Marys College of Maryland Inc. St. Marys City, MD
St. Marys Mathematics Foundation St. Marys City, MD
St. Marys Regional Senior Housing Project Inc. (Until December 2005) St. Marys City, MD
St. Michael Museum of Costume Inc. St. Michael, MD
Bay 100 Youth Task Force St. Michaels, MD
Bay Hundred Community Pool Association Inc. (Until December 2006) St. Michaels, MD
Christmas in St. Michaels Inc. St. Michaels, MD
Coastal Heritage Alliance (Until November 2007) St. Michaels, MD
Computer Literacy for Kids Inc. St. Michaels, MD
Environmental Concern Inc. St. Michaels, MD
Gateway Community Center Association Inc. (Until December 2007) St. Michaels, MD
Herson-Stirman Family Foundation Inc. 4 St. Michaels, MD
Historic St. Michaels Bay Hundred Inc. St. Michaels, MD
Knapp Educational Fund Inc. 4 St. Michaels, MD
Knapp Foundation Inc. 4 St. Michaels, MD
St. Marys Square Museum Inc. St. Michaels, MD
St. Michaels Community Center Inc. St. Michaels, MD
St. Michaels Fire Department Incorporated St. Michaels, MD
St. Michaels Rotary Club Foundation Inc. St. Michaels, MD
Stone Keenan Foundation Inc. 4 St. Michaels, MD
Talbot Little Theatre Inc. St. Michaels, MD
The Bay Hundred Education Foundation Inc. St. Michaels, MD
The Womans Club of St. Michaels Mary Land Incorporated St. Michaels, MD
Upper Eastern Shore Chapter Md Retired Officers Assn Inc. 6 St. Michaels, MD
Uss Sequoia Preservation Trust Ltd. (Until December 2007) St. Michaels, MD
William B. Bergen Foundation Inc. 4 St. Michaels, MD
Women Organized Against Homelessness St. Michaels, MD
Alumnae Association of St. Timothys School and Hannah More Academy Inc. Stevenson, MD
Corporation of St. Timothys School Stevenson, MD
Friends of Tourette Syndrome Research Inc. Stevenson, MD
Irvine Natural Science Center Inc. Stevenson, MD
Odyssey School Inc. Stevenson, MD
Rosa Ponselle Charitable Foundation Inc. 4 Stevenson, MD
Shoshana S. Cardin Family Foundation Inc. 4 Stevenson, MD
Sigmund M. Hyman Foundation Inc. 4 Stevenson, MD
Villa Julie College Inc. Stevenson, MD
White Trivas Family Foundation Inc. 4 Stevenson, MD
Woodvale Fund Inc. Stevenson, MD
Bonnie Johns Childrens Fund Inc. Stevensville, MD
Charles Gordon Sr & Mary Margaret McBee Scholarship Fund Inc. Stevensville, MD
Cove Creek Conservation & Wildlife Foundation (Until December 2005) Stevensville, MD
Eastern Shore Worship Center Inc. Stevensville, MD
Future Harvest Inc. Stevensville, MD
Kent Island Federation of Art Inc. Stevensville, MD
Kent Island Volunteer Fire Co Stevensville, MD
Kent Island Volunteer Marching Band Inc. Stevensville, MD
Living Water Community Food Bank Stevensville, MD
Maryland Council for Dance Stevensville, MD
Maryland Instructional Computer Coordinators Association Inc. Stevensville, MD
Spenser S. Hope Inc. (Until December 2005) Stevensville, MD
St. Michaels Conference Inc. Stevensville, MD
The Kent Island Heritage Society Inc. Stevensville, MD
The Queen Annes Chorale Inc. Stevensville, MD
The Southport Institute for Policy Analysis Stevensville, MD
Tuckahoe Steam & Gas Association Stevensville, MD
United Communities Vol Fire Dept Incorporated Romancoke Stevensville, MD
Advocacy for Seniors Incorporated (Until December 2009) Still Pond, MD
Prayer Band of Faith Church Still Pond, MD
Stockton Memory Gardens Inc. 6 Stockton, MD
1st North Carolina Artillery Battery A. Street, MD
Childrens Center of North Harford Street, MD
Harford County Lyme Disease Support Group Inc. Street, MD
Highland Community Association Inc. Street, MD
Highlands School Inc. Street, MD
Learning Disabilities Association of Harford County Inc. Street, MD
Maryland Horse Shows Association Inc. Street, MD
Therappeutic Riding at Normandy Far M. Incorporated Street, MD
Sudlersville Community Betterment Club Inc. Sudlersville, MD
Sudlersville Fire Company Incorporated Sudlersville, MD
Airmen Memorial Museum Inc. Suitland, MD
Armed Forces Veterans Homes Foundation Inc. Suitland, MD
Assembly of the Saints Inc. Suitland, MD
Black Ski Youth Inc. (Until December 2007) Suitland, MD
Branch 67 Fleet Reserve Association Inc. 6 Suitland, MD
Chesapeake Choral Union Suitland, MD
Culture Club Inc. 4 Suitland, MD
Faith Deliverance Breakthrough Ministries Worldwide Inc. Suitland, MD
First Angelic Missionary Baptist Church Suitland, MD
Galilee Baptist Church Suitland, MD
Galilee Community Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Suitland, MD
Gods Church International Suitland, MD
Gods Word Christian Church Suitland, MD
Gospel Bible Missionary Baptist Church Inc. Suitland, MD
Greater Grace Family Ministries Inc. Suitland, MD
His Heart is Missions International Church Inc. (Until December 2006) Suitland, MD
Hope and A. Future Inc. 5 Suitland, MD
House of Gilead Suitland, MD
House of God Church of the Living God Pillar and Ground of Truth Suitland, MD
James Robinson Ministries Inc. Suitland, MD
Kids Care Inc. Suitland, MD
Lords House of Glory (Until September 2005) Suitland, MD
Myoni Inc. (Until December 2006) Suitland, MD
National Organization of Black Women in Law Enforcement Suitland, MD
New Birth Christian Church Inc. Suitland, MD
Open Bible Ministries Suitland, MD
Painters & Allied Trades District Council 51 Joint Apprenticeship Suitland, MD
Pilgrimage Outreach Center Inc. Suitland, MD
Professional Sports Services (Until December 2008) Suitland, MD
React International Suitland, MD
Renaissance Christian Academy Inc. Suitland, MD
Rjv Performing Arts Center Inc. Suitland, MD
Rmar Studios Inc. Suitland, MD
Roja Productions Inc. Suitland, MD
Sharon Brown Greene Foundation (Until December 2008) Suitland, MD
Sheet Metal Workers Local 1Oo Scholarship Trust Fund Suitland, MD
Silver Hill Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad Inc. Suitland, MD
Skye Foundation Inc. Suitland, MD
St. Stephen Christian Community Church Suitland, MD
Stepping Stone Ministries Inc. (Until December 2006) Suitland, MD
Suitland Business Association Inc. Suitland, MD
Suitland Citizens Association Incorporated Suitland, MD
Suitland Family and Life Development Corporation Suitland, MD
Suitlandfest Community Development Corporation 4 Suitland, MD
True Faith Deliverance Church of the Messenger Ministries Suitland, MD
Warriors for Christ Ministries Incorporated Suitland, MD
Wells of Salvation Teaching & Crusade Center Suitland, MD
Women in Fellowship Suitland, MD
World Outreach Church of Christ Bible Way World Wide Suitland, MD
Youthfest 2005 (Until December 2008) Suitland, MD
Harford County Christian Jail Ministry Inc. Sullston, MD
Dancers Incorporated of Southern Maryland Sunderland, MD
Sunderland Elementary Family and School Organization (Until June 2007) Sunderland, MD
Great Council of Maryland Improved Order of Red Men Swanton, MD
Meghan Elizabeth Price Memorial Scholarship Fund Ua 111899 Swanton, MD
Swanton Mennonite Fellowship School Swanton, MD
7612 Charities Inc. (Until June 2007) Sykesville, MD
Ake No Myojo Budo Inc. Sykesville, MD
Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Carroll Cnty & Springfield Hosp Sykesville, MD
Appalachian Outreach Mission (Until December 2006) Sykesville, MD
Century High School Ptso Sykesville, MD
Century Music Boosters Inc. Sykesville, MD
Christian Family Outreach Center Sykesville, MD
Copper Ridge Inc. Sykesville, MD
Cornerstone Educational Services Inc. Sykesville, MD
Corporation for Restorative Justice Services Corjus Sykesville, MD
Cryptic Masons of the State of Delaware Grand Council Sykesville, MD
Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War-D. C. Dept-E. S. Mussey Tent 4 Sykesville, MD
Dog Ears and Paws Incorporated Sykesville, MD
Eldersburg Rogue Runners Inc. (Until December 2007) Sykesville, MD
Global Transformation Network Inc. (Until December 2005) Sykesville, MD
Haiti Mission Program Inc. (Until December 2007) Sykesville, MD
Howard County Pre School Inc. Sykesville, MD
Kerygma Media International Ltd. Sykesville, MD
Liberty Christian Counseling Service Inc. Sykesville, MD
Liberty High School Lion Backers Inc. Sykesville, MD
Liberty Instrumental Music Boosters Inc. Sykesville, MD
Magi Inc. Sykesville, MD
Maryland Cattlemens Association Inc. Sykesville, MD
Maryland Table Tennis Association Inc. Sykesville, MD
Mid-Atlantic German Shorthair Pointer Inc. (Until June 2005) Sykesville, MD

Above is a list of organizations in Maryland that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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