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Vehicle Donation in Maine

For people interested in vehicle donation in Maine, below is a list of Maine organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

John Bapst Memorial High School Foundation Bangor, ME
Kenduskeag Foundation 4 Bangor, ME
Kings Daughters Union 4 Bangor, ME
Leonard and Renee Minsky Charitable Trust 4 Bangor, ME
Lifeflight Foundation (Until June 2006) Bangor, ME
Lifeline Peer Support Volunteers (Until April 2007) Bangor, ME
Literacy Volunteers of America - Bangor Maine Bangor, ME
Lost Lamb Evangelistic Association Bangor, ME
Mabel Wadsworth Womens Health Center Bangor, ME
Main High School Baseball Classic Bangor, ME
Maine Aviation Historical Society Bangor, ME
Maine Childrens Scholarship Fund Bangor, ME
Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence Bangor, ME
Maine Forest & Logging Museum Inc. Bangor, ME
Maine Mental Health Connections Inc. Bangor, ME
Maine Public Policy Institute (Until December 2005) Bangor, ME
Maine Resource Recovery Association (Until June 2007) Bangor, ME
Maine Science Teachers Association Bangor, ME
Maineiacs Charities Inc. Bangor, ME
Mainestream Finance (Until September 2005) Bangor, ME
Manna Inc. Bangor, ME
Messiah Baptist Church Bangor, ME
Mhcpv Housing Inc. Bangor, ME
Mid-Coast Regional Planning Commission Bangor, ME
Monsignor Thomas J. Nelligan Scholarship Fund Bangor, ME
Mount Desert Center for the History of Landscape Architecture Inc. Bangor, ME
Mt. Hope Cemetery Corp 6 Bangor, ME
Municipal Review Committee Inc. Bangor, ME
New England Orthopedic Society Inc. Bangor, ME
New England School of Communications Bangor, ME
New Life Church Inc. Bangor, ME
New Life Mission Bangor, ME
North Bucksport Church Foundation Bangor, ME
Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators Bangor, ME
Northeast Combat Inc. Bangor, ME
Northeast Occupational Exchange 77 Bangor, ME
Northeastern Maine Emergency Medical Servuces Council Inc. Bangor, ME
Northern Maine Independent System Administration Inc. Bangor, ME
Northern Maine Oncology Nurses Group (Until December 2005) Bangor, ME
Norumbega Medical Specialists Ltd. Bangor, ME
Ofelias Community Resource Center (Until December 2007) Bangor, ME
Partnership for Healthy Communities Bangor, ME
Penobscot Area Housing Development Corp Bangor, ME
Penobscot Bar Library Association Bangor, ME
Penobscot Cerebral Palsy Foundation Bangor, ME
Penobscot Christian School Bangor, ME
Penobscot Community Health Center Bangor, ME
Penobscot County Area Triad Bangor, ME
Penobscot County Parent Awareness Group Bangor, ME
Penobscot Foundation for Developmental Services 5 Bangor, ME
Penobscot Theatre Company Bangor, ME
Penobscot Valley Council of Governments Bangor, ME
Penobscot Valley Senior College (Until June 2007) Bangor, ME
Penquis Community Action Program Inc. Bangor, ME
Penquis Development Inc. (Until September 2005) Bangor, ME
Pentagoet 4 Bangor, ME
Phillips-Strickland Charities Bangor, ME
Phillips-Strickland House Corporation Bangor, ME
Project Atrium Inc. Bangor, ME
Providence Multimedia (Until December 2006) Bangor, ME
Ralph Getchell Smith Memorial Fund 4 Bangor, ME
Rape Response Services Inc. Bangor, ME
Residential Care Services of Maine Bangor, ME
Ricky Craven Charity Ride Bangor, ME
Robinson Ballet Bangor, ME
Ronald McDonald House of Bangor Inc. Bangor, ME
Rosscare Nursing Home of Bangor Inc. 5 Bangor, ME
Safe Harbor Church Bangor, ME
Shaw House Bangor, ME
Shepherds Godparent Home Bangor, ME
Sorrento Memorial Fund Bangor, ME
Spruce Run Association Bangor, ME
St. Joseph Ambulatory Care Inc. Bangor, ME
St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation Bangor, ME
Sunrise Corp Bangor, ME
Sunshine Club of Crippled Children Bangor, ME
Sweatfree Communities (Until December 2007) Bangor, ME
Teen Haven of Maine Bangor, ME
Ten Bucks Theater Company Inc. (Until December 2006) Bangor, ME
The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation 4 Bangor, ME
The Bangor Youth Hockey Association Bangor, ME
The Northern Conservatory of Music and the Performing Arts Bangor, ME
Union Street Brick Church Bangor, ME
United Cerebral Palsy of Northeastern Maine Bangor, ME
United Soccer Federation of Maine Bangor, ME
United Way of Eastern Maine Bangor, ME
University of Maine System Inc. Bangor, ME
Veazie Salmon Club Memorial Fund Bangor, ME
Volunteer Cemetery Angels Bangor, ME
W. A. R. Womens Activity & Recreation Against Isolation Bangor, ME
Wabanaki Mental Health Association Npc Bangor, ME
Wanda L. Gray Mrtl Tr 4 Bangor, ME
Warren Center for Communication & Learning Bangor, ME
Wassookeag School Bangor, ME
Webber Oil Foundation 4 Bangor, ME
Wellspring Inc. Bangor, ME
William C. Bullock Jr Family Foundation 4 Bangor, ME
William C. Bullock Jr Scholarship Fund 4 Bangor, ME
Wingers (Until December 2006) Bangor, ME
Wings for Children and Families Bangor, ME
Winnie the Pooh Nursery School Bangor, ME
World of Twirl Boosters (Until June 2009) Bangor, ME
Young Mens Christian Association Bangor Bangor, ME
Young Womens Christian Association Bangor, ME
Aldermere Foundation 4 Banqor, ME
Jay L. Ramsdell Foundation Bar Habor, ME
Bar Harbor Historical Society Inc. Jesup Memorial Library Bar Harber, ME
Abbe Museum Bar Harbor, ME
Acadia Choral Society Bar Harbor, ME
Acadia Community Association (Until September 2006) Bar Harbor, ME
Acadian Football League (Until December 2005) Bar Harbor, ME
Arcady Music Society Bar Harbor, ME
Bar Harbor Village Improvement Association 3 Bar Harbor, ME
Birch Bay Retirement Village Bar Harbor, ME
Center for Human Genetics Bar Harbor, ME
Cetos Research Organization (Until June 2008) Bar Harbor, ME
Coastal Resources Center Inc. Bar Harbor, ME
College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor, ME
Deh Operating Company Bar Harbor, ME
Downeast Bar Foundation Bar Harbor, ME
Downeast Community Mental Health Center Bar Harbor, ME
Eden Childrens Chorus Bar Harbor, ME
Emca Inc. Bar Harbor, ME
Friends of Acadia Bar Harbor, ME
Friends of Taunton Bay Bar Harbor, ME
Garden Club of Mount Desert Bar Harbor, ME
Hulls Cove Neighborhood Association Bar Harbor, ME
Island Connections Bar Harbor, ME
Jackson Laboratory Bar Harbor, ME
Jefferson Davis Grant Foundation (Until December 2008) Bar Harbor, ME
Jesup Memorial Library Bar Harbor, ME
Kitty R. Coffin Nursing Scholarship Fund Bar Harbor, ME
Maine Lighthouse Corporation (Until September 2006) Bar Harbor, ME
Maine Sea Coast Missionary Society Bar Harbor, ME
Mdi Astronomical Assoc Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Fire and Rescue Association (Until December 2005) Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Island Community Health Plan Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Island Hospital Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Island Search & Rescue Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Island Youth Hostel Bar Harbor, ME
Mount Desert Summer Chorale Bar Harbor, ME
Mt. Desert Island YMCA Bar Harbor, ME
Project Hancock Bar Harbor, ME
Union Church Association Trust Bar Harbor, ME
Wholistic Health Resource Center Bar Harbor, ME
William Searls Scholarship Foundation 4 Bar Harbor, ME
Narragansett Number One Foundation 4 Bar Mills, ME
Renaissance Voices Inc. Bar Mills, ME
Saco River Grange Hall Inc. Bar Mills, ME
Friends of the Moosehorn (Until December 2007) Baring, ME
Gotts Island Association Bass Harbor, ME
Hillrest McKinley Cemetery Association 6 Bass Harbor, ME
Tremont Historical Society Bass Harbor, ME
A. Paw in the Door Inc. Bath, ME
Anna M. Severin Trust 4 Bath, ME
Arthur and Doris Berry Foundation 4 Bath, ME
Bath Area Family YMCA Bath, ME
Bath Area Food Bank Bath, ME
Bath Area Seniors Activity Center Inc. Bath, ME
Bath Community Garden (Until December 2008) Bath, ME
Bath Garden Club Bath, ME
Bath Historical Society 3 Bath, ME
Bath Housing Development Corporation Bath, ME
Bath Meeting House and Skatepark Center Bath, ME
Bath Municipal Band Bath, ME
Bath Rotary Club Charitable Trust Bath, ME
Brunswick Area Interfaith Council Bath, ME
Chocolate Church Arts Center Bath, ME
Coastal Economic Development Corporation Bath, ME
Corporal Works Society of Saint Marys Church 4 Bath, ME
Council of American Maritime Museums Inc. Bath, ME
Davenport Trust Fund 4 Bath, ME
Emerging Incorporated Bath, ME
F. A. S. T. Inc. Bath, ME
Family Focus Bath, ME
First Federal Savings & Loan Assoc of Bath Charitable Foundation (Until December 2007) Bath, ME
Frank A. Givin Charitable Tr 4 Bath, ME
Friends of Seguin Island Bath, ME
Friends of the Zorach Foundation (Until December 2006) Bath, ME
Gray Family Foundation 4 Bath, ME
Hyde School Bath, ME
Hyde School at South Woodstock Inc. Bath, ME
Lower Kennebec Regional Land Trust Bath, ME
Main Street Bath (Until December 2005) Bath, ME
Maine Fishermens Forum Bath, ME
Maine Maritime Museum Bath, ME
Maine Organization for Students in Technology (Until December 2007) Bath, ME
Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance Bath, ME
Merrymeeting Center for Child Development Bath, ME
Morse High School Scholarship Fund Bath, ME
New England Wildlife Tr Bath, ME
Old Bath Custom House Inc. Bath, ME
Patten Free Library Bath, ME
Pine Tree Society for Handicapped Children & Adults Inc. Bath, ME
Plant Memorial Home 3 Bath, ME
Residential Initiatives for Maine Bath, ME
The Hyde Foundation Bath, ME
Tri-County Literacy Volunteers Bath, ME
United Voice Community Land Tr Bath, ME
United Way of Mid Coast Maine Inc. Bath, ME

Above is a list of organizations in Maine that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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