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Vehicle Donation in Detroit, Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Detroit, Michigan, below is a list of Detroit, Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Kings Temple Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Kittys Place Inc. Detroit, MI
Knights Templar Christian Youth Movement Committee Masonic Temple Detroit, MI
Kristines Challenge Programs Incorporated Detroit, MI
Kte Foundation for Literary Discovery (Until March 2008) Detroit, MI
L. & L. Adult Day Care Inc. Detroit, MI
L. C. & Margaret Walker Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
L. H. Foley and M. H. Frischkorn Wildlife and Conservation Fund I. Detroit, MI
L. H. Foley and M. H. Frischkorn Wildlife and Conservation Fund II Detroit, MI
L. I. F. T. Womens Resource Center Detroit, MI
L. Muslimun Incorporated Detroit, MI
La Salle College Park Improvement Association Inc. Detroit, MI
Laban Ministries International Inc. Detroit, MI
Labor Education & Research Project Detroit, MI
Lady Londen Winters Ministries Detroit, MI
Lamb of God Outreach Servants Global Ministries Detroit, MI
Lambda Pi Omega Foundation of Detroit Inc. Detroit, MI
Lance M. Atisha Memorial Fund Detroit, MI
Land Assembly for Neighborhood Development (Until September 2004) Detroit, MI
Landmark Spiritual Temples of Deliverance Inc. Detroit, MI
Last Days Ministry Detroit, MI
Last Days Mission of Christ Deliverance Ministry Detroit, MI
Latens Deitas Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Inc. Detroit, MI
Latino Cultural Educational Foundation (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Latino Family Services Inc. Detroit, MI
Latreese Nicole Fagan Memorial Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Latter Day Messiah Incorporated Detroit, MI
Lawrence S. Charfoos Charitable Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Lawrence Scripps Wilkinson Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
League of Muslim Women Inc. Detroit, MI
Learning Institute of Family Education Inc. Detroit, MI
Leeway Foundation Inc. Detroit, MI
Legacy Associates Foundation Detroit, MI
Legal Aid and Defender Association Inc. Detroit, MI
Leland Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Lelanders (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Lemay Church of Christ Detroit, MI
Leslie H. & Edith C. Green Charitable Trust 02033200239081 (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Leslie H. Edith C. and Robert N. Green Memorial Endowment Fund 4 Detroit, MI
Leslie L. Squires Foundation Detroit, MI
Let My People Go Evangelistic Ministries Detroit, MI
Let-Them-Come-Mbc Detroit, MI
Leukemia-Research-Life Inc. Detroit, MI
Lewis College of Business Detroit, MI
Lewis E. Maire Parent Teacher Organization Detroit, MI
Lewis Mayes Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Lewisite Inc. Detroit, MI
Liberty House Management Corporation Detroit, MI
Liberty Temple Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Library Staff Memorial and Fellowship Association Detroit Pub Detroit, MI
Life Challenge of Southeastern Michigan Detroit, MI
Life Changing Center Inc. 4 Detroit, MI
Life Directions Inc. Detroit, MI
Life Organization of Detroit Detroit, MI
Life Work Community Developement Center (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Lifeline Community Development Corporation Detroit, MI
Lifestyle Development Community Center (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Light and Life Ministries Incorporated (Until December 2008) Detroit, MI
Lighthouse Cathedral Detroit, MI
Lighthouse Community Center (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Lillies Soup Kitchen (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Lions Hearing Center of Southeastern Michigan (Until December 2008) Detroit, MI
Lipke Park Advisory Counsel (Until January 2007) Detroit, MI
Little Caesars Love Kitchen Inc. 4 Detroit, MI
Little Rock Community Development Nphc (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Little Rock Missionary Baptist Church Tree of Life Foundation Detroit, MI
Living Arts (Until June 2006) Detroit, MI
Living Better Living Well Housing Group (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Living Church of Today Detroit, MI
Living Truth Temple Detroit, MI
Living Word Outreach Ministries Inc. Detroit, MI
Living the Word Christian Ministries Detroit, MI
Local School Community Organization of Warren E. Bow Elementary School (Until June 2006) Detroit, MI
Lomax Temple A. M. E. Zion Church Detroit, MI
Looking for My Sister (Until December 2008) Detroit, MI
Loraine and Melinese Reuter Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Lorraine D. Matson T. U. A. 4 Detroit, MI
Lotus Press Inc. Detroit, MI
Louis Mentlikowski Char Fndtn Trust 02-23-1982 02033050651370 4 Detroit, MI
Louise G. Hill Irrv Scholarship Tr 23838 Detroit, MI
Louisiana Home Inc. Detroit, MI
Love Community Outreach Services Center Detroit, MI
Love Joy Church Detroit, MI
Love Tabernacle Non-Denominational Church Detroit, MI
Love Your Neighbor Detroit, MI
Love of God Ministries & Training Center Detroit, MI
Lovelight Foundation Inc. Detroit, MI
Loyal Temple Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Ltbc Community Outreach & Nonprofit Housing Corporation Detroit, MI
Lucille S. Thompson Family Fund 4 Detroit, MI
Luella Hannan Memorial Home 3 Detroit, MI
Lula Belle Stewart Center Inc. Detroit, MI
Lutheran Church of St. Timothy Detroit, MI
Lutheran Housing Corporation Detroit, MI
Lutheran Nonprofit Housing Corporation-Lansing (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Lutheren Housing Corporation of Flat Rock Detroit, MI
M. & S. Human Services Agency Inc. Detroit, MI
M. O. P. Non Profit Inc. Detroit, MI
M. O. S. E. S. Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength Detroit, MI
M. O. T. H. E. R. S. Detroit, MI
Mabel H. Harris FBO Charity 4 Detroit, MI
Mable and Ray Petersen Master Craftmans Scholarship Trust 4 Detroit, MI
Mack Alive Detroit, MI
Mack East Community Center (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Madrase Talimul Qur-An Detroit, MI
Maduson Eagle Homes Inc. Detroit, MI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Institute for Biomedical Research Detroit, MI
Majestic Education Foundation Inc. Detroit, MI
Making A. Positive Impact Inc. Detroit, MI
Making It to the Finish Line (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Making Jobs for Youth Center for Tots and Teens Detroit, MI
Managed Care Group of Detroit-Wayne County Detroit, MI
Management & Development Systems Inc. (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Manhood Inc. Detroit, MI
Manna of Detriot (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Manoogian Mansion Restoration Society Detroit, MI
Maranatha Ministries of Detroit Detroit, MI
Mardigian Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Mariners Church of Detroit Foundation Detroit, MI
Mariners Inn Detroit, MI
Marriage for A. Lifetime Ministries Detroit, MI
Marshall Alexander Youth Foundation (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Martha W. Roberts Center for Restoration (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Martin Trepel Foundation Inc. 4 Detroit, MI
Mary D. Morman Trust 4 Detroit, MI
Mary H. Hill Scholarship Fund (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Mary Maybury Berkery Memorial Fund 4 Detroit, MI
Mary McLeod Bethune Assn of Michigan Detroit, MI
Mary Thompson Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Mary Thornton Scholarship Fund (Until September 2006) Detroit, MI
Marygrove Nonprofit Housing Corporation Detroit, MI
Marygrove Nonprofit Housing Corporation II Detroit, MI
Masco Corporation Charitable Trust 4 Detroit, MI
Masjid Al-Haqq Detroit, MI
Masjid Al-Ikhlas & Al-Ikhlas Training Academy Detroit, MI
Masjid Baitul Mukarram Detroit, MI
Masjidun-Nur of North East Detroit Detroit, MI
Masonic Temple Library and Hall of Fame Detroit, MI
Masters Non-Profit Broadcasting Network Inc. Detroit, MI
Matilda R. Wilson Fund 4 Detroit, MI
Matlees Place (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Matrix Human Services Detroit, MI
Matrix Theatre Company Inc. Detroit, MI
Mattie H. Ware Community Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Detroit, MI
Maurice & Jane Sugar Law Center for Economic and Social Justice Detroit, MI
Maurice King Foundation of American Music Detroit, MI
Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Foundation Inc. 4 Detroit, MI
May Mitchell Royal Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Mayflower Nursery Play Center Detroit, MI
Mayors Time (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Mays Second Chance Recovery (Until December 2008) Detroit, MI
McGregor Fund 4 Detroit, MI
McKeen Foundation 02033090722094 4 Detroit, MI
Meditation Outreach to the Blind and Radio Ministry Inc. Detroit, MI
Meeting the Need of Gods People Outreach Christian Center Inc. Detroit, MI
Mel Straight Ministries A/K/A. Victory Bible Church Detroit, MI
Melton Community Services and Nonprofit Housing Corporation Detroit, MI
Men Who Dare Inc. Detroit, MI
Men of Color Motivational Group Inc. Detroit Detroit, MI
Men on the Move Community Development Coalition (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Mentor Service Group Inc. (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Mercy Education Project Detroit, MI
Merkaz -Center of Jewish Religious Observances- Detroit, MI
Messiah Baptist Church Detroit, MI
Methodist Childrens Home Society Supporting Organization Detroit, MI
Metro Area Animal Adoption Association (Until December 2006) Detroit, MI
Metro Area Youth Athletic League (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Metro Detroit Habitat for Humanity Detroit, MI
Metro Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2005) Detroit, MI
Metro Empowerment Center Inc. Detroit, MI
Metro Health Foundation 4 Detroit, MI
Metro Healthcare Services Inc. (Until September 2007) Detroit, MI
Metro Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Detroit, MI
Metro Temple Inc. Detroit, MI
Metro-East Drug Treatment Center Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Affairs Coalition Detroit, MI
Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Agency for Retarded Citizens Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Arts Complex Inc. Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Baptist Church Non Profit Housing Corporation Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Baptist Church of Detroit Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Children and Youth Inc. Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Christian Council Detroit-Windsor Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Community Center Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Community Tabernacle Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Det Bur of Sch St. Inc. Wayne State University Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Detroit Afl-Cio Council Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Detroit Alliance of Black School Educators Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Detroit Plumbing Industry Training Trust Fund Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Educational and Cultural Activities Association Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Jail Ministry Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Outreach Association Detroit, MI
Metropolitan Racquet Club Junior Tennis Program Detroit, MI
Mette Foundation Inc. 4 Detroit, MI
Mexicantown Community Development Corporation Detroit, MI
Meyers-Six Mile Community Development Organization Detroit, MI
Michael T. Schoenith Family Foundation Inc. (Until December 2008) Detroit, MI
Michael and Nancy Timmis Foundation 4 Detroit, MI

Above is a list of organizations in Detroit, Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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