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Vehicle Donation in Flint, Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Flint, Michigan, below is a list of Flint, Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Genesee County Educational Foundation Flint, MI
Genesee County Free Medical Clinic Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee County Historical & Museum Society Flint, MI
Genesee County Literacy Coalition Flint, MI
Genesee County Special Deputies Flint, MI
Genesee County Welfare Rights Organiization Flint, MI
Genesee County Youth Corporation Flint, MI
Genesee Economic Area Revitalization Incorporated Flint, MI
Genesee Freenet Flint, MI
Genesee Health Plan Flint, MI
Genesee Lapeer and Shiawasee Center for Independent Living Flint, MI
Genesee Valley Indian Association Inc. Flint, MI
Genesee Wind Symphony Flint, MI
Genesee Youth Robotics Organization (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
Genesis Christian Activity & Recreational Center Flint, MI
Genesys Convalescent Center - Grand Blanc Inc. Flint, MI
Genesys Hurley Cancer Institute Flint, MI
Georgia Intensive Family Services Inc. (Until September 2008) Flint, MI
Ghassan & Manal Saab Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Girl Scouts Fair Winds Council Inc. Flint, MI
Glad Tidings Ministries Inc. Flint, MI
Glenn & Elizabeth Sargent Endowment Fund 4 Flint, MI
Glenwood Cemetery Association 6 Flint, MI
Golden & Lillian M. Fuller Char T. A. Dtd 043079 FBO Luth Church Mo 4 Flint, MI
Good News Baptist Tabernacle Flint, MI
Goodwill Industries of Mid-Michigan Inc. Flint, MI
Gospel Light Baptist Church Flint, MI
Gospel Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Flint, MI
Grace Baptist Bible Fellowship Flint, MI
Grace Cathedral Community Church Flint, MI
Grace Emmanuel Community Outreach G. E. C. O. Flint, MI
Grand Blanc Township Police Officers Association Flint, MI
Great Lakes Baptist District Association Flint, MI
Great Lakes Baptist Missionary Association Flint, MI
Great Lakes Cancer Institute Flint, MI
Greater Eastside Community Association Flint, MI
Greater Flint Area Hospitals Imaging Center Inc. Flint, MI
Greater Flint Arts Council Flint, MI
Greater Flint Council of Churches Flint, MI
Greater Flint Health Coalition Inc. Flint, MI
Greater Flint Mental Health Facilities Inc. Flint, MI
Greater Flint Orthodox Endowment Fund Inc. (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Greater Flint Thumb Area 4C. Assoc Community Coordinated Child Care Flint, MI
Group Living Facilities Non-Profit Housing Corporation Flint, MI
Guiding Light Baptist Church Flint, MI
H. H. Beaman Fund 4 Flint, MI
Hamilton Community Health Network Inc. Flint, MI
Hanflik Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Harvest House Shelter Inc. Flint, MI
Heart Beat of Greater Flint Inc. Flint, MI
Hearthstone Non-Profit Corporation Flint, MI
Help Center for Youth (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Herbert A. & Florence P. Gilles Scholarship Tr 115012403 4 Flint, MI
Heron Oaks Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Hogue Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Holy Hill Church of God in Christ Flint, MI
Hope Outreach Ministries (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Hougen Foundation 4 Flint, MI
House of Hope Family Ministry Flint, MI
House of Prayer in Jesus Name Flint, MI
Hui-Keng Pua Uyham Memorial Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Hundred Club of Flint Flint, MI
Hurley Clinics Flint, MI
Hurley East Village Inc. Flint, MI
Hurley Foundation Flint, MI
Hurley Health Services Flint, MI
Hurley Medical Center Auxiliary Flint, MI
Independent Spiritualist Association of the United States O. Flint, MI
Indo-American Health & Education Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Inner City Union (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Insight Care Centers Inc. Flint, MI
Insight Inc. Flint, MI
Intake Assessment & Referral Center Flint, MI
Integrated Networks Inc. Flint, MI
Interact Family Services Flint, MI
International Institute of Flint Mich Inc. Flint, MI
Isaac Epps Scholarship Fund Flint, MI
Isabel Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Islamic Center Mu Min Inc. Flint, MI
Issachar Institute (Until June 2006) Flint, MI
Ivy House (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
J. Dallas Dort Music Study Scholarship Trust Flint, MI
Jack P. Sanders and Marguerite E. Sanders Memorial Fund 4 Flint, MI
Jackson Temple Church Flint, MI
James A. Welch Foundation 4 Flint, MI
James E. Kennedy Family Life Center (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
James H. Whiting Auditorium Trust Citizens Commercial & Savings 4 Flint, MI
Jennings Memorial Foundation Tr 115008856 4 Flint, MI
Jesus Christ the King Foundation Flint, MI
Jewell Educational Fund Flint, MI
Jewish Community Services Flint, MI
John & Sally Goggins Family Foundation 4 Flint, MI
John Bees Jr and Nesbeth E. Bees Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Junior League of Flint Flint, MI
Katherine Mann Charitable Tr 120002217 4 Flint, MI
Kay Lawrence Memorial Fund Flint, MI
Kearsley Educational Foundation Flint, MI
Kentucky Intensive Family Services Inc. (Until June 2006) Flint, MI
Kettering University Flint, MI
Kingdom of Heaven Ministries Flint, MI
Kirk Trust Fund Trust 1017 Nect Flint, MI
Kiwanis Health Camp Foundation Inc. Flint, MI
Kris Sirchio Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Kusaidia Flint, MI
L. J. H. J. Community Development Corporation 4 Flint, MI
Legal Services of Eastern Michigan Flint, MI
Li Tah Ni Chapter of American Business Womens Association 6 Flint, MI
Liberty Christian Outreach Ministries Inc. Flint, MI
Life Enrichment Center Flint, MI
Living Word Ministry Flint, MI
Longway Foundation First Presbyterion Church Trust 1713 Flint, MI
Love Inc. Genesee County Churches Flint, MI
Loving-Russell Math and Reading Clinic Incorporated Flint, MI
Mae L. Duhamel Trust Union Bank & Trust Co Ttee 4 Flint, MI
Margaret Bonn Scholarship Trust 4 Flint, MI
Margaret Jane Stoker Charitable Tr 4 Flint, MI
Margaret McNally Memorial Fund 4 Flint, MI
Marigowda Nagaraju Md & Renuka Nagaraju Charitable Family Foundat 4 Flint, MI
Maurice and Virginia Hecht Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Maxwell K. Pribil Irrv Memorial Tr 115012171 4 Flint, MI
Maxwell K. Pribil Trust FBO 4 Flint, MI
McFarlan Home 3 Flint, MI
McLaren Extended Care Inc. Flint, MI
McLaren Health Care Corporation Flint, MI
McLaren Medical Management Inc. Flint, MI
McLaren Regional Medical Center Flint, MI
McLaren Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Flint, MI
Medical Society Foundation Flint, MI
Merkley Charitable Trust 4 Flint, MI
Metro Housing Partnership Inc. Flint, MI
Metropolitan Baptist Tabernacle Housing Development Corporation Flint, MI
Michael Jeffers Memorial Education Fund 4 Flint, MI
Michigan Animal Health Foundation Flint, MI
Michigan Basketball Association Flint, MI
Michigan Senior Network Service Agency Flint, MI
Michigan Vascular Research Center Inc. (Until June 2007) Flint, MI
Mid-America Association of Educational Opportunity Prgrm Prsn Flint, MI
Mid-Michigan Railway Historical Society-Scale Replica Rr Assoc Flint, MI
Millionth Man Inc. Flint, MI
Mind Body & Soul Christian Dance Ministry Flint, MI
Mission of Peace-Cdc Flint, MI
Motherly Intercession (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Mott Childrens Farm Association Inc. (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Mott Childrens Health Center Flint, MI
Mt. Hebron Community Outreach Inc. (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Mt. Tabor Enterprise Community Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Flint, MI
Museum of Black American History Flint Flint, MI
Nadalynn Conway Charitable Trust 4 Flint, MI
Nami Genesee County Flint, MI
National Center for Community Education 4 Flint, MI
National Council on Alcoholism Greater Flint Area Inc. Flint, MI
National Orientation Directors Georgia Southern University (Until November 2008) Flint, MI
Neighborhood House Non-Profit Corporation Flint, MI
New Century Support Services Inc. Flint, MI
New Community Baptist Church Flint, MI
New Direction Youth Program Flint, MI
New Flint Neighborhood Programs Inc. Flint, MI
New Heaven Missionary Baptist Church Flint, MI
New Paths Inc. Flint, MI
Normalized Services Incorporated Flint, MI
Northwest Christian Church Flint, MI
Odyssey Housing Development Corporation Flint, MI
Old Newsboys of Flint Flint, MI
Omega Missionary Baptist Church Flint, MI
On Eagles Wings Inc. Flint, MI
Operation Life Foundation Flint, MI
Otto and Helen Roethke Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Flint, MI
Paragon Non Profit Housing Corporation Flint, MI
Peace Bapist Church of Flint Michigan Flint, MI
People of the Way Flint, MI
Phinisee Outreach Shelter for Women (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan Facilities Holding Corp Flint, MI
Planned Parenthood of East Central Michigan Inc. Flint, MI
Priority Children Flint, MI
Progressive Dream Builders (Until December 2006) Flint, MI
Providence Missionary Baptist Church of Flint Flint, MI
Q. G. P. Non-Profit Leasing Corporation Flint, MI
Quality Life Advocacy Corporation Flint, MI
Quality Living Systems Management Corporation Flint, MI
Quota Club of Flint Charitable Foundation Flint, MI
Rachor Family Foundation Ltd. 4 Flint, MI
Ready Set Grow Passport Initiative (Until December 2005) Flint, MI
Refuge Temple Church of Flint Flint, MI
Resource Center Flint, MI
Restoration Outreach Center Flint, MI
Resurrection Community Services Flint, MI
Richard Allen Economic Development Corporation Flint, MI
Riverside Tabernacle Assembly of God Flint, MI
Robert J. Whaley Trust UW 2-8-15 Flint, MI
Robert T. & Irene G. Longway Tr FBO Longway Planetarium 2405 Flint, MI
Rose & K. V Mathew Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Ruby L. Gibbs Charitable Trust 4 Flint, MI
Ruth Mott Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Ryals Foundation 4 Flint, MI
Saint Francis Prayer Center Inc. Flint, MI
Salem Housing Community Development Corporation Flint, MI
Salem Non Profit Housing Corporation Flint, MI
Save A. Child Foundation Flint, MI
Scan Senior Citizen Anti Crime Network Flint, MI
Sculpture Associates Inc. Left Bank Gallery Flint, MI

Above is a list of organizations in Flint, Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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