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Vehicle Donation in Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Michigan, below is a list of Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Evangelical Mennonite Church Camping Association Lawton, MI
Greater Kalamazoo Area Holiday Food Drive (Until May 2007) Lawton, MI
Lawton Education Foundation Inc. Lawton, MI
Lawton Heritage Museum Inc. Lawton, MI
Michigan Elks Association Major Project Commission Lawton, MI
Red Arrow Soccer Club Lawton, MI
The Church of Christ Restored Lawton, MI
Associated Wildlife Educators Leland, MI
Beyond the Bay Film Series Inc. Leland, MI
Feather Foundation 4 Leland, MI
Fishtown Preservation Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Leland, MI
Leelanau Childrens Center Inc. Leland, MI
Leelanau Community Cultural Center Leland, MI
Leelanau Conservancy Leland, MI
Leelanau Historical Society Leland, MI
Leland Community Methodist Church Leland, MI
Trumbull Family Foundation 4 Leland, MI
Juddville Historical Society (Until December 2007) Lennon, MI
Lennon Volunteer Firemen Association Lennon, MI
Resurrection Fund of Clarkston Leonard, MI
Community Christian Outreach Leroy, MI
Leroy Area Open Space Inc. (Until December 2007) Leroy, MI
Luther Area Museum Association Leroy, MI
Morning Star Adventures Inc. Leroy, MI
Rose Lake Youth Camp Inc. Leroy, MI
The Leroy Area Historical Society Leroy, MI
Dansville Community Athletic Association Leslie, MI
Leslie Area Ambulance Service Inc. Leslie, MI
Leslie Area Educational Foundation Leslie, MI
Okinawan Sanchin-Ryu Karate Association Leslie, MI
Society of the Brethren 3 Leslie, MI
Levering Senior Citizens Levering, MI
Young Mens Bible Class of Scovel Memorial Presbyterian Church Inc. Levonia, MI
Community Sharing Program Lewiston, MI
Evol Soldiers Inc. (Until December 2006) Lewiston, MI
Friends of Lewiston Library (Until May 2007) Lewiston, MI
Garland Golf Charities Inc. Lewiston, MI
Lewiston 50 Plus Club Inc. Lewiston, MI
Lewiston Area Historical Society Lewiston, MI
Lewistons Best Friends Lewiston, MI
Michigan Assoc of Transcribers for the Visually Impaired Lewiston, MI
Community Economic Development Association of Michigan Lexington, MI
Lexington Arts Council Inc. (Until December 2005) Lexington, MI
United Way of Sanilac County Inc. Lexington, MI
American Indian Services Inc. Lincoln Park, MI
Band Boosters Club Lincoln Park High School Lincoln Park, MI
Celebration Ministries Inc. Lincoln Park, MI
Cocroft-Weems Educational Foundation Inc. Lincoln Park, MI
Community Care Properties Lincoln Park, MI
Community Care Services Lincoln Park, MI
Downriver Area Christian Community Lincoln Park, MI
Downriver Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired Inc. Lincoln Park, MI
Downriver Bible Church Lincoln Park, MI
Downriver Genealogical Society Lincoln Park, MI
Friends of Ecorse Creek Inc. Lincoln Park, MI
Friends of the Lincoln Park Animal Shelter (Until December 2007) Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park Non-Profit Housing Corporation Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park Preservation Alliance Lincoln Park, MI
Lincoln Park Youth Assistance Corporation Lincoln Park, MI
National Urban Indian Coalition Lincoln Park, MI
Rick Amato Ministries Lincoln Park, MI
The Bowens Memorial Foundation (Until September 2008) Lincoln Park, MI
Tri-City Baptist Church of Lincoln Park Lincoln Park, MI
Victory Bible Baptist Church Lincoln Park, MI
Victory Center Ministries Lincoln Park, MI
Daughters of Scotia 218 Lady Macrae Lodge Lincoln Pk, MI
Alcona Citizens for Health Inc. Lincoln, MI
Alcona County Commission on Aging Lincoln, MI
Alcona Humane Society Lincoln, MI
Byron Area Athletic Association Linden, MI
Church of the Positive Inner Feelings Inc. Linden, MI
Deerfield Center Burying Grounds Corporation 6 Linden, MI
Linden Community Educational Foundation Linden, MI
Linden Firefighters Association 4 Linden, MI
Loose Senior Citizens Center Inc. Linden, MI
Michigan Child Study Association Linden, MI
Independent Order of Oddfellows of Michigan-Friendship Village Litchfield, MI
Litchfield Area Historical Society Litchfield, MI
Litchfield Community Chest Litchfield, MI
Litchfield Elementary P. T. O. Litchfield, MI
Marilyn Reigle Cooperative Preschool Inc. Litchfield, MI
Raker Foundation 4 Litchfield, MI
A. N. F. E. of Michigan-Associazione Nazional Famiglie Degli Emig (Until December 2006) Livonia, MI
A. and L. Homes Inc. Livonia, MI
AAA Crisis Pregnancy Center Livonia, MI
Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood Foundation Inc. Livonia, MI
Alternative Services Inc. Livonia, MI
Angela Hospice Home Care Inc. Livonia, MI
Apostolic Christian Church -Nazarean- Livonia, MI
Apostolic Christian Church of Redford Livonia, MI
Arc Business Ventures Corporation Livonia, MI
Art Road Non Profit Corporation (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
Beacon Adult Day Services (Until September 2006) Livonia, MI
Bell Creek Community Church Livonia, MI
Berean Baptist Church of Livonia Livonia, MI
Bmd Group Inc. Livonia, MI
Bob Brown Charitable Foundation Livonia, MI
Buck Enterprises Inc. (Until December 2005) Livonia, MI
Bulldog Aquatic Club (Until August 2006) Livonia, MI
Center for Military Readiness Livonia, MI
Churchill Athletic Patrons (Until June 2008) Livonia, MI
Club Vit Livonia, MI
Colleen J. Howe Foundation (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
Community Living Concepts Inc. Livonia, MI
Community Opportunity Center Inc. Livonia, MI
Community Opportunity Center Non- Profit Housing Corporation Livonia, MI
Community Services Network Inc. Livonia, MI
Conference of Western Wayne Livonia, MI
Constantino Del Signore Foundation Livonia, MI
Coordinating Council of Widowed Services/Southeastern Mi Inc. Livonia, MI
Detroit Christadelphian Bible Explorers Inc. 4 Livonia, MI
Detroit Laestadian Congregation Livonia, MI
Diaspora Services & Consulting (Until December 2008) Livonia, MI
Domel Inc. Livonia, MI
Domus Vita Livonia, MI
Educational Teleconsortium of Michigan Livonia, MI
Emerald Place Inc. Livonia, MI
Emily Ann Griffin Foundation Livonia, MI
Evangelical Presbyterian Church Livonia, MI
Foundation of Michigan Association of Physicians From India Inc. Livonia, MI
Friends for the Development of Greenmead Inc. Livonia, MI
Friends of Mackenzie High School Livonia, MI
Friends of Michigan Libraries Livonia, MI
Friends of Nankin Mills Livonia, MI
Friends of the Barn Inc. Livonia, MI
Friends of the Livonia Public Library Livonia, MI
Friends of the Ukrainian Bandurists Chorus Inc. Livonia, MI
Garfield Cooperative Preschool Livonia, MI
Genesis Troupe Livonia, MI
Glen Eden Lutheran Church 6 Livonia, MI
Gods Heart Incorporated Livonia, MI
Great Expectations Childrens Speech Language & Learning Center (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
Great Lakes Feis (Until September 2005) Livonia, MI
Grey Heart Greyhound Rescue & Adoption of Michigan Inc. Livonia, MI
H. O. N. O. R. Foundation 4 Livonia, MI
Hearing Aid Foundation Livonia, MI
Heritage Affordable Housing Inc. (Until March 2005) Livonia, MI
Horizon Helathcare Inc. Livonia, MI
India Medical Mission Assistance Inc. Livonia, MI
Institute of Natural Health Sciences Inc. Livonia, MI
Islamic Services Inc. Livonia, MI
Italian American Club of Livonia Charitable Foundation (Until December 2005) Livonia, MI
Ja Noah House Inc. Livonia, MI
Jack Roush Transportation Museum Inc. 4 Livonia, MI
Jds Computer Donations Inc. (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
John D. & Jean E. Dinan Foundation 4 Livonia, MI
Joyce and Don Massey Family Foundation 4 Livonia, MI
Kenwood Church of Christ Livonia, MI
Kurt Kaucher Scholarship Fund Livonia, MI
Latinos De Livonia Livonia, MI
Life Center Incorporated Livonia, MI
Life Mission Ministry (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
Livonia Bar Library Foundation Livonia, MI
Livonia Chamber Foundation Livonia, MI
Livonia Civic Ballet Company Livonia, MI
Livonia Community Foundation Livonia, MI
Livonia Community Prayer Breakfast Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Goodfellows Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Heart Fund Livonia, MI
Livonia Hockey Assoc Livonia, MI
Livonia Little Peoples Co-op Preschool Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Nursery Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Opportunity House A. Non-Profit Housing Corporation Livonia, MI
Livonia Rotary Charitable Foundation Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Stevenson High School Booster Club (Until June 2007) Livonia, MI
Livonia Symphony Society Inc. Livonia, MI
Livonia Youth Choir (Until June 2005) Livonia, MI
Livonia Youth Soccer Club Livonia, MI
Luhtanen Howes Charitable Foundation Inc. Livonia, MI
Madonna University Livonia, MI
Make A. Difference Inc. Livonia, MI
Mallory Brincat Memorial Fund Livonia, MI
Masha Livonia, MI
Masters Hands Ministries (Until December 2007) Livonia, MI
Mauser Harmony With Nature Foundation Inc. 4 Livonia, MI
Memorial Church of Christ Livonia, MI
Mht Housing III Inc. Livonia, MI
Michigan Animal Adoption Network Inc. Livonia, MI
Michigan Coalition for Equal Rights Studies Livonia, MI
Michigan Culinary Association Inc. Livonia, MI
Michigan Fly Fishing Club Livonia, MI
Michigan Geology & Gemcraft Soc Livonia, MI
Michigan Home for the Armenian Aged Inc. Livonia, MI
Michigan Orchid Society Livonia, MI
Michigan Wolves Baseball Federation (Until December 2006) Livonia, MI
Mim Scholarship Foundation Livonia, MI
Mission Health Corporation Livonia, MI
Mother Hubbard Nursery Inc. Livonia, MI
Nagy Family Charitable Foundation 4 Livonia, MI
National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom Livonia, MI
National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association Incorporated Livonia, MI
New Health Institute Inc. Livonia, MI
New Hope Ministry Livonia, MI
New Outlook Inc. Livonia, MI
Olam Beriyth-Bible to Life Inc. Livonia, MI
Outside the Box Ministries Inc. Livonia, MI
Overeaters Anonymous District 1 Michigan Intergroup Livonia, MI
People of Livonia Addressing Issues of Diversity Livonia, MI
Phoenix Mill Womans Museum (Until December 2006) Livonia, MI
Procapa (Until June 2009) Livonia, MI

Above is a list of organizations in Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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