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Vehicle Donation in Michigan

For people interested in vehicle donation in Michigan, below is a list of Michigan organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Caring Servies Inc. (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Cathedral of Deliverance of Apostolic Faith Ypsilanti, MI
Center for Fire and Burn Prevention Ypsilanti, MI
Christian Faith Full Gospel Church Ypsilanti, MI
Christian Life Center Church Ypsilanti, MI
Christian Love Fellowship Ypsilanti, MI
Christine Morgan & Therry Ministering Center Ypsilanti, MI
Church Women United in Michigan Ypsilanti, MI
City of Light Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (Until June 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Community Housing Alternatives Nonprofit Housing Corporation Ypsilanti, MI
Community Living Network Ypsilanti, MI
Community Residence Corporation Ypsilanti, MI
Congregation Zera Avraham Ypsilanti, MI
Creative Change Educational Solutions Inc. (Until December 2006) Ypsilanti, MI
Crossroads Counseling Center Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Dawn Incorporated Ypsilanti, MI
Depot Town Association Ypsilanti, MI
Eastern Michigan College Alumni Association Ypsilanti, MI
Eastern Michigan University Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Edwards Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Evening Light Tabernacle Church Ypsilanti, MI
Explorers Home School Association Ypsilanti, MI
Eye on the Sparrow Ypsilanti, MI
Faithful Sisters Independent Living Home Ypsilanti, MI
Faithway Baptist Church Ypsilanti, MI
Families of Destiny (Until December 2006) Ypsilanti, MI
Family Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
First Christian Church O. Fypsilanti Michigan Ypsilanti, MI
Forest Avenue Baptist Church Ypsilanti, MI
Friends in Deed Washtenaw Area Social Ministries Network Ypsilanti, MI
Friends of Augusta Township Fire Department (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Friends of the Saline Area Fire Department Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Friends of the Ypsilanti Freighthouse (Until February 2009) Ypsilanti, MI
Friends of the Ypsilanti Police Department Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Frontline Bible Ministries Inc. (Until December 2005) Ypsilanti, MI
Fueled & Aflame (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
George M. Hull Memorial Foundation 4 Ypsilanti, MI
Gilbert Residence Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Grace Fellowship Church of God in Christ Ypsilanti, MI
Great Lakes Lace Group Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Greater Faith Church of God Ypsilanti, MI
Greater Faith Transitional Home (Until December 2005) Ypsilanti, MI
Growing Hope Inc. (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
High Scope Educational Research Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
High-Scope Discovery Center Ypsilanti, MI
Highland Cemetery Association of Ypsilanti 6 Ypsilanti, MI
Holy Ghost Deliverance Center Ypsilanti, MI
Hope Clinic International Ypsilanti, MI
Hope Medical Clinic Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Huron Valley Area Intergroup Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Huron Valley Boys and Girls Club Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Huron Valley Child Guidance Clinic Ypsilanti, MI
Huron Valley Community Network Ypsilanti, MI
Hvs Corp Ypsilanti, MI
International Evangelism and Prayer Center Ypsilanti, MI
International Fellowship Association Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
International Islamic Health and Development North America Ypsilanti, MI
Islamic Association of Ypsilanti Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Joint Operational Service for A. Human Urban Alliance Ypsilanti, MI
Korean-American Society of the Greater Ann Arbor Area Ypsilanti, MI
Ladies Literary Club of Ypsilanti Mi Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Lbf Community Development Corporation (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Leviticus Community & Economic Development Inc. (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Life Enhancement Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Lowden Schoolhouse Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
M. O. R. E. Jesus Ypsilanti, MI
Martha R. and Susan I. Seger Foundation 4 Ypsilanti, MI
Masjid Bilal Ypsilanti, MI
Men Around the House (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Messias Community Non-Profit Housing Corporation (Until December 2005) Ypsilanti, MI
Messias Temple Number One of Ypsilanti Michigan Incorporated Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Advocates Exhange Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Assoc Governing Boards of Colleges & Universities Magb Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Chamber Brass Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Mission (Until December 2006) Ypsilanti, MI
Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitators Association Ypsilanti, MI
Mosaic Arts Inc. (Until December 2006) Ypsilanti, MI
Motown Alumni Association (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Mt. Olive Baptist Church of Ypsilanti Ypsilanti, MI
National African American Parent Involvement Day Ypsilanti, MI
New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church Incorporated Ypsilanti, MI
New Creed Missionary Baptist Church Ypsilanti, MI
New Vision Ministry Ypsilanti, MI
New Year Jubilee of Southeastern Michigan Ypsilanti, MI
North American Artists Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Number Theory Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Pak American Muslim Society Ypsilanti, MI
Parents Together Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Peri-Natal Hospice of Washtenaw (Until October 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Phoenix Theatre Project Ypsilanti, MI
Positive Choices Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Professional Association for Industrial Distribution at Emu (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Quiet Moment Ministries Ypsilanti, MI
Rainbow Industries Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Riverside Arts Center Foundation Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Sacred Musical Ministries Ypsilanti, MI
Second Baptist Church of Ypsilanti Ypsilanti, MI
Serenity House of Ypsilanti Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Soar Inc. (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Society for Applied Sociology Department of Sociology Ypsilanti, MI
Society of Angels (Until December 2008) Ypsilanti, MI
Sole Full of Rhythm Inc. (Until December 2008) Ypsilanti, MI
Somali Community of Michigan Scom (Until December 2006) Ypsilanti, MI
Sos Community Services Ypsilanti, MI
Sphinx Organization Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Sreerama Temple Ypsilanti, MI
Stepping Stone Vocational Trade School Ypsilanti, MI
Summit Human Care Incorporated Ypsilanti, MI
Synod Residential Services Ypsilanti, MI
The Eastern Michigan Gospel Choir Ypsilanti, MI
The Qamar Tawakul Siddiqui Charitable Foundation 4 Ypsilanti, MI
The Word of Deliverance Church Ypsilanti, MI
Towner House Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
United Now in Serving Our Neighborhoods Ypsilanti, MI
Unlimited Access Educational Services 4 Ypsilanti, MI
Victor Smith Adult Foster Care Ypsilanti, MI
Village of Hope International (Until December 2008) Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenau Independent Bible Church Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenaw Area Council for Children Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenaw Area Self Help for Hard of Hearing People Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenaw Health Plan Corporation (Until September 2005) Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenaw Homebuyers Program Ypsilanti, MI
Washtenaw Literacy Ypsilanti, MI
Wellness Huron Valley Ypsilanti, MI
Western Wayne County Quilting Guild Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
York Woods Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Young Adults Health Center Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Area Beyer Memorial Health Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Area Chamber of Commerce Educational Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Area Dancers Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Automotive Heritage Museum (Until December 2007) Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Baptist Temple Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Choral Association Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Church of the Open Door Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Community Choir Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Educational Foundation Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Friends Church Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Gateway Community and Economic Development Corporation Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Heritage Festival Corporation Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Heritage Foundation Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti High School Athletic Booster Club Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Historical Society Inc. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Meals on Wheels Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Recycling Project Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Rotary Foundation 105 Pearl St. Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra Ypsilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Thrift Shop Ypsilanti, MI
Peoples Hope for Housing Inc. Ypsilnati, MI
Community Collaborative Outreach Gift Ypslianti, MI
P. T. D. Productions Yspilanti, MI
Ypsilanti Cooperative Preschool Inc. Yspilanti, MI
Able Support Ministries Zeeland, MI
Barnabas Ministries Zeeland, MI
Borculo Christian School Foundation Inc. Zeeland, MI
Bridge Ministry Center (Until December 2005) Zeeland, MI
Central Camping Association Inc. Zeeland, MI
Childrens Environmental Trust Foundation International Zeeland, MI
Classis Zeeland Diaconal Committee Zeeland, MI
Critter Barn (Until December 2006) Zeeland, MI
Dr Laverne & Betty Van Kley Education Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Family Life Ministries Inc. Zeeland, MI
Glow Ministries Intl Zeeland, MI
His Harvest Stand (Until December 2007) Zeeland, MI
Howard Miller Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Imagination Station Child Learning Center (Until December 2007) Zeeland, MI
Marvin G. and Jerene L. Dewitt Family Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Messiahs Independent Reformed Church Zeeland, MI
Michigan Duck Hunters Association Zeeland, MI
Oak Seed Pentecostal Church of God Zeeland, MI
Parkview Adult Foster Care Home Inc. Zeeland, MI
Philip D. Miller Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Project Grace Inc. Zeeland, MI
Society for Christian Instruction of Zeeland Mich Zeeland, MI
Stewardship Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Sunny Hill Pre-School Zeeland, MI
William and Marie Stehouwer Family Foundation 4 Zeeland, MI
Word and Deed Zeeland, MI
Zeal Zeeland, MI
Zeeland Community Hospital Zeeland, MI
Zeeland Historical Society Zeeland, MI
Zeeland Volks Corporation Zeeland, MI

Above is a list of organizations in Michigan that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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