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Vehicle Donation in Duluth, Minnesota

For people interested in vehicle donation in Duluth, Minnesota, below is a list of Duluth, Minnesota organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Lester Park Hockey Association Inc. Duluth, MN
Life House Incorporated Duluth, MN
Light on A. Hill-Ministries Inc. Duluth, MN
Lincoln Park Business Group Duluth, MN
Little Treasures Center Inc. Duluth, MN
Lloyd K. Johnson Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd of Duluth Endowment Fund Duluth, MN
Margaret Ames Memorial Fund Duluth, MN
Marshall H. and Nellie Alworth Memorial Fund 4 Duluth, MN
Marshall School Duluth, MN
Matinee Musicale Incorporated Duluth, MN
Men As Peacemakers Duluth, MN
Merritt Community Club Duluth, MN
Midway First Responders Duluth, MN
Midwest Medical Equipment & Supplies Inc. Duluth, MN
Miller Dwan Medical Center Foundation Duluth, MN
Miller-Dwan Medical Center Inc. Duluth, MN
Minnesota Council on Compulsive Gambling Duluth, MN
Minnesota Finnish American Historical Society Duluth, MN
Minnesota Insect-Borne Disease Education Council Inc. Duluth, MN
Minnesota Logger Education Program Duluth, MN
Minnesota Program Development Inc. 5 Duluth, MN
Minnesota Sharp-Tailed Grouse Society Inc. Duluth, MN
Minnesota Timber for Humanity Foundation Duluth, MN
Minnesotans for Responsible Recreation Duluth, MN
Missabe Railroad Historical Society (Until June 2006) Duluth, MN
Montessori School of Duluth Inc. Duluth, MN
Morgan Park Smithville Community Club Inc. Duluth, MN
Mwve Fund 4 Duluth, MN
National Rural Health Resource Center Duluth, MN
Neighborhood Housing Services of Duluth Inc. Duluth, MN
Nimmesota Citizens Federation Northeast Duluth, MN
Nonprofit Initiatives Company Duluth, MN
North Central Wheelchair Basketball Conference Duluth, MN
North Country Womens Coffeehouse Duluth, MN
North Shore Community School Duluth, MN
North Shore In-Line Marathon Inc. Duluth, MN
North Star Community Development Corporation Duluth, MN
North Star Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Northeastern Maritime Historical Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Duluth, MN
Northern Bible Society Duluth, MN
Northern Communities Land Trust Duluth, MN
Northern Diabetes Educators Group (Until December 2007) Duluth, MN
Northern Lakes Health Care Consortium 6 Duluth, MN
Northern Lakes Health Care Fund Duluth, MN
Northland Family Programs Duluth, MN
Northland Foundation Duluth, MN
Northland Gay Mens Center Duluth, MN
Northland Nordic Music Association Duluth, MN
Northland Vietnam Veterans Association 6 Duluth, MN
Northshore Swim Club Duluth, MN
Northstar Baptist Church Inc. Duluth, MN
Northstar Physicians Foundation Duluth, MN
Northwood Childrens Home Society Inc. Duluth, MN
Northwood Foundation Duluth, MN
Oneota Cemetery Association 6 Duluth, MN
Ordean Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Oscar Mitchell Jr Living 4 Duluth, MN
Our Saviors Lutheran Church Foundation Duluth, MN
Park Hill Cemetery Association 6 Duluth, MN
Partnership North Inc. Duluth, MN
Pentecostal Assembly Duluth Gospel Tabernacle Duluth, MN
Pequayway Lakes Area Volunteer Fire Dept Duluth, MN
Phoenix Rising Free Formulas Resolving Educational Equity (Until June 2006) Duluth, MN
Piedmont Heights Hockey Assn Inc. Duluth, MN
Poetry Harbor Duluth, MN
Polinsky Medical Rehabilitation Center Duluth, MN
Polish Catholic Cemetery 6 Duluth, MN
Portman Recreation Association 5 Duluth, MN
Positive Energy for Youth (Until June 2008) Duluth, MN
Praxis International Duluth, MN
Praying Pelican Missions (Until December 2007) Duluth, MN
Proctor Area Historical Society Duluth, MN
Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault Inc. Duluth, MN
Project Soar of Northeastern Minnesota Duluth, MN
Refuge Media Group Duluth, MN
Regional Health Resources Inc. Duluth, MN
Renegade Comedy Theatre Duluth, MN
Residential Services of Northeastern Minnesota Inc. Duluth, MN
Resurrection Fellowship A. Community Church Duluth, MN
Return Our Old Tone Inc. Duluth, MN
Revival Center USA Duluth, MN
Rice Lake Volunteer Fire Dept Auxiliary Duluth, MN
Rockridge-Lester Park Elementary School Foundation (Until June 2006) Duluth, MN
Romano Byzantine Synod of the Orthodox Catholic Church Duluth, MN
Rosewood Court Inc. (Until June 2006) Duluth, MN
Rotary Club of Duluth No 25 Fdn Duluth, MN
Rsi Inc. Duluth, MN
Rural Health Resource Center Duluth, MN
Ruth Spies Macrostie Irrevocable Trust 4 Duluth, MN
Sacred Heart John Chebul Memorial Center Association Incorporated Duluth, MN
Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women Duluth, MN
Saints-Hilltoppers Arena Inc. Duluth, MN
Scandinavian Old Time Fiddle Society Duluth, MN
Schultz Lake Property Owners Association Duluth, MN
Second Harvest Northern Lakes Food Bank Duluth, MN
Sharon and Joel Labovitz Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Shiloh New Testament Church Duluth Inc. Duluth, MN
Singing Slovenes Inc. (Until December 2008) Duluth, MN
Sisu Medical Systems Duluth, MN
Soft Center Duluth Duluth, MN
Spirit Velley Citizens Neighborhood Development Association Duluth, MN
St. James Home of Duluth Inc. Duluth, MN
St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center Duluth, MN
St. Louis County Historical Society Duluth, MN
St. Louis County Volunteer Rescue Squad Inc. Duluth, MN
St. Louis River Citizens Action Committee Duluth, MN
St. Louis River Quest (Until July 2006) Duluth, MN
St. Lukes Community Health Services Corp Duluth, MN
St. Lukes Foundation Duluth, MN
St. Lukes Hospital Assn of Duluth Duluth, MN
St. Marks Community Development Corporation Duluth, MN
St. Marys Duluth Clinic Foundation (Until June 2006) Duluth, MN
St. Marys Duluth Clinic Health System Duluth, MN
Steeple Pointe Senior Living Community Duluth, MN
Steven Scherer Memorial Scholarship Fund Duluth, MN
Sugarloaf Interpretive Center Association Duluth, MN
Sweetwater Alliance Inc. (Until December 2006) Duluth, MN
Tamarack Dance Association Duluth, MN
Temple Israel of Duluth Inc. Duluth, MN
The Arrowhead Regional Arts Council Duluth, MN
The Charlene Grace Smith Memorial Presbyterian Camp Inc. Duluth, MN
The Depot Foundation Duluth, MN
The Hillsider A. Community Newsletter Inc. Duluth, MN
The Lake Superior Medical Society Auxiliary Duluth, MN
The Robert Hermans Harbortown Rotary Club Annual Scholarship Duluth, MN
The Scottish Rite Foundation of Duluth 4 Duluth, MN
Tischer Creek Building Company Duluth, MN
Tripp County Library-Grossenburg Memorial Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Area Intergroup Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Bible Fellowship Duluth, MN
Twin Ports DAR E. Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers Inc. Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Spirit of Hope Inc. (Until December 2007) Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Training Club Inc. Duluth, MN
Twin Ports Wind Ensemble Duluth, MN
Two Harbors High School Scholarship Fund 4 Duluth, MN
U. M. D. Campus Club Inc. Duluth, MN
US Society for Ecological Economics (Until December 2005) Duluth, MN
Udac Inc. Duluth, MN
Union Gospel Mission Incorporated Duluth, MN
United Northern Sportsmen Duluth, MN
United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps Twin Ports Division (Until December 2006) Duluth, MN
United Way of Greater Duluth Duluth, MN
United Way of Greater Duluth Trust Duluth, MN
University Nursery School Duluth, MN
Vanguard Evangelistic Ministries Duluth, MN
Viewcrest Health Center Inc. Duluth, MN
Vine Inc. Duluth, MN
Vineyard Christian Fellowship Duluth Duluth, MN
Voom Foundation (Until December 2008) Duluth, MN
Ward Ames Jr Memorial Fund Duluth, MN
Welch Center Inc. 5 Duluth, MN
Western Lake Superior Trolling Association Inc. Duluth, MN
Wildey H. Mitchell Family Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Willis & Emma Oconnor Charitable Foundation 4 Duluth, MN
Women in Construction Training Program (Until June 2009) Duluth, MN
Womens Association of the Duluth Symphony Orchestra Duluth, MN
Womens Construction Network (Until December 2005) Duluth, MN
Womens Health Center of Duluth Pa Duluth, MN
Womens Transitional Housing Coalition Inc. Duluth, MN
Wwjc in Duluth, MN
Young Womens Christian Association Duluth, MN
Zion Lutheran Church of Duluth Foundation Duluth, MN

Above is a list of organizations in Duluth, Minnesota that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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