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Vehicle Donation in Minnesota

For people interested in vehicle donation in Minnesota, below is a list of Minnesota organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Northwoods Humane Society Forest Lake, MN
Project Hope North Forest Lake, MN
Resources for Ecumenical Spirituality Inc. Forest Lake, MN
Society of Nuclear Medicine Education and Research Foundation Forest Lake, MN
St. Francis Animal Rescue (Until December 2005) Forest Lake, MN
The Forest Lake Athletic Association Forest Lake, MN
Wildlife Science Center Forest Lake, MN
Forest Lake Seniors Inc. Forest Ln, MN
Faith Fellowship Inc. Foreston, MN
North American Bear Foundation Fort Ripley, MN
St. Mathias Parks & Recreation Fort Ripley, MN
Blue Devil Association Fort Snelling, MN
Fort Snelling Memorial Chapel Foundation Fort Snelling, MN
Fort Snelling Military Museum Volunteers Inc. Fort Snelling, MN
Minnesota Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference 4 Fort Snelling, MN
Fosston Hockey Association Fosson, MN
Bethlehem Cemeteries of Queen Township 6 Fosston, MN
East Polk County Developmental Achievement Center Inc. Fosston, MN
East Polk Heritage Center Fosston, MN
First Care Medical Services Fosston, MN
First Care Medical Services Foundation Fosston, MN
Fosston Community Library and Arts Association Fosston, MN
Fosston Education Foundation Fosston, MN
Lepier Cemetery Trust Fosston, MN
People Connection Fosston, MN
Sand Hill Lake Bible Camp Association Inc. Fosston, MN
Shine the Light Inc. Fosston, MN
Fillmore County Historical Society 5 Fountain, MN
Daggett Scholarship Fund Inc. 4 Frazee, MN
Frazee Area Arts Association Frazee, MN
Frazee Community Development Corporation Inc. Frazee, MN
Neighbor to Neighbor Lah-Bnt (Until July 2006) Frazee, MN
Community Care & Service Corporation of Freeport Mn Freeport, MN
I-94 Rec-Club Inc. Freeport, MN
Al Amal School Fridley, MN
Auto Technical Incorporated Fridley, MN
Banfill-Locke Center for the Arts Fridley, MN
Bringing in the Harvest Fridley, MN
Christian Community Golf Association Fridley, MN
Columbia Park Education & Research Foundation Fridley, MN
Comprehensive Safety Systems Inc. Fridley, MN
Eagle Lake Lakeshore Association Fridley, MN
Eagles Booster Club Inc. Fridley, MN
Extol Outreach International (Until December 2007) Fridley, MN
Family Vision Inc. Fridley, MN
Foundation of Redeemer Lutheran Church Fridley, MN
Fridley Alano Society of the Northeast Suburbs Inc. Fridley, MN
Fridley City Band Fridley, MN
Fridley Community Awareness Emergency Response Fridley, MN
Fridley Historical Society Fridley, MN
Fridley Schools Foundation Fridley, MN
Fridley Tiger Sports Boosters Fridley, MN
Fridley Youth Sports Association Fridley, MN
Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society Fridley, MN
Hill Cities Inc. Fridley, MN
Hot Meals for Shut Ins Fridley, MN
In-Home Family Services Inc. Fridley, MN
India Gospel Fellowship Fridley, MN
International Ministerial Fellowship Fridley, MN
Islamic Center of Minnesota Fridley, MN
Lake Region Hockey Association Fridley, MN
Licensed Child Care Providers of Anoka County Fridley, MN
Michael Servetus Unitarian Society Fridley, MN
Minnesota Crime Prevention Educational & Charitable Associati Fridley, MN
Minnesota Statewide Limited Energy Apprenticeship & Training Tr Fund Fridley, MN
Nami-Anoka County Fridley, MN
Norway House (Until December 2008) Fridley, MN
Norwegian Emigrant Museum Fridley, MN
Orthodox Church of the Resurrection of Christ Inc. Fridley, MN
Philippine Scholars (Until December 2006) Fridley, MN
Philippine Study Group of Minnesota Foundation Fridley, MN
R. L. Day Ministries Fridley, MN
Rlc Properties Inc. Fridley, MN
Sewa-Aifw Inc. (Until December 2008) Fridley, MN
Sikh Society of Minnesota Fridley, MN
Spring Lake Park Lions School District No 16 Foundation 4 Fridley, MN
Substance Church Inc. Fridley, MN
Tamarisk Resources Inc. Fridley, MN
The Northeast Chamber Orchestra Fridley, MN
Toastmasters International Fridley, MN
Totino-Grace Parents Organization Fridley, MN
Unity Chapel Inc. Fridley, MN
Windstar Minnesota Connection Fridley, MN
Wishes & More (Until December 2008) Fridley, MN
American Museum of Wildlife Art 4 Frontenac, MN
Friends of Old Frontenac Frontenac, MN
New Horizons Adoption Agency Inc. Frost, MN
Friends of the Fulda Memorial Library Fulda, MN
Fulda Cemetery Assn 6 Fulda, MN
Fulda Educational Foundation Fulda, MN
Fulda Heritage Society Fulda, MN
Maple Lawn Nursing Home Inc. Fulda, MN
New Dawn Incorporated 5 Fulda, MN
Lcwm Athletic Booster Club Inc. (Until July 2006) Garden City, MN
Sir Henry Wellcome Trust UW Garden City, MN
Ida Lake Association Garfield, MN
Garrison Senior Citizens Club Inc. Garrison, MN
Northern Lights Garden Club Garrison, MN
Wild and Free Wildlife Program Garrison, MN
Bethel Community Cemetery Association 6 Garvin, MN
Word of Life Christian Center Inc. Good News Fellowship Intl Gary, MN
Gatzke Senior Citizens Inc. Gatzke, MN
Alliance of Friendship Gaylord, MN
Minnesota Over 60 Band of Gaylord Minnesota Gaylord, MN
Sibley County Day Care Association (Until December 2007) Gaylord, MN
Sibley County Economic Development Commission Gaylord, MN
Sibley County Food Share Inc. Gaylord, MN
Weckwerth and Gasow Cemeteries Trust 6 Gaylord, MN
Robins Family Foundation 4 Gem Lake, MN
Geneva Cancer Auction Inc. Geneva, MN
Geneva Firefighters Relief Association Geneva, MN
Gibbon Restoration Society Gibbon, MN
Humane Society of Renville-Sibley Counties Gibbon, MN
Little Peoples Learning Center Gibbon, MN
Starland Charities (Until December 2005) Gibbon, MN
Starland School Gibbon, MN
Thunderbird Foundation Gibbon, MN
Gilbert High School Alumni Association Inc. Gilbert, MN
Iron Range Historical Society Gilbert, MN
Lakeland Volunteer Fire Department Gilbert, MN
St. Louis County Promotional Bureau (Until December 2006) Gilbert, MN
Story Book Lodge Christian Camp Inc. Gilbert, MN
Buffalo Creek Players Inc. Glencoe, MN
Crow River Sno Pros Inc. Glencoe, MN
First Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery 6 Glencoe, MN
Frieda Perschau Irrv Tr 4 Glencoe, MN
Friends of Glencoe Area Health Center Inc. Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Area United Fund Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Child Development Association Inc. Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Christian Ministries Incorporated Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Refugee Resettlement Committee c/o Mrs Lester Ranzau Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Regional Health Services Glencoe, MN
Glencoe Wlc Glencoe, MN
Glencoe-Silver Lake Panther Association (Until December 2007) Glencoe, MN
McLeod Care Assistance Inc. (Until December 2006) Glencoe, MN
McLeod Cooperative Power Trust (Until December 2008) Glencoe, MN
Project Interaction Inc. Glencoe, MN
Stevens Seminary Foundation 4 Glencoe, MN
United Fellowship Outreach Glencoe, MN
Elmer M. Johnson Conservation Tr 4 Glenville, MN
Glenville Alano Society Inc. (Until December 2005) Glenville, MN
Glenville Area Women of Today Glenville, MN
Glenville Community Boosters Incorporated Glenville, MN
Glenville Community Recreation Association Glenville, MN
London Cooperative Community Fire Department Glenville, MN
Ann & Andy Preschool Inc. Glenwood, MN
Ann Bickle Heritage House Inc. Glenwood, MN
Central Square Inc. Glenwood, MN
Dove International Glenwood, MN
Farmers Sportsmans League of Terrace Glenwood, MN
Glacial Ridge Hospital Foundation Inc. Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Area United Way Inc. Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Fire Department Relief Association Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Lifeguard Association Inc. (Until December 2008) Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Plaza Inc. Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Public Library Foundation Inc. Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Retirement Home Foundation Inc. Glenwood, MN
Glenwood Senior Citizens Incorporated Glenwood, MN
Key Ministries Glenwood, MN
Lakes Area Model Railroad Association (Until December 2007) Glenwood, MN
Minnewaska Area Baseball Association Glenwood, MN
Minnewaska Area Go-Kart Racing Association Glenwood, MN
Minnewaska Theatre Arts Association Glenwood, MN
Pelican Lake Association Inc. Glenwood, MN
Pope Art Glenwood, MN
Pope County Coalition of Lake Assn Inc. Glenwood, MN
Pope County Development Corp Plannn Ing Office Pope County Crt House Glenwood, MN
Pope County Hearts & Hands Inc. Glenwood, MN
Pope County Historical Society Glenwood, MN
Pope County Humane Society Inc. Glenwood, MN
Pope County Mothers and Others Concerned for Health Inc. (Until December 2005) Glenwood, MN
Pope County Sheriffs Posse Inc. (Until December 2006) Glenwood, MN
United Foundation for Disabled Archers Glenwood, MN
Upper Midwest Barefoot Water Ski Association Glenwood, MN
We Care Uncompensated Care Inc. (Until December 2008) Glenwood, MN
Western Community Partners Glenwood, MN
Friends of Buffalo River State Park Association Glyndon, MN
The Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society Glyndon, MN
Academic Arts School Golden Valley, MN
Access to Employment Too Inc. Golden Valley, MN
Amor Y. Misericordia Golden Valley, MN
Andrew David Sit Foundation 4 Golden Valley, MN
Archie C. and Jane McDonald Black Charitable Tr 4 Golden Valley, MN
Big Pine Lakes Association Golden Valley, MN
Braun Foundation 4 Golden Valley, MN
Cdf Foundation 4 Golden Valley, MN
Challenge Trust Co Golden Valley, MN
Community Sports & Recreation Golden Valley, MN
Compassionate Solutions for Africas Development Inc. (Until December 2006) Golden Valley, MN
Courage Center Golden Valley, MN
Courage Foundation Golden Valley, MN
David W. Hanson & Miriam T. Hanson Foundation 4 Golden Valley, MN
Eden Place Inc. Golden Valley, MN
F. A. T. E. Minnesota Friends of Animals and Their Environment Golden Valley, MN
Fairway Foundation Golden Valley, MN
First Apostolic Lutheran Congregation of Minneapolis Golden Valley, MN
Forsyth Foundation Inc. 4 Golden Valley, MN
Friends of the Brule River and Forest Inc. Golden Valley, MN
Gerard Golden Valley, MN
Golden Valley Community Orchestra Golden Valley, MN

Above is a list of organizations in Minnesota that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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