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Vehicle Donation in Minnesota

For people interested in vehicle donation in Minnesota, below is a list of Minnesota organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Madison Fire Department Relief Association Madison, MN
The Madison Area Revitalization Group Inc. Madison, MN
Kanaranzi Cemetery Association Rural Kanaranzi Township 6 Magnolia, MN
Pinnacle Programs Inc. Magnolia, MN
Bible Study One Mahnomen, MN
Boys & Girls Clubs of the White Earth Reservation Mahnomen, MN
Center of Human Environment Mahnomen, MN
Equay-Be-Mah-De-Zee-Win-Women Alive Crisis Center Mahnomen, MN
Helping Hands Emegergencey Services Inc. Mahnomen, MN
Mahnomen Area Service Center Mahnomen, MN
Mahnomen County Day Activities Center Mahnomen, MN
Mahnomen County Historical Society Mahnomen, MN
Northwest Mn Dac Cooperative Inc. Mahnomen, MN
White Earth Tribal and Community College Foundation (Until September 2005) Mahnomen, MN
Wild Rice Electric Trust Mahnomen, MN
Chuckle Makers Clown Club Inc. Mahtomedi, MN
Eco Mentors Alliance (Until December 2006) Mahtomedi, MN
Feline Leukemia Care Center Inc. (Until December 2008) Mahtomedi, MN
Foundation of St. Andrews Lutheran Church of Mahtomedi Minnesota 4 Mahtomedi, MN
International Vocational Education and Training Association Iveta (Until June 2006) Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi Area Educational Foundation Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi Elementary Parent Teacher Organization Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi Fastpitch Association Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi High School Students Community and Memorial Fund (Until September 2007) Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi Soccer Association Mahtomedi, MN
Mahtomedi Youth Baseball Inc. Mahtomedi, MN
Mercedes Foundation 4 Mahtomedi, MN
Minnesota Ag Network (Until December 2006) Mahtomedi, MN
St. Andrews Senior Housing Inc. Mahtomedi, MN
Sustainable Wellness Resources Inc. (Until December 2006) Mahtomedi, MN
The White Bear Lake Rotary Foundation Mahtomedi, MN
Upland & Marsh 4 Mahtomedi, MN
Beauty for Ashes Foundation Inc. 4 Mahtomrdi, MN
Mahtowa Township Economic Development and Improvement Comm Mahtowa, MN
Friends of the Wirtanen Pioneer Farm (Until March 2006) Makinen, MN
Makinen Volunteer Fire Department Makinen, MN
Adela Rindal Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Alano Society of Mankato Inc. Mankato, MN
American Legion Club Inc. 6 Mankato, MN
Andreas Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Benco Electric Tr Mankato, MN
Bethany Lutheran College & Seminary Inc. Mankato, MN
Betsy-Tacy Society Mankato, MN
Blue Earth County Historical Society Mankato, MN
Blue Earth-Nicollet County Humane Society Inc. 5 Mankato, MN
Camp Patterson Inc. Mankato, MN
Caring and Sharing Daycare Association Mankato, MN
Childrens Advocate Programs of Mankato Inc. Mankato, MN
Childrens Personality Development Foundation Mankato, MN
Christian Concern Inc. Mankato, MN
Christian Life Center Mankato, MN
Clement W. & Anastsia M. Scheurer & Family Catholic Church Fund 4 Mankato, MN
Clinton Hills Kids for Saving Earth Worldwide Mankato, MN
Committee Against Domestic Abuse Inc. Mankato, MN
Community Assistance for Refugees Inc. Mankato, MN
Community Charities of Minnesota Mankato, MN
Computers for Kids Inc. (Until December 2005) Mankato, MN
Confessional Lutheran Research Mankato, MN
DAR Abi Bakr Mankato, MN
Dance Conservatory of Southern Minnesota Mankato, MN
Decoria Cemetery Association 6 Mankato, MN
Dennis K. and Vivian D. Siemer Foundation Inc. 4 Mankato, MN
Dr W. C. Stillwell Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Educare Foundation Inc. Mankato, MN
Emergency Community Help Organization Echo Mankato, MN
Evangelical Lutheran Synod Mankato, MN
F. B. Clements Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Flashmeister Grafix (Until December 2008) Mankato, MN
Foster Family Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Friends of the Deep Valley Libraries Mankato, MN
Govenaires Drum & Bugle Corps Mankato, MN
Grace Baptist Church Mankato Minnesota Mankato, MN
Greater Mankato Area United Way Inc. Mankato, MN
Harry Meyering Center Inc. Mankato, MN
Harvey L. Andersen Memorial Ski Team Foundation Mankato, MN
Hickory Tech Corporation Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Historical Experiences Inc. Mankato, MN
Holzhueter Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Horizon Homes Inc. Mankato, MN
Immanuel St. Josephs -- Mayo Health System Mankato, MN
Immanuel St. Josephs Hospital Foundation Mankato, MN
Institute for Wireless Education Mankato, MN
Jonathan Madding Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Josephine Bowden Student Trust Fund 4 Mankato, MN
L. & N. Andreas Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
La-Mano Inc. Mankato, MN
Lake Washington Improvement Association Inc. Mankato, MN
Leisure Education for Exceptional People Inc. Mankato, MN
Life Work Planning Center Board Inc. Mankato, MN
Little People Mankato, MN
Lownade Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Arts Council Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Children in Need (Until December 2008) Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Committee for Senior Citizens Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Foundation Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Girls Fastpitch Association Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Hockey Association Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Living at Home Block Nurse Program (Until December 2008) Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Youth Wrestling Club Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Ballet Company Mankato, MN
Mankato Basketball Association Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Cemetery Association 6 Mankato, MN
Mankato Clinic Foundation Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato East High School Boosters Club Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Heart Health Program Foundation Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Kiwanis Foundation Mankato, MN
Mankato Rehabilitation Center Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Suzuki School of Music Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Symphony Orchestra Association Inc. Mankato, MN
Mankato Youth Symphony Orchestra Mankato, MN
Marysburg Cemetery Association 6 Mankato, MN
Merely Players Community Theatre Inc. Mankato, MN
Minnesota Game & Fish Preservation Inc. Mankato, MN
Minnesota Head Start Association Inc. Mankato, MN
Minnesota Rural Futures Inc. Mankato, MN
Minnesota Rural Health Association Mankato, MN
Minnesota Senior Federation Mankato, MN
Minnesota State University Mankato Foundation Incorporated Mankato, MN
Minnesota Valley Action Council Inc. Mankato, MN
Mount Olivet Cemetery Association of Mankato 6 Mankato, MN
Mrci Foundation Mankato, MN
Multi Church Foundation Inc. Mankato, MN
National Forensic Association Mankato, MN
Natural Surroundatings Senior Care Services (Until December 2005) Mankato, MN
New Focus Interfaith Financial Ministries (Until June 2007) Mankato, MN
One Bright Star Mankato, MN
Open Door Health Center Mankato, MN
Pact Ministries Mankato, MN
Partners for Affordable Housing Mankato, MN
Peoples Fair Mankato, MN
Ramy Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Rapidan Heritage Society Inc. (Until December 2006) Mankato, MN
Region Nine Area Inc. (Until June 2007) Mankato, MN
Region Nine Child Care Resource and Referral Mankato, MN
Riverbend Academy Mankato, MN
Rushmore Music Camp Mankato, MN
Save the Kasota Prairie Inc. 4 Mankato, MN
Schola Foundation Mankato, MN
Sharing Inc. of Minnesota Mankato, MN
South Central Business Finance Mankato, MN
South Central Workforce Council Mankato, MN
South Cross Foundation Inc. (Until December 2007) Mankato, MN
Southcentral Minnesota Inter- Library Exchange Mankato, MN
Southern Minnesota Independent Living Enterprises & Services Mankato, MN
Southern Sudanese Community Assocat Ion for Refugees in Southern Mn (Until December 2005) Mankato, MN
St. Peter and St. Paul Foundation of Mankato Mankato, MN
Summit Center Endowment Fund Inc. Mankato, MN
Ten Sigma Mankato, MN
The River Valley Library Foundation Inc. Mankato, MN
Theresa House Incorporated (Until June 2008) Mankato, MN
Thom Family Foundation Inc. 4 Mankato, MN
Three Rivers Resource Conservation & Development Mankato, MN
Valley News Charity Fund 4 Mankato, MN
Vietnam Veterans of Southern Minnesota 6 Mankato, MN
Waldorf Firemens Relief Association Mankato, MN
William D. Radichel Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Wynn and Pamela Kearney Foundation 4 Mankato, MN
Young Mens Christian Association Mankato, MN
Young Womens Christian Association of Mankato Mankato, MN
Dodge County Historical Society Mantorville, MN
First Congregational Church of Mantorville Mantorville, MN
Kasson-Mantorville Area Care and Share Mantorville, MN
Mantorville Restoration Association Mantorville, MN
Mantorville Theatre Co Mantorville, MN
Senior Citizens Club of Mantorville Mantorville, MN
Southeastern Minnesota Association of Regional Trails Mantorville, MN
Key Cities Conservation Club Manxato, MN
Friends of Peru (Until December 2008) Maole Grove, MN
Ak Connection (Until December 2005) Maple Gerove, MN
Agape Foundation 4 Maple Grove, MN
Basswood Elementary School Pto Maple Grove, MN
Big C. Ministries (Until December 2005) Maple Grove, MN
Butterfield Parents Organization B. P. O. Maple Grove, MN
Cedarcrest Academy Maple Grove, MN
Childrens Literature Network (Until December 2006) Maple Grove, MN
Clear Lake Property Owners Inc. Maple Grove, MN
Community Enrichment Group Inc. (Until December 2008) Maple Grove, MN
Cooper Youth Hockey Association Inc. Maple Grove, MN
Cross Christians Reaching Out in Social Service Maple Grove, MN
Cw Rocks (Until December 2007) Maple Grove, MN
Dave Johnson Ministries Maple Grove, MN
Deer Lake Association of Itasca County Maple Grove, MN
Discipleship Ministries Inc. Maple Grove, MN
Earthling Education (Until December 2005) Maple Grove, MN
Elm Creek Pto Maple Grove, MN
Evenstad Family Foundation 4 Maple Grove, MN
Gamelan Society of Minnesota Maple Grove, MN
Hand in Hand Together Maple Grove, MN
Harvard Business School of Minnesota Maple Grove, MN
Hearing Heart Mission Maple Grove, MN
Homeless Project (Until July 2008) Maple Grove, MN
Jesus is Life Ministries Inc. Maple Grove, MN
Jrg Ministries Inc. Maple Grove, MN
La Leche League of Mn-Dakotas Maple Grove, MN
Larry Patterson Ministries Maple Grove, MN
Life by Design Ministries Inc. (Until December 2008) Maple Grove, MN
Life-Blood Ministries Maple Grove, MN
Lytwyn Foundation 4 Maple Grove, MN
Maple Grove Ambassador Scholarship Program Inc. Maple Grove, MN
Maple Grove Arts Council Maple Grove, MN

Above is a list of organizations in Minnesota that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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