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Vehicle Donation in Minnesota

For people interested in vehicle donation in Minnesota, below is a list of Minnesota organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

Chisago County Parks and Trails Foundation North Branch, MN
Chisago County Senior Citizens Board on Aging North Branch, MN
Community Partnership With Youth & Families North Branch, MN
North Branch Area Community Theater North Branch, MN
Outlook Health Services Inc. North Branch, MN
Trinity Bible Church North Branch, MN
Womens Enviromental Institute at Amador Hill (Until December 2007) North Branch, MN
Christ Our Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church North Mankato, MN
Jesus Video Project Mankato Inc. North Mankato, MN
Laws of Life Mankato Area Inc. (Until December 2005) North Mankato, MN
Light for Life Foundation of Minnesota North Mankato, MN
Loyola Booster Club (Until October 2006) North Mankato, MN
Mankato Area Youth Athletic Association Inc. North Mankato, MN
Minnesota Valley Christian Radio North Mankato, MN
River Bend Bells (Until December 2006) North Mankato, MN
River of Life Prayer Community Inc. North Mankato, MN
South Central Technical College Mankato Campus Foundation North Mankato, MN
Technology and Innovations Corporation North Mankato, MN
Hill Farm Historical Society North Oaks, MN
Huang Family Foundation 4 North Oaks, MN
Mississippi Valley Chamber Orchestra North Oaks, MN
Mothers Association for Korean Americans North Oaks, MN
Mounds View Highschool Hockey Boosters (Until March 2008) North Oaks, MN
North Oaks Preschool Inc. North Oaks, MN
North Suburban Instructional Aquatics Inc. (Until August 2007) North Oaks, MN
Powder Puff Clown Club of St. Paul Inc. North Oaks, MN
Sabeti Carretta Foundation 4 North Oaks, MN
Scalpel at the Cross Inc. (Until December 2008) North Oaks, MN
Tony Patz Memorial Scholarship North Oaks, MN
North St. Paul Area Emergency Food Shelf North Saint Paul, MN
St. Peters Prayer Community North Saint Paul, MN
622 Communities Partnership Inc. North St. Paul, MN
Caring for Cats Inc. North St. Paul, MN
Good Helps Inc. 4 North St. Paul, MN
Home Educators Resource Organization (Until December 2005) North St. Paul, MN
J. C. Fish Co North St. Paul, MN
L. C. Webster Parent Teacher Organization North St. Paul, MN
Lord of Life Church North St. Paul, MN
National Results Council North St. Paul, MN
North Polar Football (Until July 2006) North St. Paul, MN
North St. Paul Athletic Association Inc. North St. Paul, MN
North St. Paul Hockey Booster Club North St. Paul, MN
North St. Paul Maplewood Area Girls Basketball Association North St. Paul, MN
River of God Church North St. Paul, MN
W-W. Housing Inc. (Until December 2007) North St. Paul, MN
Sunrise Cemetery Association 6 Northbranch, MN
American Public Information on the Environment Northfield, MN
Bridge Chamber Music Festival Northfield, MN
Cannon River Community Land Tr Inc. (Until December 2005) Northfield, MN
Cannon River Watershed Partnership Inc. Northfield, MN
Cannon Valley Elder Collegium Northfield, MN
Cannon Valley Girl Scout Council Inc. Northfield, MN
Cannon Valley Youth Orchestra Northfield, MN
Carleton College Northfield, MN
Catalyst Foundation Northfield, MN
Center for Sustainable Living Northfield, MN
Community Action Center of Northfield Inc. Northfield, MN
Community Action Shelter Associates Inc. (Until December 2006) Northfield, MN
Creativity Lab Inc. Northfield, MN
Defeat of Jesse James Days Committee Inc. 6 Northfield, MN
Ella & Kaare Nygaard Foundation 3400 City Center Northfield, MN
Faculty Action Association Inc. Northfield, MN
Friends of the Cannon River Wilderness Area Northfield, MN
Friends of the Northfield Public Library Northfield, MN
Healthfinders Collaborative Inc. (Until September 2009) Northfield, MN
Hume Society Northfield, MN
I. Cantanti Northfield, MN
James Wakefield Dickson Memorial Scholarship Fund 4 Northfield, MN
John Pritchard Memorial Fund 4 Northfield, MN
Kierkegaard House Foundation Northfield, MN
Laura Baker School Association Northfield, MN
M-O-M. Cares Employee Foundation Northfield, MN
Maiwut Sudanese Organization Northfield, MN
Mill Towns Trail Northfield, MN
Mind on the Media (Until December 2005) Northfield, MN
Minga Northfield, MN
Minnesota Assoc of Colleges for Teacher Education Northfield, MN
Minnesota Center for Philanthropy (Until December 2005) Northfield, MN
Minnesota Institute for Shamanic Studies Northfield, MN
Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium Northfield, MN
Minnesota Odd Fellows Home Foundation Northfield, MN
Minnesota Odd Fellows Home Inc. Northfield, MN
Minnesota Odd Fellows Housing for T. He Elderly Northfield, MN
Music Theory Midwest Northfield, MN
National Collegiate Ski Assn Inc. 4 Northfield, MN
New Covenant Church of Northfield Northfield, MN
Northfield Area Heath Care Foundation Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Area United Way Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Arts Guild Northfield, MN
Northfield Basketball Association Northfield, MN
Northfield Booster Club Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Buddhist Meditation Group Northfield, MN
Northfield Childbirth Education Association Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield City Hospital Auxiliary Northfield, MN
Northfield Day Care Center Corporation Northfield, MN
Northfield Downtown Development Corporation Northfield, MN
Northfield Emergency Pregnancy Service Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Enterprise Center Northfield, MN
Northfield Gymnastics Club Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Historical Society Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Hockey Association Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Montessori Northfield, MN
Northfield Nursery School Association Northfield, MN
Northfield Police Association Northfield, MN
Northfield School of Arts and Technology Northfield, MN
Northfield Senior Citizens Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Soccer Association Northfield, MN
Northfield Swim Club Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Union of Youth Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Volleyball Club (Until June 2008) Northfield, MN
Northfield Youth Baseball Association Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield Youth Choirs Inc. Northfield, MN
Northfield-Prairie Creek Cemetery Association 6 Northfield, MN
Norwegian-American Historical Association Northfield, MN
Ntv 26 Northfield, MN
Oaklawn Cemetery Association 6 Northfield, MN
Open Door Nursery School Northfield, MN
Over and Back Northfield, MN
Park Ridge Housing Northfield, MN
Prairie Creek Community School Northfield, MN
Prairie Creek Inc. Northfield, MN
Project Friendship Inc. Northfield, MN
Project Sight Northfield, MN
Renew Northfield Northfield, MN
Rotary Club of Northfield Northfield, MN
Southern Minnesota Alternative Dispute Resolution Program (Until December 2007) Northfield, MN
St. Johns Lutheran Church of Northfield Foundation Northfield, MN
St. Olaf College Northfield, MN
Starlets Dance Company Inc. Northfield, MN
Student Pledge Against Gun Violence Inc. Northfield, MN
Village School of Northfield Northfield, MN
Vsn Building Company Northfield, MN
Women in French Northfield, MN
Word of Life Christian Church Inc. Northfield, MN
Big Bear Country Incorporated Northome, MN
Good News Bible Church Inc. Northome, MN
Ita-Bel-Koo Day Activity Center Inc. 5 Northome, MN
North Country Recreation Northome, MN
North Woods Craft Inc. Northome, MN
North Woods Mission to Petrozavodsk Northome, MN
Northome First Responders Northome, MN
Santas Mitten Maids Northome, MN
Teen Rescue Inc. Northome, MN
Wildwood-Plum Creek Community Club Northome, MN
Stiftungsfest Norwood Young America, MN
Forest Hill Cemetery Association 6 Norwood Youngamerica, MN
Wizardry Productions Inc. Norwood, MN
Presbyterian Homes Bloomington Care Center Inc. Nuseville, MN
Save the Pavilion (Until December 2008) Nya, MN
Southwest Carver County Food Shelf Nya, MN
Emmaus Ministries Oak Grove, MN
Hope Adoption and Family Services International Inc. Oak Park Hts, MN
Teddy Bears With Two Eyes Inc. Oak Park Hts, MN
American Correctional Health Service Association-Mn Chapter (Until December 2007) Oakdale, MN
American Heritage Foundation Inc. Oakdale, MN
Awesome Women (Until December 2008) Oakdale, MN
Champlin Park Hockey Association Oakdale, MN
Champlin-Dayton Athletic Association (Until December 2006) Oakdale, MN
Dynamics of Growth Inc. Oakdale, MN
Eagle Point Parent Group Inc. Oakdale, MN
Episcopal Mission to Children and Families-Northeast Suburban Oakdale, MN
Faith Bible Church Oakdale, MN
Family Resources Development Inc. Oakdale, MN
Harding Area Hockey Association Oakdale, MN
Harvest Workers Foundation 3 Oakdale, MN
Holy Cross Lyceum All Saints Conservatory Guild Oakdale, MN
Maplewood Athletic Association Inc. Oakdale, MN
Maplewood Figure Skating Club Oakdale, MN
Marquee Foundation (Until December 2005) Oakdale, MN
North-Tartan Girls Basketball Club Oakdale, MN
Nsp Hockey Alumni Association Oakdale, MN
O. M. N. I. Swim Club Inc. (Until March 2006) Oakdale, MN
O. Sium Evangelistic Ministers Os Oakdale, MN
Oakdale Lake Elmo Historical Society Oakdale, MN
Papua New Guinea Mission Society (Until December 2005) Oakdale, MN
Religion Analysis Service Inc. Oakdale, MN
Scott Kuchera Scholarship Foundation Incorporated Oakdale, MN
Sower Development Inc. Oakdale, MN
St. Paul Educational Foundation Inc. 3 Oakdale, MN
Tartan Area Youth Hockey Association Oakdale, MN
The Oakdale Athletic Association Inc. 6 Oakdale, MN
We Care Chemical Dependency Counseling and Assistance Oakdale, MN
Indian Wood Inc. Ogema, MN
Strawberry Lake Christian Church Ogema, MN
White Earth Investment Initiative (Until March 2007) Ogema, MN
Fedice-USA Inc. Ogilvie, MN
Minnesota Pathways Inc. (Until December 2007) Ogilvie, MN
Ogilvie Area Scholarship Foundation (Until December 2008) Ogilvie, MN
Ogilvie First Responders Ogilvie, MN
Ogilvie Food Shelf Ogilvie, MN
Inter-County Community Council Inc. Oklee, MN
212 Gymnastics Inc. Olivia, MN
Adult Client Training Service Olivia, MN
Christian Community Outreach Center Olivia, MN
Helping Hands of Olivia Inc. Olivia, MN
Highland Christian Fellowship Church Olivia, MN
Olivia Ambulance Service Inc. Olivia, MN
Olivia Cemetery Association Olivia Minn 6 Olivia, MN
Olivia Public Library Foundation Olivia, MN
Renville County Crime Stoppers Inc. Olivia, MN

Above is a list of organizations in Minnesota that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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