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Vehicle Donation in Jamaica, New York

For people interested in vehicle donation in Jamaica, New York, below is a list of Jamaica, New York organizations eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable car donations. Your should contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations. Also, check with IRS Publication 78 for updated information on charity organizations eligible for tax-deductible vehicle donation.

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207 Street Shop Volunteer Corp Jamaica, NY
ABC Literary Foundation Inc. Gwyong Jamaica, NY
Advanced Center for Psychotherapy Inc. Jamaica, NY
Advanced Institute for Analytic Psychotherapy Jamaica, NY
African Poetry Theatre Inc. Jamaica, NY
African-American Back to God Crusade Incorporated Jamaica, NY
After-School All-Stars of Nyc Inc. Jamaica, NY
Agape Church of Apostolic Faith Inc. Jamaica, NY
Aims of Modzawe Inc. Jamaica, NY
Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation Inc. Jamaica, NY
Al-Markzul Islami International Inc. Jamaica, NY
All My Children Day Care Inc. Jamaica, NY
All Nations Apostolic Tabernacle Inc. Jamaica, NY
Allen A. M. E. Housing Corp Jamaica, NY
Allen A. M. E. Neighborhood Preservation and Development Corp Jamaica, NY
Allen Affordable Housing Development Fund Corp (Until June 2005) Jamaica, NY
Allen Christian School Jamaica, NY
Allen Community Senior Citizens Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Allen Consortium for Community Empowerment & Stablization Ltd. Jamaica, NY
Allens Womens Resource Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
America Seva International Inc. Jamaica, NY
America Sevashram Sangha Inc. Jamaica, NY
Amistad Child Day Care and Family Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Anointed Church of God Inc. Jamaica, NY
Anointed Praise & Worship Center Jamaica, NY
Antioch Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Apostolic Faith Assembly Jamaica, NY
Apostolic Temple of Jesus Christ Inc. Jamaica, NY
Arba Sicula Inc. Jamaica, NY
Arch Auto Parts Childrens Foundation 4 Jamaica, NY
Ark Church of the Living God Inc. Jamaica, NY
Arya Samaj Inc. New York Jamaica, NY
Arya Samaj USA Inc. Jamaica, NY
Arya Spiritual Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Asociacion Cultural Puertorriquena Inc. (Until December 2008) Jamaica, NY
Assembly of Zion Inc. Jamaica, NY
Assoc for the Historic Restoration and the Preservation of Lives (Until December 2009) Jamaica, NY
Association Pour Le Development De Fort-Liberte Et Ses Environs Jamaica, NY
Bearer of Light is God Church Jamaica, NY
Belmont Stakes Festival Inc. Jamaica, NY
Bermuda Biological Station for Research Inc. Jamaica, NY
Bernard Wah Memorial Cultural Center Corp Jamaica, NY
Beth El Church of Jesus Christ Inc. Jamaica, NY
Bethany Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Bethlehem Church of God in Christ I. Nc Jamaica, NY
Bethsalem Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Better Community Civic Association Jamaica, NY
Better Day Church Outreach Jamaica, NY
Bgt Educational Center Ltd. Jamaica, NY
Bible Believers Assembly Jamaica, NY
Black Spectrum Theatre Co Inc. Roy Wilkins Park Jamaica, NY
Blanche Memorial Church Jamaica, NY
Booth Silvercrest Extended Care Facility Jamaica, NY
Bronx Gospel Tabernacle Community Development Corp (Until December 2005) Jamaica, NY
Brooklyn Four Plus One Inc. (Until December 2004) Jamaica, NY
Bukharian Jewish Congregation of Briarwood Jamaica, NY
Burns Memorial Church of God in Christ Inc. Jamaica, NY
Business Leaders of Tomorrow Leadership Empowerment Ctr Inc. (Until June 2007) Jamaica, NY
C. A. L. B. C. Housing Development Fund Co Inc. Jamaica, NY
Calvery Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Caritas Brooklyn Inc. Jamaica, NY
Cathedral of Solid Rock Gospel Assembly Inc. Jamaica, NY
Celestial Church of Christ Winners Parish Inc. Jamaica, NY
Centro Hispano Cuzcatlan Inc. (Until December 2005) Jamaica, NY
Chapin Foundation Inc. Jamaica, NY
Chapin Home for the Aging Jamaica, NY
Charity Begins at Home Baptist Ministry Jamaica, NY
Charlene Wright Christian Cancer Center (Until March 2007) Jamaica, NY
Children Anvouet International Inc. Jamaica, NY
Chinese Association for Science & Business Inc. Jamaica, NY
Christ Apostolic Church of America Jamaica, NY
Christ Apostolic Church of America Inc. New York Branch Jamaica, NY
Christ Prayer Ministries Jamaica, NY
Christadelphian Ecclesia Church Jamaica, NY
Christian Fellowship Temple of Light Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Church of God Jamaica, NY
Church of God of Jamaica Jamaica, NY
Church of the Family of God Jamaica, NY
Clifford Glover Day Care Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Columbia Associaiton of the US Customs & Affiliated Federal Aginc (Until December 2005) Jamaica, NY
Community Mediatin Services Inc. Jamaica, NY
Community Resources and Services for Children Inc. Jamaica, NY
Community Restoration Services Inc. Jamaica, NY
Concerned Citizens Multi-Purpose Center 3 Inc. Jamaica, NY
Concerned Parents of Jamaica Day Care Center Jamaica, NY
Congregation Bene Naharayim Jamaica, NY
Cooperative Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic Faith Inc. Jamaica, NY
Corinthian Public Health Education Services Inc. C. O. Samuel Johnson Jamaica, NY
Cornucopia Society Inc. Jamaica, NY
Cottage Prayer Holy Church Jamaica, NY
Cultural Collaborative Jamaica Inc. (Until June 2008) Jamaica, NY
Daley Foundation Jamaica, NY
Dare to Dream Housing Association Inc. Jamaica, NY
Darul-Uloom Inc. Jamaica, NY
Darus-Salaam Masjid New York Inc. Jamaica, NY
Deeper Life Christian Fellowship C. O. Rev Marilyn Crown Jamaica, NY
Deliverance Church of God in Christ Jamaica, NY
Deliverance Revival Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Dunamis Christian Center International Inc. Jamaica, NY
Eastern Queens Alliance Inc. (Until December 2008) Jamaica, NY
Easternaires Scholarship Fund Jamaica, NY
Egbe Afenifere USA Jamaica, NY
El Shaddai Ministry Inc. Jamaica, NY
Ephesus Baptist Church Inc. Jamaica, NY
Eric J. Bayreuther Memorial Foundation (Until June 2009) Jamaica, NY
Evelyn & Fred Kaufman Foundation Inc. 4 Jamaica, NY
Faith Community Services (Until December 2007) Jamaica, NY
Faith Deliverance Outreach Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Faith Holy Temple Church of God International Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Faith Tabernacle Baptist Church C. O. Solomon Roberts Jamaica, NY
Faith Tabernacle Church Inc. Jamaica, NY
Faith Tabernacle Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Family Tabernacle of Worship Jamaica, NY
Filipino American Human Services Inc. Jamaica, NY
First Eternal Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
First John Pentecostal Church Jamaica, NY
First New York Bible Missionary Church Jamaica, NY
First Presbyterian in Jamaica Community and Urban Development Jamaica, NY
First Step Inc. - New York Jamaica, NY
First Step to Freedom Inc. 4 Jamaica, NY
Food for the Homeless Jamaica, NY
Forward Face Inc. Jamaica, NY
Foundation of the Faithful Inc. (Until June 2005) Jamaica, NY
Free Women in Christ Inc. Jamaica, NY
Freewheel Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Friends of Karayan Inc. Jamaica, NY
Friends of Mateh Binyamin Inc. (Until December 2006) Jamaica, NY
Friendship Baptist Church of Springfield Gardens Inc. Jamaica, NY
Garden of Grace International Inc. (Until August 2008) Jamaica, NY
Global Christian Network Jamaica, NY
Gods Deliverance Temple Incorporated Jamaica, NY
Gods Deliverence for Purpose Min Jamaica, NY
Godschild Resurrecting Senior Citizen Ministries (Until December 2006) Jamaica, NY
Grads Foundation Inc. Jamaica, NY
Great Commission Disciple Church Inc. Jamaica, NY
Great Commissions Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Greater Allen Cathedral of New York Hdfc (Until December 2005) Jamaica, NY
Greater Bible Study Tabernacle Jamaica, NY
Greater Jamaica Civic Association Inc. Jamaica, NY
Greater Jamaica Development Corp Jamaica, NY
Greater Jamaica Local Development Corp Inc. Jamaica, NY
Greater St. Johns Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
Greater St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church of Jamaica Inc. Jamaica, NY
Greater Zion Deliverance Tabernacle Inc. Jamaica, NY
Gruder Family Foundation Inc. 4 Jamaica, NY
Gufa Shiv Bhagat Baba Balak Nathji Inc. Jamaica, NY
Haitian American Community Organization Inc. C. O. Robert J. Anch Jamaica, NY
Harlem Independent Living Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Healthy Lifestyle Changes (Until December 2008) Jamaica, NY
Heyman Family Fund Inc. 4 Jamaica, NY
Hillside Church of Christ Jamaica, NY
Hispanic Society at Jfkia Jamaica, NY
Holy Ghost Upper Room Filling Station Ministry Inc. Jamaica, NY
Holy Unity Baptist Church Jamaica, NY
House of Completion Community Development Corporation Inc. (Until December 2006) Jamaica, NY
House of God Heavens Gate Christian Congregation Church Inc. Jamaica, NY
House of Judah Jamaica, NY
Household of Faith Church Jamaica, NY
Humble Way Church of God in Christ Jamaica, NY
Ida Van Smith Flight Clubs Inc. Jamaica, NY
Iglesia Cristiana Jamaica, NY
Iglesia De Cristo Peniel Ministerio Elim Jamaica, NY
Iglesia Evangelica Puerta De Paz Inc. Jamaica, NY
Ilocano American Association Inc. Jamaica, NY
Incube Inc. Jamaica, NY
Independent Church of God in Christ Jamaica, NY
Institute for Continuing Dental Education of the Eleventh District Jamaica, NY
Institute for Families and Children Jamaica, NY
Institute of Percussive Studies Inc. Jamaica, NY
International Association of Medical Bike Units Inc. 4 Jamaica, NY
International Service Quality Association Jamaica, NY
Iqra Islamic Center of Ny Inc. Jamaica, NY
Islamic Circle of North America Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Business Resource Center Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Center Improvement Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Day Nursery Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Evangelical Church Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Hill Community Association Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Hospital Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Hospital Medical Center Diagnostic & Treatment Ctr Corp Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Hospital Nursing Home Co Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Housing Improvement Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Kids Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Maroons Junior Soccer League Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Muslim Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Naacp Day Care Center Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jesus Christ Temple No 1 Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jesus Christ is Lord Ministry Inc. Jamaica, NY
Jesus Outreach Deliverance Ministry Inc. Jamaica, NY
Joyce Taylor Ministries Inc. Jamaica, NY
Justice Inc. Jamaica, NY
Justice for Children-Day Care Jamaica, NY
Kenneth C. Hall Jr Memorial Foundation Inc. Jamaica, NY
Kickers Youth Sports Association of Southeast Queens Inc. Jamaica, NY
Kidding Dreaming Realization (Until March 2006) Jamaica, NY
King Manor Association of Long Island Inc. Jamaica, NY
King of Kings Worship Center Ministres Inc. Jamaica, NY

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Above is a list of organizations in Jamaica, New York that might accept vehicle donation. Please contact individual organizations to check if they currently accept vehicle donations

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